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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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    07-12-2012, 01:39 AM
Green Broke
YaY! Pictures! Haha lady does have quite the belly goind hehehe
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    07-12-2012, 02:51 AM
She's going to look so amazing when she's fit!
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    07-14-2012, 01:09 AM
Super Moderator
She really really does have a giant belly! She was never preg checked, that I know of, so I'm a little bit suspicious... BUT I guess the people who had her only had mares??....
Who knows! I guess we'll see. If it gets any bigger I'll email my friend with the rescue and see what she says. I doubt it's a prego belly because it seems pretty solid but stranger things HAVE happened...

Right, Maggie!? I'm so excited about this. She's already looking a bazillion times better, I can't wait until she's all muscled up too!

Days 17+18-

Yesterday Lacey, Lady, and I all went on a trail ride.
Lady's starting to figure out that she's a young Arab and therefore LOVES her running so that was "fun" on our ride. She kept trying to leap ahead of Lacey. Thankfully, Lacey would just stop and wait for me to untangle her whenever Lady would involve her in this fiasco.\
By the end she had pretty much stopped. I think part of the problem is that I still had her in the "halter" I was using when she didn't want to come. That thing basically makes the most comfortable spot be right at my leg or in front of it - kinda rewarding Miss Lady for this behavior. It's also not the most effective tool for me to get her back behind my leg. So I think, since she's totally happy to come along now, I'll be putting her in a normal rope halter for these rides from now on.
I also ordered her her own rope halter and her own 10ft lead rope so they should be here next week-ish. The halter+lead rope the rescue sent with her was just a nylon halter and a dinky 6-7ft lead rope, neither of which are great for any sort of training, imo.
Right now she's using some of Lacey's halters which work ok but Lacey's head is so much bigger than Lady's, I really need to tighten up some knots to fit her which I don't want to do to Lacey's nice rope halters (and all her crappy ones are too used to be able to do any tightening, lol!).

Anyway, that was frustrating but we worked through it.
I've figured out that while Lacey is extremely concerned about pleasing me, Lady is more concerned about having a good time and understand what's going on. Lacey will make connections between things because her #1 goal is making me "not mad" but Lady needs everything spelled out because she's not motivated to make connections on her own like Lacey is. Neither one is bad, I'm just used to a horse that'll go above and beyond for no apparent reason. It's just a matter of knowing what I'm working with and adjusting so she can learn the best.
I had previously been functioning on the assumption that she was dumb and/or trying to be overly dominant but I took a step back and realized that she was just confused and that I was trying to treat my second "child" like she's the "firstborn" reborn. So behavior correction, implemented.

They also both got hosed off again after the ride. Lady did SO well with that! I even left her tied up, she was that not worried. She did try kicking when I sprayed her butt/"undercarriage" but I was standing up by her head and I was fine. They weren't aggressive kicks either, they were like "Gross! Yuck! Get this off of me!!" kicks.

Then, today. I had a lesson kid come today so the morning was basically "Lady gets to stand tied while Lacey works" time. I think it's really good patience training for Lady to stand tied that long. She really doesn't like it too much after about the 45 minute mark (paws, neighs, throws her head all over, etc) but she calms down as we continue to ignore her and is fine.
She got sprayed with flyspray and took it like an old pro. Good horse! She also took her flymask like a pro.

Then, this evening, I decided to try some lunging practice with her again, a la Julie Goodnight:

It actually worked SO well with her! She's not necessarily a bolter, like that horse in the video was, but she does think about it sometimes and she certainly gets too close to me (yay flag!) at times.
I tied a grocery sack to my lunge whip as my flag and basically did exactly what Julie did in the video. Lady basically had a meltdown at one point (trotting as fast as she could, not paying attention to anything but OMG!!!-ing) but I just let her trot as long and as hard as she wanted and she brought herself back. She basically forced herself to "join-up" with me.
She's really "great" at lunging to the left but terrible going to the right. Great, as in she makes a large circle and stays out there until I tell her to stop and come in to me, not great as in good transitions or anything. All she really knows on the lunge at this point is "TROT!!!" with her head up in the air like a literal giraffe.
I'm hoping that as she becomes more comfortable, her head will come down and she'll become more flexible in the gaits she's comfortable with. She's still super out of shape so trotting like that is probably the easiest for her at this point.
After she basically tired herself out going to the left, I asked her to walk to the right. I stayed by her hip and walked into it to keep her going. For some reason. On this side, she's MUCH more aware of where I am and how I'm driving her or not. The littlest mess up on my part sends the entire thing basically spiraling out of control.
Anyway, we got a few great walking circles to the right, which I consider to be a great success. I liberally praised her each time I had her stop on that side and by the time we were done, her head was low, one ear was glued on me, and she was licking and chewing.
For the record, I had tried having her go to the right after one good circle to the left but she was really argumentative about that and she wanted to walk over the top of me if I didn't stop. Therefore, since I like living, I made it my idea to work REALLY hard to the left, then we worked on going to the right after the wind was out of her sails.

There was SUCH a change in her attitude after that sesh'!! I couldn't hardly believe it. Usually she has this attitude that stinks of "Look at me, I'm so cool! Aw, yeah, I can handle this!" but after that she was really submissive and very "Ok, what would you like me to do now?". It was really good.
I brushed her down, gave her a treat, and let her go. I figured that after that, there was no point in going further since she had already really come around and since it was such a break through.

I'm not really sure what I want to work on tomorrow. Maybe more lunging...we shall see.

Also, in cool story news, I found a Golden Eagle feather in the girls's pasture! Apparently, according to Native American folklore, whoever finds a GE feather is super blessed so I guess Lacey and I are doing pretty well for ourselves. I mean, she already has a "bloody shoulder" marking that supposedly means she's "favored by God" according to Arabic folklore...SHE WILL NEVER DIE!!!
I suppose Lady's pretty lucky to be out of her previous situation too! Gah, what will we do? Too darn blessed for our own good.
    07-14-2012, 01:43 AM
Green Broke
Yall are so spoiled! Haha. Im glad that lady is getting better in her training! You know she's pretty much your permanent foster now right?? Haha
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    07-17-2012, 12:18 AM
Super Moderator
Hah! I wish! There are a whole lot of factors that have to come together before Lady can become a permanent fixture here but so far things have been creepily perfect so who knows!! *fingers crossed* :)

__________________________________________________ ________

I think I'm going to give up on counting the days in this journal, it's just too much thinking. Hahaha Hope no one minds. :P

Lady-wise, today went super well! We did more lunging and she basically has it down. The one major missing thing is that she gets totally confused when I ask her to switch directions. She is still gaining the concept that I can "drive" her away without driving her from her hip so asking her to move away from me without being next to her hip is a work in progress.
However, I got her to turn around twice today (she seems totally surprised when it happened but then she was like "Oh! That was cool....") so I pretty much left the turning at that and moved on.
She's doing great walking and trotting on the line - at the trot, her head flies up though, apparently she's not too comfortable with that concept yet. I've gotten her to canter a few steps but so far cantering is neither her favorite or most controlled gait so I'm kinda leaving that until she builds more muscle.
Each one of these lunging sessions has kinda left me with an "" face. She picks things up SO quickly. On Friday, she was totally freaked out by lunging and today, just one session after Friday, she's "whoa"-ing perfectly, trotting on command, and doing walk/trot transitions with relative ease. Who IS this horse!!???

On the Lacey-front, I'm having a sad day. She keeps kicking herself, I assume, while getting up and she has SO may bloody cuts on her legs from doing so. They obviously hurt and it's just hard for me. She also appears to have popped a splint in her back right leg - yaaaay. She's not lame but it can't feel good. I gave her 1/4gram of bute today to hopefully help any swelling go away+with the pain.
Then, on top of that, her eyes have been giving her pain as well.
She hates having her flymask on at night so I try to make a point of taking it off every night. However every morning, I get up there and she's standing in the sun (Go find shade, LaceyLace!!), with her eyes squinted shut because the brightness hurts them. Then, for the next couple of hours, even after her flymask is on, she's just too sedate and I know that she's being like that because she's in pain.
She's my honey bun and it just hurts me to see her in pain. :(
I might just start leaving her flymask on overnight but she just hates that... :/ but she'd feel better...

I do not know. That horse, she has my heart wrapped around her lil hoof.

Anyway, because I know you guys need pictures (lol), I HAVE A PICTURE FOR YOU! ;)

Lady's feelin' good!

    07-17-2012, 01:26 AM
Green Broke
Aaaaaaw poor lacey girl. I would just leave her mask on at night...better her be pissed than in pain
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    07-17-2012, 01:32 AM
:( Sorry to hear that about Lacey. Give the old girl some big loves from me.
    07-17-2012, 03:47 AM
Gorgeous photo!!! :)

Hugs for Lacey and woohooo for Lady miss!
    07-17-2012, 11:14 AM
Im subbing to this. You have to absolutely beautiful horses and I love hearing about them!
    07-17-2012, 06:42 PM
Super Moderator
Thanks for all the well wishes for Miss LaceyLace! She appreciates it. :) she also very much enjoyed the hugs, she loves hugs. :)

The thing with taking her flymask off at night or not is less that she literally -ears pinned, etc- "hates" it and more that she's SO attached to getting it taken off at night that I wonder whether there's a reason for that, yknow? It's the one time of day she whinnies at me, she's THAT attached to having it taken off.
I know she has very little vision in general and even less when it's dark, then, add a flymask that limits her vision even more (for a normal horse, not a big deal, but if it takes away 2% of the aprox 15% vision she has?)...see what I'm saying? It's kinda a dilemma. I'm going to keep thinking on it. I'm sure something will come to light that points us in one direction or least I hope something does! Haha

Thanks Maggie! :)
Thanks and welcome, Hailey! :)

In any case I called the vet this morning to just talk about what's going on and to get her thoughts and she said that if .25gm of bute/day makes a difference in Lacey's eyeball comfort level when it's sunny, she felt like that was a reasonable risk to take.
Talking to her made me feel a whole lot better. My vet is great. Her personal horse is 21 so we share similar age-related concerns for our dear oldies. It's really nice to be able to just call her up and have her really reassure me that things are going to be ok. :)
She didn't have much to say about the Lacey cutting her legs up but she agreed that bell boots are a really good first step.

Lacey, Lady, and I went on a ride today too which was really really nice. I wasn't going to do it if Lacey wasn't feeling better but this morning she cantered up the hill to me and she just "felt" really optimistic so we went for it. I put Lacey's SMB's on her because I also realized that the feltock/pasterns that are the most beat up are the ones on the side I pony Lady on, so logically, even though I don't think the cuts happen while we're riding, maybe they do. In any case, this was the first time Lacey had worn SMB's on her back legs and it was probably the funniest thing I have EVER seen. Next time, I promise you that I will get a video. She was lifting her legs up and under her belly and walking like she was drunk. She wasn't even sure she could move at first, I think she thought she was stuck to something by her back legs. It was hilarious. At one point, while I prepping Lady for the ride, I look over at Lacey and she's holding one of her back legs up, kicking out every 10 seconds or so. Funniest thing EVER.

Then we went on our ride. Lady was trying her hardest to not come (she's a bit barn-sour) but Lacey was just ignoring her and plowing on ahead. A couple of times I even dropped my reins because Lady required two hands and Lacey just kept going where she was pointed. Lacey was really feeling good today - yaaaaay bute and happy eyeballs!
I put Lady in a normal rope haler today and she responded really well to it, for the most part (aside from a few bratty hiccups). So yay!

Lacey even initiated going on this walking/biking trail we can get to off our usual trails. Lady was actually pretty good about it! She was mildly overwhelmed but she fed off Lacey's curiosity and did really well. We we walked down that trail for probably 10 minutes then I decided it was time to go home. Both girls were covered in sweat and I didn't want them to accidentally overdo it.

Then we had a good trot/canter back and everybody was really happy. Lacey especially. I think that's the happiest I've seen her since it's been summer and therefore sunny.

I hosed them both off at my house and Lacey really really liked that. Lady was like "ehhhhh" about it but she's still pretty unfamiliar with water.

I gave Lacey another .25gm of bute with her "lunch". I've decided that while I dislike the idea of constantly medicating her like that, I dislike the idea of her being in a lot of pain all the time even more. She was just so comfortable today, I can't argue with that! I figure once it's overcast consistently - aka late fall/winter/spring - I'll take her off the bute and she'll be fine. Just for now, comfort wins.

So that was our day today - overall really good.

OH YEAH! I forgot to tell you guys this, funniest thing ever: at one point Lady was being a real brat about being ponied and tried to charge in front of Lacey to "turn us around"... LACEY BIT HER IN THE NOSE!!! It was hilarious. Lacey was just like "Um, NO. Shut dowwwwwwn." and Lady was so shocked! Lady gave up trying to physically force Lacey to do things after that! Haha
The other thing is that Lacey is totally good when Lady bumps into her or otherwise gets in her space, it's just when Lady breaks "the rules" that Lacey pulls out a can of "Pony-Whoop".
I love Lacey when she gets like that. She knows the rules and she "helps" me enforce them.
She's such a sweetie. :)
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