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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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    07-04-2013, 01:44 AM
Green Broke
Atticus on the mount > good photo!
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    07-05-2013, 03:21 AM
Super Moderator
Thanks Chevaux!! :)

No pictures for tonight, just one 'funny' story.
Basically, you guys know that ridiculous, from the movies, type bond that people are "always" trying to find? Like "My Friend Flicka" and all that?

So Lacey and I live on top of a big hill. It's the tallest hill for at least 30 miles and we're at the top of it. For a night like 4th of July, there are pretty much big booms and fireworks in EVERY direction. Not very many on the hill itself, since they're "illegal" here in Oregon [with very little enforcement so you know how 'illegal' THAT is! Haha].
I thought it might be a great idea to sit on top of the shed to watch fireworks because of the "being surrounded" factor.

Anyway, I fed everybody, let them back out, and hopped up on the roof [aka "without any pretense of grace, clawed and rolled my way up there"]. Lacey was REALLY nervous. Acting all "mare with foal" again, herding the goats, specifically Atti, around and keeping everybody "together." [4-5 deer had also joined the group but they pretty much split when I showed up]

I assumed that Lacey would make everybody head back up to the gate area because that's where she seems to feel the safest. The gate area is only maybe 20x15 so there's less for her to "patrol" and 3 sides are open, with one very enclosed side, so it's also very easy to "guard."

Lacey started heading up to the gate at a brisk walk, but then turned around and brought the goats back down to the shed. She stayed, with the goats, no further than 40ft from me [still on the roof] for the entire 2.5 hours I was on the roof. Through giant "bomb" fireworks and other "really scary" stuff.
As soon as I got down and started heading for the gate myself, she started whinnying and nickering up a storm at me - all while trotting nervously by my side AND herding the goats in front of us.

She stayed up at the gate after I left too.

I guess the part I think is really sweet is that she stayed down at the shed, seemingly, predominantly because I was there. She was scared a lot but I was there so she was ok.

Awww, sheeee-ooooo-t, Lacey! It was really adorable. I felt absolutely terrible leaving her.


[I think Atticus's mind was bassssically blown by me sitting on the shed. He analyzed the situation from all sides and even tried to get up there with me. He could not even believe my climbing skill "first you climb my mom-horse, then you climb MY HOUSE??! Even I can't do those things!!"]

I hope everyone had an excellent, and safe, 4th of July!!

Also, weird question: I thiiiink I saw Atticus trying to "drink" from Lacey............she's never had a foal but her udder has been usually swollen lately. Not crazy swollen, but bigger. And I did pull a crust off a "teat" the other day that had a milky substance under it. How likely would hat be that she's randomly producing a little milk and Atti is going for it? Not likely at all, right? It was half dark and I just saw him put his head under there for a second. Probably nothing.
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    07-06-2013, 01:06 AM
Super Moderator
I got the pictures off my camera from last night. No good fireworks ones though. Unfortunately we were just too far away. D:

But, here's Atti with his eyes bugged out:


The 'herd' being nearby.

This morning:
And LOOK what Lacey did to herself from the stress. She basically gets nervous, then starts scratching on things until she bleeds or something distracts her. I think it's some kind of coping mechanism THAT I HATE. It wasn't until she really started going blind that she started doing this so maybe it's some sort of "I can feel this, I control it" thing? I don't know but I hate it.
Poor baby!!

And a bunny!!

That is all for right now, I think.

Also, in case anyone is really hankering after a Gentleman Friend update, things are going really well. It seems that we're both working to make seeing each other more often a "thing" and I dunno. I'm trying to be more straight with him, but not manipulative.
I have a tendency to want an answer and I have a knack for knowing what to say to get the answer I want. So I'm really trying to say what I mean without qualifiers and let him meet me at the answer I want to get, if that's the answer he really wants to give. [and, FWIW, he's been doing 'better' than the "right" answer most of the time ]
I realized that basically I've been trying for years to get him specifically, and others...but mostly him, to accept me when I already have his freaking acceptance. I mean, we've been good, comfortable, friends for 2 years. If he didn't accept me, I would NOT be able to manipulate him like I've been trying to and he would NOT be my friend like this. Poor guy. He's gotten himself in with a reallllllllllllly crazy lady.
Anyway, so I'm stopping that and just saying what I mean. No more self-depreciating statements. And it's going great. :)

But anyway, back to normal programming.

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    07-06-2013, 01:39 AM
Green Broke
I don't like Lacey's rubbing thing either - it must be horse equivalent of chewing fingernails down to the quick.
    07-06-2013, 11:52 PM
Super Moderator
Must be, Chevaux! :( Lacey, if we hug you for forever...will you stop? Haha

Nothing much to report, just a drawing and a picture.

I drew this for Gentleman Friend, who I'm seeing tomorrow. He was SUPPOSED to help me think of things to draw for a few mutual friends who are working at camp, the one we met at, and who I'm sending a care package made of drawings to...but he was the opposite of helpful. So while I was tryng to think of things to draw, this came out of my mind. And since I haven't posted a drawing in a while, here. :)
[Gentleman Friend's job title is "'something' 'something' Clerk" and I think the clerk part is just hilarious.]

And Atti has decided to display a new marking! I thiiiiiink this is called a "Moonspot" ....but I also don't think LaMancha's OR Alpines get those? Correction, Google tells me that LaManchas, Nigerians, and Nubians are the only breeds "allowed" to get moonspots but that it's rare in La Manchas... I wonder if that's really what this is!
Huh. Atti is just the coolest, I guess.

That's all for today! Thanks for looking!
    07-10-2013, 01:17 AM
Super Moderator
So my brother has made off with my van [he's moving and only has little cars] soooo my whole grand idea for working with Atticus+van has been put on hold. Laaaaame. Hopefully he'll get done moving soon and bring the van back! I miss her! Haha After driving a vehicle that is basically a box impervious to danger, all other cars feel so breakable! But really. That van. I doubt anything less than a semi could take it down. She's kind of a beast. I've been driving her since I got my license at 18...5 years? Yeah, we're buddies. I like to call her the Herbie of Vans because I can tell after other people drive her. She drives nice for me but other people....LOLOLOLOL
Then again, the first time I saw her, when I was 4 or 5 and went out to the garage to see the "new but used" car [she's been in my family forevvver - she's a 1991], my first thought was "I am going to drive that when I'm a grown up!!" and I promptly named her "The PrincessMobile." SO, if I were a basically sentient van, I would probably like the person that named me "The PrincessMobile" too. Anyway, I miss her.

In other news, Lacey's patootie is healing nicely. Atticus is really happy too.
OH! And Lacey let me wash off her entire face, using the hose, for the first time EVER yesterday! She's let me wash the sides of her face with the hose before, but never the full front! I'm so proud of her. Initially she was throwing her head around and trying to walk away but I persisted, removing the "pressure" whenever she stopped moving, and eventually she just stood there and accepted it. So so proud. Her faces gets super grimy with eye boogers and dirt and other grossness and it's hard to get it really clean with a wash cloth or sponge. Not to mention that she'll slam you with her head, unintentionally, with each swipe of the towel or sponge.
So the straight hose is ideal. I'm not spraying her in the face, just letting the hose water run down her face.

Hazel is doing ok as well. She's skinnier than I would like again though. I've started feeding her a bit of alfalfa everyday [while Atti is still tied up for breakfast, he gets a tiny handful so he doesn't get tooo jealous. Haha] and hopefully that'll help.
She's not like scary skinny but, if we were gong to compare her to a horse, I'd say she's about a 3.5 on the Henneke scale. So at a point where she shouldn't lose anymore but not at "PANIC EVERYONE" levels yet. Hahaha

Other thing, that weird thing going on with Atticus' teeth a month or so back? Yeah, definitely just an adult tooth coming in. Now his mouth is super hilarious. Alllll his teeth are baby teeth, except for this one "huge" adult tooth that's right in the middle of them all. He looks like a huge dork.

Gentleman Friend thoughts time, feel free to skip! :)
And, for the record, Gentleman Friend seems to have LOVED the picture. He hung it up next to his monitor at work.
A wise neighbor lady, unbeknownst to her, gave me some very pertinent advice the other day. She said that the guy is the one in a relationship to make the move, but that the girl has to "open the door." Not in a creepy or over attached way but the girl has to make a few moves, of the correct caliber, to let the guy know she's interested.
I had never thought about it that way and I kinda realized that I've done nothing to open the door. I've just been basically assuming that he could, I guess, read my mind since we're "in sync" so much of the time.
Silly me, I forgot that he doesn't know the "deeper meaning" behind the words I'm saying just like I wouldn't probably really see any "deeper meaning" behind the words he's saying. I could guess at it but, if I were the guy and it were up to me, I would not really be confident to "make a move" based on what I've said to Gentleman Friend. I guess if I were a cocky jerk...but no thank you. So, basically I'm a doof.
Anyway, on the topic of 'opening the door', this whole "going to church way early so we can hang out" thing seems to be going great.
Last Sunday though...poor guy seemed nervous out of his mind. But I was super nervous too. The first time it was like "Oh, this wasn't really planned, really glad to see you, soul-friend!!" but last week was like "oh geez, this was planned, what is happening? I like it but...what is happening?" and kind of more "weighty" like that.
Next week we decided to meet up even earlier so we'd have more time. And hopefully more time will equal more time to de-nervous.
I told him that I would like to make it be an "every week kinda thing" and he said that he would "really like that too."

I just had to tell someone all these thoughts. Most of my friends are either entirely sick of hearing about this situation [my best friend likes to tease me about being in 7th grade still, relationship-wise. Of course, I can't deny that this is basically like grown-up 7th grade...but really. We're both innocents! ] or they take it way too seriously and are all "OMG YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED." And I really just needed to get this all out of my system...without annoying anyone tooooooo much.

Ok, silly girly gushing over.

And, in case you're still reading, in case I have not managed to bore you away:

Atti!! He's my boy. He really likes it when I sit next to him while he's laying down. <3
[and my phone camera is seriously crack-a-lacking. So it's not your eyes, it's the picture. My phone is nearly 3 years old and it's starting to get fussy about ALLLLL the things. According to my best friend "your phone is so old, it called DINOSAURS." My bestie is sassy. Can you tell? ]

And that is all for now. I hope you all are doing super super great!!
    07-10-2013, 01:26 AM
Green Broke
Woooh go you! Much braver than I am going for gentleman friend. If your 7th grade relationship...then im like 6th haha. So don't feel bad

Poor atti and his poor tooth though lol (why we no haz pictures of mr buck tooths buck tooth o_o)
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    07-10-2013, 08:57 PM
Super Moderator
Hahaha thanks, RC! Me and you both, girl! Haha
I will try to get one!! He's not a huge fan on the whole "mouth picture" situation...but, for you, I'll try.

ALSO. GUYS. GUESS WHAT??????!!!!!!!!
The lady from that therapy place just called me back and guess who has a Tuesday job!??
It's only one day a week but that's just fine for me! That means that it'll be less "the worst" if I have to bow out due to classes. And the class I was supposed to have next fall, that was on Tuesdays, got cancelled so whoooo!
    07-11-2013, 05:57 PM
Great job, Ems!
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    07-15-2013, 10:53 PM
Super Moderator
Thanks Maggie! Tomorrow's my first day and I'm really excited...but really nervous! I'm sure it'll go fine...nervousness is just mandatory. Haha And really, I'm usually nervous right up until before things, then the nerves disappear and I'm fine. So probably tomorrow morning I'll be all "YEAH, I got this, dawgs!"

In animal news, not a wholeeee lot has been happening. I found a guy on Craigslist who's selling pallets for $3 a pallet so I'm going to go pick quite a few up on Wednesday. I'm planning to redo Lacey's stall fence and the goat pen using pallets. I'm hoping that a wooden fence will hold up better to the deer going over it and Atticus doing his Atti thing. At this point, all the outside portions of the fence that's there now are pretty much demolished. It's kinda a bummer. Lacey's side still looks ok, I guess, but the goat's side looks like a tornado went through. A tornado named Atticus!

Today is Lacey+my 5 year "anniversary"!! She's getting carrots in her dinner. :)

In other news, on Thursday I got an iPhone. And oh my goodness. There are SO many kinds of "filters" you can put on photos. Just the filter part is mildy addicting. I'm trying to resist, but I can really see why people over-filter their photos SO's just so fun!!
Also, I am in love with this phone. It is THE BEST. Might just be the change from a 1st gen smart phone [I got it 3 years ago] to a "fancy" smart phone...but really! I can't even get over how much better this new phone is than my old phone was! Things that used to take 5 minutes take like 30 seconds now. I can't even get over it.

Sassy Hazel!! [yes, I gave into to the call of a filter. Just this once! Haha]
My favorite part is how she has her head all cocked like she really is being sassy.

And this is the part you want to ignore if you don't want to be bored to DEATH by Gentleman Friend "happenings.

So we were hanging out before church last night and, this is probably totally nothing, but we were talking and I said something to him about how I hope that we're going to know each other when we're little and old [we're both basically old people in young bodies, at camp I was "Grandma Wallaby" and people called him "Grandpa ___" because we were the ones saying weird little quips that no one understood and telling people to "make good choices" etc]. He immediately just looked at me and, motioning back and forth at us, really emphatically said something along the lines of "this means that's going to happen! We can't NOT know each other when we're old!" Now I figured that he was referring to our clothes because we had managed to basically wear the same outfit [tie-dye T with cut-off shorts]...but when I was like "oh right, because of our mental interconnected-ness?", he got really awkward and really quickly changed the subject.... Anyway, I thought nothing of it, except that it was weird...until now when I went into the "overthinking stage" So I should probbbbbably stop with that.
In "happy day" news, he texted me out of the blue today, just to tell me about something funny that had happened in his day. That marks the third week in a row of getting a spontaneous text from him.
That doesn't sound like much, but before these last few weeks, we were on a "Emily texts him randomly a few times a week and he texts her randomly once every 3 months" level. So this is really excellent, even on just a friend level. No one randomly texts me, ever! Even my bestie! Hahaha So just the fact that someone, anyone, is sending me random texts is SUPER exciting. I'm so lame. It's great.

Yes, this is basically turning into a Whitney Houston song. Sorry guys.
Anyway, moving on.

Wish me luck with the job tomorrow!
I hope you all are doing super well! Your respective summers [and winter, you Southern Hemishere-ers!] had better be treating you right! Or else they have Grandma Wallaby to deal with.
Thanks for reading!

[and sorry for any typos/excessive run-ons/non-nonsensical statements...I didn't get time to proofread. Awkward.]
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