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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        04-10-2013, 12:34 AM
    Super Moderator
    You must have a really good telephoto lense. These photos are really good.
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        04-10-2013, 10:57 PM
    Super Moderator
    Thanks Caroline!! :) This camera has a really good optical zoom. It's not as great as a telephoto lens would be (a little "fuzzy" - some detail is lost, etc) but it's really great from a no-extra-lens standpoint! :)


    TRAIL RIDE!!!!!!

    SO exciting!!!

    She was pretty barnsour and I'm definitely going to have to put her in her curb/pelham for next time (I'll ride on the snaffle rein but use the curb whenever she tries to bolt - one of her favorite evasions) but otherwise she did really pretty darn well for not having been on the trail since September 20!! No spooks, a nice relaxed canter, she even let some ladies we came across pet her!

    We only went out for about 15 minutes, not even a mile, but my goal was to just get her mind thinking about going out and recreate her world as being bigger than her pasture.
    So I think we achieved that. She had calmed down noticeably towards the end and she was A LOT more under control than I really expected her to be (she's, as they say, "fizzy" and has a tendency to get REALLY hot when she's excited which, in turn, leads to her running away with me/bolting/etc). She did bolt once and she got pretty strong when I let her gallop (I didn't really want to but she was super into it and, with her, getting the running out is WAY smarter than trying to contain it - she starts fighting the containment=more bolting/etc, etc etc) but both times she seemed to go "Oh! Oops!" and she came right back to me when I asked her.
    Next time I'll have her in the curb/pelham (basically a "western" pelham) and I'll start really shutting her down when she tries that stuff, but today I didn't have enough "oomph" to combat the excitement of the trail so I really didn't want to go down the path of trying and failing to correct her effectively, you know?
    SO anyway, SUPER proud of her!! I can't wait for our next ride. Maybe this weekend....

    I'm also proud of the goats! I was sure that Atticus was going to orchestrate some grand jailbreak, come galloping after us on the trail, create a giant fiasco, etc.
    I had planned to securely lock them up somehow prior to L+my's first ride but this ride was not super planned, it was just sort of a "wow, she's being great with her bit and she keeps trying to drft towards the pasture gate...and it's so nice out...trail ride?" seat-of-the-pants ride so I didn't do anything to contain the little munchkins beyond the normal pasture fences.
    ANYway! While he did put up a huge fuss after we left (he went galloping, hopping like a deer actually, across the llamas pasture repeatedly, while screeching at the top of his lungs), when we got back neither goat was anywhere to be seen. I was sort of concerned that they had escaped but that their plan had gone awry and they were stranded somewhere out of sight or something, BUT Lacey and I headed down to the shed and voila, goats! They were snuggled up together in the shed like it was bedtime. They were perfectly calm greeting us too, not at all concerned anymore about where or why we had gone away.
    So that bodes super well for future rides!

    Basically today has been the best. :)

    Also, I found this meme and thought it was hilarious. In the interests of hilarity, I will share:

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        04-16-2013, 12:21 AM
    Super Moderator
    Lacey and I went on our SECOND trail ride today!!

    And guess what. Someone was neither barnsour nor herdbound this time. She performed zero bolting maneuvers, zero mutiny attempts, basically I could have ridden her bitless and she would have done great. We had a leisurely stroll through the woods. Literally leisurely. We walked the whole time except for a gallop at the end.

    Luckily *sarcasm* I had her in the western pelham and I was stuck with 2 reins the whole time. THAT was a pain in the neck. But it was such a nice ride, I got over it. :)
    Miss L's feet do need to adjust to the gravel+concrete again but aside from a few minor "ouch"-type missteps, she was pretty much 100% sound. I'm SO happy!

    The goats got over Lacey leaving even faster this time too! They did start freaking out earlier - Atticus took one look at Lacey wearing her saddle (in the cross-ties) and started BAWLING his head off, but otherwise they did well!


    Tennis ball horns! The tennis balls are working even better than the stick and Atti can still scratch his head on things effectively = everyone is happy.


    Atticus be cray.
    He got in trouble for this, actually - noooo leaping that close to humans!

    Oh snap. Someone woke up Grandma Lacey and she is MAD. "Break it up, you two!!"

    "Selfies with mah hooman."

    These two! Sharing meals now. Sillies!!

    She looks like she's wearing false teeth! My favorite. Hahahaha

    Trail ride!!

    Cute girl.


    And then, a little Oregon weather for you:

    First, to the Southwest:

    Sunny, somewhat cloudy.

    To the East, RAIN.

    I love Oregon.

    I hope you all are doing super super well!! :)
        04-16-2013, 11:08 PM
    Super Moderator
    Nothing really new to report, just some pictures I forgot to include yesterday and a drawing I did today in my T/Tr history class! :)

    If llamas were mobsters:

    On Sunday, my Sunday Lesson Kid decided that Lacey "needed to LOOK like Spring!" So I did a running braid in her mane and SLK found and added some dandelions. We had a blast!

    Then today's drawing:

    I was inspired by a tshirt I saw with a whale leaping over the....boat in Moby Dick, or something like that. It was a whale leaping=inspired Wallaby.
    I forgot to bring a writing utensil to school today (hahaha goooo me. Student success=achieved!) so I was "stuck" borrowing pens from friends. This class's friend likes those really inky pens that create dark thick lines and are impossible to shade in my normal fashion with. So I practiced other methods!

    The plateau in the back needs work and the waves aren't great (I need to work on waves too) but I'm really happy with the rest of it!

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        04-18-2013, 10:27 PM
    Super Moderator
    Originally Posted by Wallaby    

    I love Oregon.

    The top one threw me at first. The nostrils are curled up right where her eyes would be... and coupled with the perspective and angle, Ithought.... . *mythical movie somethingor'nother creature*...*like a big gremblin*

    The bottom two...
    Thanks girl... I needed those.
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        04-22-2013, 01:05 AM
    Super Moderator
    Hahaha Leah, I posted that one of Lacey on Faceook and apparently it made a friend's child cry because they were scared! Haha SAD. But hilarious. :wink"

    OMG. GUYS.
    I have pictures+lacey/G's update for tomorrow but for tonight: THE GENTLEMAN FRIEND.

    So that camp guy I ranted about earlier asked me where Gentleman Friend was AGAIN tonight.
    So after church I texted Gentleman Friend about it, saying that I thought this camp guy "missed" him, etc etc.

    Anyway, somehow I said that I thought this camp guy wanted to be as cool as Gentleman Friend is and GF said something about how he's not super cool but that I'm great at flattering him.
    I said that he looks pretty super cool from my point of view, but that he's humble too which was the most important factor.
    AND GF TEXTED BACK SAYING "Can we be cool together? Because I think you're seriously cool."
    So I said "YES. PLEASE. Let's be cool together forever #coolbuddiez"
    And he said "Deal. :) #onlyalwayscool"


    I'm "seriously cool"???!

    Trying not to freak out and trying real hard not to read excessive amounts into this but. REALLY. Guys don't just say girls are cool. For sure.

    Anyway. Lacey/goat pictures tomorrow!
    They're out on their second night out for the "summer" and they seem to be really happy! The goats are a little confused as to the change in routine but they're happily sleeping out in the pasture, on the grass, all curled up in a little white+brown ball. :)
        04-22-2013, 11:06 PM
    Super Moderator
    So I don't even know what to think.
    This morning I got on Facebook and discovered a bajillion notifications, all created by Gentleman Friend, as he went around my profile "liking" and commenting on everything in my recent posting past. I really like him. It was really really REALLY cute. But mostly, it was exactly how I'm feeling (all...giddy, lolz) but he actually did something about it.
    I still can't believe that he thinks I'm cooler than him. I mean, really. What planet is he FROM? But whatever, I guess everyone needs someone who thinks they can do no wrong, right?
    Anyhoo, after he graduates in 12 days (WAT???! Since when did I become that much of a gown up that people who are 6 month younger than me are graduating form COLLEGE!?? -I'm not graduating yet because I went to community college first, I still have about half a year left for my BA..but then I hope to get my Masters...haha), we're going to go to the zoo again together. I pretty much only invited him this time. I didn't say that his other friends were "not invited" but I didn't expressly invite them/mention them when I was inviting him. Time will tell how he interprets that.
    He is waiting until after graduation for a whole lot of things...maybe "us" is one of them? I don't know. Trying not to put the apples before the cart BUT IT'S SO HARD.

    On the animal front, the goats+Lacey had their second night out for the summer last night! Atti was SUPER thrilled to see me this morning, baahing at the gate, but otherwise, they're doing great!
    Hazel seems to have "mud fever" again on her legs...thought I got rid of it already! Arg. But I'm treating it and hopefully it'll clear up pretty fast.
    I really wish I could figure out WHAT she's missing in her diet that's causing her immune function to be so low. At least, I figure that immune function is the issue since it's all stuff that seems to be immune-based... haha
    I wonder if goats can benefit from chewable Vitamin C.....


    For my photo class we're supposed to be doing some indoor "still life" photos and this is one of mine. They're supposed to be in color so I have a color copy of this..I just like it better in black and white. :)

    Yesterday morning, Lacey was prettttttty sure that she had become a wild mustang.

    I think I took this on Friday-ish. I REALLY like it. :)

    Then, today I was trying to do more still-lifes. Booth, my cat, was intent on "helping."
    "Why would you EVER put a fun toy on top of a bottle??!"

    That's all for now! :)
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        04-22-2013, 11:23 PM
    The "Wild mustang" photo is noteworthy.
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        04-23-2013, 06:04 PM
    Green Broke
    Oooh I'm glad things sound like they're Finally moving somewhere with guy friend!

    Loving the "wild 'stang Lacey" pics lol
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        04-24-2013, 11:41 PM
    Super Moderator
    Thanks you two!! :)

    ME TOOOO Roperchick! I just hope I'm not like imagining it or something. I don't know HOW I possibly could be but you know!!
    And this whole zoo trip thing, I ended up going to Zoo yesterday with my bestie, just impromptu (we got out of class early, my school is 10 minutes from the Zoo, etc), so I obviously texted the guy being like "You should skip everything you have for the rest of the day and come to the zoo with us RIGHT NOW."
    He, also obviously, said "I WISH!!!" (it's finals week for him, haha). I texted him back saying that I wished too and that we only had to wait a few weeks to go together..and he texted me back nearly immediately with "Yeah :) :) :)"
    And he's not a multiple smiley all. One smiley per text is about the max. Maaaaaybe two, on 2 separate sentences, but never multiples in a row.
    Anyhoo, I begin to wonder if this zoo trip is more that JUST a zoo trip, if you see what I'm saying.

    Anyway, Zoooooooo pictures from yesterday!!!


    Carcal. She's my favorite.

    These guys. HAH. They're Gentleman Friends' besties favorite. So I took a whole set of them, just for him. Hahaha

    This little cutie! I can't remember what he was but he looked hot. Haha



    Then, when I got home, Hazel wanted to "help" me in the tack room. I just about died of laughter when I saw the facial expression I had captured here!! Hahahaha

    And then, just because I had to take lots of pictures of my shoes for my photo class and this one doesn't cut it for what I was "supposed" to be doing...but I like it anyway......... haha

    That's all for now! :)
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