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Slight positive eyeball update: I had Lace's flymask off for a solid 10 minutes while I was getting her "dinner" ready and the whole time she was comfortably holding the left one [the mostly unaffected one] perfectly open and the right one [nutso one] half open - improvement from this morning of 0% open on the right one and 50% on the left!
She pretty much put her flymask on herself when I held a fresh one out to her, but that's pretty normal for when her eyes hurt. She knows that flymasks make her feel better! Such a smarty. :)
The pupil is still stuck open pretty big but it's less than it was this morning/this afternoon so yay positives!

On the bummer side, that left eye, while still see-through-able, is noticeably more cloudy all over than the left one is. That's not great. However, I've noticed before that during an episode her eyes will sort of "blue-up" and then clear up again as the inflammation subsides. Fingers crossed that happens this time! If it stick around = hi-ho-hi-ho-off-to-the-vet-we-go.

Mentally, she is LOVING the world right now. Bute makes her hilarious and right now is no exception. She's trotting here and trotting there. "Talking" up a storm to me and the goats, etc. She is too funny.
I guess that's one blessing: her eyes give me major stress, but she gets so silly that it's hard to stay stressed!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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what sort of training work are you doing with the horses?
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Aaaw poor Lacey. Hope she heals up super fast!

That fans. He is a cutey. Sounds like y'all really clicked. He just needed somebody (you) with know how to tell him to stop the shenanigans and behave haha.
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*Insert something witty*
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Caroline, that is an excellent question!
Right now it seems like a little bit of everything. Everyone is super broke, safety-wise, but, except for Fabs, everyone is really really dead to pressure. The girl before me really did A LOT of mindless [I think, she had her reasons, of course!] groundwork with them but she "didn't want them to be sensitive, just respect her." I don't really understand that precisely. I mean, I've been around plenty of horses that are sensitive, respect their handlers, AND are super great, safe horses.

Anyway, so right now I'm trying to avoid doing too much 'groundwork' with these guys - except for Fabs. I'm doing other things, like feeding them but not allowing them to eat until I give the ok, walking two horses at once without making sure the two I'm walking are "buddies" AND making sure they behave civilly towards each other, that sort of thing. Previously they were allowed to eat as soon as food was put out, sass their 'frienemies' whenever they felt like it without consequences, etc. Basically all the things I personally see as disrespectful.

For me personally, I really think it's pretty powerful when you can tell a dominant horse to back off his submissive 'enemy' and he actually does it. Or lead two horses through a doorway and, instead of having them both charge through at once, you guide then through one-by-one and they wait for your "permission" to move. That sort of thing, vs "oh ___ will yield his hips to me! He's so submissive!!"
Yielding body parts is GREAT too, but I don't think that that by itself demonstrates good leadership technique, you know?

So I guess that's the sort of training I'm doing with Tazzy, Skippy, and Buddy. Also no more biting.
They all bite, except for Fabs, and it is....not my favorite. Even at camp, I NEVER have had so many horses trying to lay teeth on me!! And those camp horses, some of them were rank lil' jerks. But NEVER this much biting.
I guess though, you probably get used to it if it's not one of your pet peeves.

Fabs is totally the opposite on the training spectrum. I'm trying to get him to tone it down. He's really just too high energy for the amount of exercise he's not getting, so my goal is to start working with him on the energy side of things, as well as just general desensitization.
Side bonus would be having a nice little horse to take on trail rides around the therapy facility when the mood struck.
Lacey, bless her, is getting to a point where just a simple walking ride takes it out of her for a few days. She still LOVES it and begs to go for longer, but I'm trying to think future-soundness on her and since "the plan" is for her to either teach my future kids to ride or live to be 40 [ideally both, but me+kids old enough to learn to ride=less than 12 years? I don't know, with WHO? haha]...I don't want to use her up now and make her later years be bad news bears. She's relatively arthritis free now and I'd like to keep it that way! :)

Hahaha long winded answer you got there, Caroline!

Thanks RC, MEE TOOOO. She's doing a bit better today, not as good as I would like, but better than yesterday for sure. I forgot how slow this whole thing is. Me want faster!! haha

I ended up giving her 1.5g of bute instead of one this evening with her dinner because I'm a little worried about the lack of improvement from this morning to this evening. So that's 2.5g of bute for today. Not tooo bad. Hopefully she'll have improved even more tomorrow and I'll be able to give her 1g in the morning and .75g in the evening, and begin to taper her off bute and back on to yucca+devil's claw. Fingers crossed!!

Hazel got sheared today! Or, mostly sheared. My clippers got sassy right towards the end so her legs will have to be another day. But her body is done and I think she's happy to have less hair!

Then, grumpy Miss Lacey.
[yesterday was happy-bute-day, today was grumpy-day]

And a pretty False Queen Anne's Lace!!

In other news, Gentleman Friend texted me AGAIN today! AND it was a "part 2" to a story he had already told me [Tuesday's story, THREEE texts from him in as many days???!!!!] - one of the ladies he works with owns a mini horse and is apparently looking for a trailer for it. So I asked if she was getting one of those mini-horse trailers, he didn't really know, and so he apparently "interrogated" the lady for more answers this morning: turns out she's getting it custom built and covered in flaming hoofprints. HAH!!!!

This is the greatest. :)
I love that he seems to be getting so comfortable texting me when he has a story to share. Makes me happy.
AND it makes me feel better that I didn't just stop even trying with hm because he never used to text me. There were multiple times when I considered just stopping texting him altogether [I used to text him a cheesy joke twice a week or so] because he NEVER texted me and I felt like I was the only one that cared about our friendship...even though he always said things like "believe me when I say our friendship is really important to me. It REALLY is." But really, words without actions.

Anyway, this makes me so happy!!

I hope you guys are all doing fantastic!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Not a whole lot to report!

Lacey's doing SO much better. I'm so relieved. Her right eye is back to being "normal-clear", though inside her pupil is much more cloudy. That seems to be something "weird" about her ERU - inside her pupil gets cloudier with each episode..not the typical "brown part". Weird. But that's really ok for me, I love love love her eyes and if they started turning blue/white/gray all over...I don't know. I would obviously still love her but I would miss her eyes. Same thing if she ever has to get them removed, but I think it would be easier to "forget" her eyes if she did not have them, you know?
ANYWAY, I'm pretty sure the vision in that eye is totally gone now though. She's being extra spooky on that side and I saw her run that side fully into a tree branch yesterday, then act completely shocked that it had been there....even though that branch has been there, like that, for the last year she's lived in this pasture. [Thankfully the branch-branch part is higher up than her head - it's a pine tree and the part she ran into was the soft "drape-y" needle it was more like she went through a bead curtain than anything! ]
So that's kind of a bummer.
But,swelling/goop-wise, that eye is clearing up. Still seems to be painful but not as bad as it was! I lowered her dose of Bute this morning down from 1g morning+night to .65g morning, and hopefully .35g tonight. However, if her eyes seem more ouchy/more swollen, I'll give her .75g tonight. Playing this drug decrease by ear.
I would ideally like to have her off Bute and back on DC-Y, though at a higher dose for now, by Tuesday or even Monday. But that means she'll have to go a full 24 hours without pain meds, Tuesday seems reasonable [I'd just give her bute in the morning, nothing at night, then give her DC-Y the next morning...not as bad as it sounds, haha]. We'll see!

I also got Remission for her in the mail today!! I'm hoping to give that a try. She's not doing badly, at all, weight-wise but I want to see if any more improvement can be made, For instance, getting rid of her back fat pads and maybe having her saddles fit her well during, gasp, THE SUMMER. WHAT???!
That could be cool. And especially at her age, not being obese is probably ideal.

In other news, there was an Open House at work today. So I went in to help.
I didn't do a wholllle lot with the horses because I left early [noon] and there weren't a ton of people showing up. But I did show Fabs the bouncy houses, he touched them with his nose, and he even walked over a tarp! He actually did pretty well. He didn't spook really at all. He did look-look-look and breathe-snort-breathe but he didn't blow up. He seemed more curious than anything. And that's what I want - engage that curiosity and have it override the fear. Learn that new experiences can start out scary AND, upon occasion, turn out ok.

Here's the boy, doing our "let's start thinking" lunge:
[he claims he hates it = lies]

Then neked Hazel, just for you guys :)

And, look out everyone! I think Lacey is starting a new life as a drug dealer.............

And that, I believe, is all for right now. :)

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I bet you are just the person to teach those horses some manners. It sounds like you are just doing a great job there. Can you come teach ME some manners?

I saw a goat like Hazel at the local county fair. She looked JUST like Hazel. the same "doop!?" look . reminded me of you.

your adventures with Gentleman Friend remind me of something out of a 21st century version of "Little House on the Prairie".

ETA I mean "reminded me of Hazel," not YOU.
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Haha thanks. :) I don't think you would like "Miss Manners Emily"!! She can be a little bossy and a little sassy!
Aww! Hazel-Twin sounds adorable! I need to go to a fair one of these days. I haven't been to one in years and definitely not since I got the goats, it would be so fun to see so many goats!!
Haha, good one! That's pretty much exactly what's going on. I love it.

Ok, nothing really new to report since earlier this afternoon except that Lacey's eyes look ok enough to give her that .35g of bute, instead of a greater dose for overnight! That's fantastic news.

Other thing, "adorable" Gentleman Friend story:
Tonight I went to a concert/benefit for a friend of mine who's going on some kind of world-wide missions trip. We were super close in high school and he was basically the person who kept me sane I wanted to pay it forward a little, instead of doing my usual "oops, sorry, can't make it" deal.
Anyway, it was a dinner/concert/silent auction and the concert was put on by one of Gentleman Friend's closest friends, who's also a mutual friend between us all [we all worked at camp together but concert-giver-guy and I have never been superrrr close for reasons I have never really determined. But we're buddies. ANYWAY.]. Gentleman Friend wasn't able to go to this due to some other stuff in his life but I kinda got the impression that he sort of sent me in his stead. Like he was really pushing for me to go. Or maybe it was just because he knows I wouldn't have gone without some serious encouragement! Either way. He really encouraged me to go and it got me thinking about WHY I wasn't going...didn't have a good I went.

ANYWAY. After the whole thing was over, I went over to say hi to concert-giving-guy because...that's just what you do and because I'm probably a terrible person and the world is sometimes made of points = points are gained for being friendly with close friends of close friends. Pretty sure I have Aspergers. Haha. But really.
Talking to this guy and after the usual pleasantries, he says "how's the new job??!!!!"
I must have looked at him a little weird cuz he immediately followed up with "__Gentleman_Friend__ told me all about it! He says you're loving it."

I'm not that close of friends with concert-giving-guy for that sort of thing to just organically pop up in their conversations, I think. Concert-giving-guy doesn't pop up in the conversations I have with Gentleman Friend! And Mr. GMan isn't just gossipy.......

Then concert-giving-guy got a weird look on HIS face and basically ran.

I have a feeeeeeling that's probably a pretty good sign, right?

Oh boyz.
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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you are OH SO complicated!
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I'm glad the title of this journal is rather open-ended [thanks Caroline!! haha] because it's basically just devolving into general stories about my life...

On the horse front, Lacey's starting to get cranky about all this Bute in her system. I had forgotten that she gets like this...but NOW I remember! haha After about 5 days on Bute, she starts getting really short-tempered and fussy about everyyyyything.
I have to wonder if maybe it makes her tummy not feel good or something because she doesn't just get cranky...
Anyway, her eyes looked super good tonight [I've been triple dosing her MSM - double dose is the "eyeball dose" and triple is "A++ eyeball dose"] so I didn't give her any Bute tonight. I'll start her on DC-Y tomorrow for pain, the 'natural' stuff doesn't make her cranky like Bute does. Thank goodness! haha

Poor baby. :(
Her eyes are looking really pretty good, on the plus side! Still obviously "recovering" and are therefore a LOT more sensitive to everything but they're looking much better, all things considered.
I don't know what I would do without this horse. She really is one in a million.

And to think that I almost didn't "choose" her, 5 years ago, because I thought we didn't 'click'. HAH!!

Also, I realized the other day that that song from Pocahontas, the one about all the colors of the wind, most people identify with that song half ironically..............and that song is basically my life. Awkward.

In unicorn news, I was watching Project Runway the other day and the most annoying contestant, who got voted off, thank GOODNESS, was pretty convinced that unicorns have cloven hooves. Does this mean I have TWO unicorns? Lacey AND Hazel???! YES PLEASE.

Work news - nothing to report. Oh! Except that on the horse hoofcare front, I braved talking to my boss about the horses hooves and she's totally open to trying a new farrier for them. I figured out a non-judgmental way to describe how I felt about their current shoe jobs: "I don't feel like you're getting the work your money is paying for." My boss apparently already had concerns herself about their farriery and I was able to suggest Lacey's previous farrier who really did a pretty good job [I just started doing Lacey's myself because I have overly high standards - better that I don't live p to my own standards than someone else, you know?...that hoof trimmer would be perfectly acceptable, and MUCH better than the current trimmer, for the therapy horses]. Anyway, that's really great.
I hate seeing such bad farriery and I feel bad for the horses, walking around all day on hooves like they know? It's one thing if they were just sort of bad...but they aren't anywhere near "sort of bad", unfortunately.

Ugh, I am SUCH a hoof snob! I try to keep it in, I really really do!! That's one of my pet peeves about myself, I really can come off like a huge snob. Or, at least, I think I can come off like a huge snob.
Certain people, like Gentleman Friend, claim that there is no way on this earth that I could seem snobby.............but I live with myself. He does not.

Anyway, super excited that we might be able to get these horses into some better hoof management!

Oh, other hilarious story. Well, hilarious. You know.
So, there's a 17 year old, just turned 18 year old, that I work with every Tuesday. He, from day one, has basically been creeping. He's super nice, in a "haha, he's my brother!"-way but SO 17 and basically the opposite of EVERYTHING I would ever be attracted to.
But anyway, he just turned 18 and now he's thinking that he has some kind of chance with this action because he's legal.
[for the record, I'm almost 23]
Anyway, I'm trying to think of it as being really funny because otherwise I'd be really freaked out.
He keeps asking me "what I'm attracted to in a man" and weird junk like that. Luckily, everything that is attractive to me is the opposite of what he is. Of course, that's not deterring him at all.

I think part of the problem is that I'm kind of a flirty I act really familiar with everyone as a defense mechanism, basically. Otherwise I'm super socially awkward. Both ends of the spectrum, no middle ground. haha
Unless I know you super well, then I can be pretty normal. But even normal is "flirty".
AND I'm one of those "say mean things and laugh in a positive way" people which digs me an even deeper hole. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

This poor kid. I keep being all like "yeah, in 2 months I'll basically be your sister!" and stuff but he's just goin' on past that. I've even told him about Gentleman Friend!!!!! And I made Gentleman Friend sound basically like my boyfriend. HAH. Not phasing him in the least.
MY LIFE. Can't get the boy I want to be in love with me to be in love with me, can't get the creep to stop creeping.


On a happier note: GENTLEMAN FRIEND. Well, happier. I don't know.
I'm mildly confused again.
1. On Sunday, I had texted him Saturday night around 10:30 and he had apparently already gone to sleep - I wake up to a text from him at 6:30am. Later on Sunday, during our time, he mentions that he work up at 6:30 = texted me as soon as he woke up? Adorable.
2. He was telling me about he was SUPER tired while we were having our time on Sunday so maybe that was just it...because he seemed less jazzed than usual. But really, he told me a bunch of times that he was tired and he did give me THREE hugs in the span of about 15 minutes...AND he did the whole "well, I better leave...go back to the kids" thing...then stuck around for at least 5 more minutes. SO I think I really need to just stop worrying about it.
3. Have I mentioned that he has the most perfect smile I have ever seen? Well, he really does. This has no bearing on anything, but it is true. The most perfect teeth and the most perfect smile. Like movie stars and Ryan Gosling included.
4. I'm really nervous because in 2 weeks he's going with his female "one of his closest friends" to see their mutual best friend [a guy] who's going to grad school in Virginia. They've been friends for years but still. It freaks me out a litttttle bit. The fact that he has a female "really close friend" freaks me out a little bit but really, if Mr. GMan has feelings towards me, he's not going to get into anything with Lady-Friend. He's the most loyal person evvvvvvvvvvver, AND I don't think he would be increasing our friendship levels if he was just planning to switch her into the girlfriend spot and me into the "closest girl friend" spot..or something.

But. You know me. Captain of Overthinkers Anonymous!!
I'm hoping I might be able to ask him about it next Sunday, in an innocuous way. Like he said before "if it's bothering you, you deserve to be heard out". I need to talk to him about this stuff, or deal with it some other way, instead of just letting it fester inside.
He deserves better than me thinking he's less than he is. He's really one of the best people I've ever known and I need to assume that he's going to function on that level...not suddenly hop way way way down to dirt-bag level in a single leap!!
In any case, I think things are going well. Last night when I texted him and today, both times he offered information about himself within a response to a statement/question I made. He's not a huuuuge fan of texting so the fact that he's "talking" is kinda good, I think!
And he NEVER talks about other girls [except for the "old ladies"...but that;s different! haha] when we're together. Even the "one of his closest friends" girl. I've read that that's a pretty excellent sign. Especially from a guy who's mostly friends with girls [but who can blame them, he's kinda a hotttttie. Just saying. ]!! haha

I am SUCH a high maintenance girl. OH. MY. GOSH.

I am so tired. I should go involve my bed, and sleep, in my life.
Anyway, that's 'the news'. So fascinating.

I hope you all are doing fantastically!! <3

[and I'm seriously sorry for the lack of pictures....make it up to you tomorrow or Wednesday?]

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Hi, my name is Wallaby, and I'm an Over-Thinker.
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