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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        08-19-2013, 10:53 PM
    Yay! I normally just lurk reading your journal (super, super creepy I know) but I was hoping/praying for lacey so I'm so glad she's okay! Yay for good vets!
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        08-19-2013, 11:47 PM
    Green Broke
    Hooah! So glad Lacey got the A-Okay! And glad for you missey that today is going better than yesterday! Haha

    It always suprises me how small the horse community REALLY is. Not small as in numbers of course but I could go 3 states away and in a random conversation find somebody that know a horse or knows another rider.

    For instance. One of my friends growing up went to a horse camp in CALIFORNIA...where...wait for it....Josie my mare was born! Small world indeed.

    But its always a fun feeling//conversation eh? Haha

    Anyways. When is this JD marathon with Gentleman friend?! Hope everything is still going smoothly with him?

    Fingers crossed that laceys eye continues healing FAST.
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        08-20-2013, 01:36 AM
    Super Moderator
    No worries, paintsrule! I love your lurking - I see it with your "liking". And I get really happy when you actually post!!
    What's reverse lurking, where I'm watching for you to like something?? Haha But really, we can be "super, super creepy" to each other! I don't mind. :)

    RIGHT, RC????? I made a point of not really connecting with horse people around here before this job because the ones I had met were alllll nuts. Of course, the people I've met through this job from the local horse world are still mildly nuts [in a loving way, of course!!] but at least they aren't "my way is the only right way!!!!! And you had BETTER agree!"-nuts.
    Other weird stories [this job has made my world feel REALLY small] - the girl who was doing my training for this job, the one who had it before me, I had multiple classes with her at the community college I went to, we live in the same neighborhood, and we even went to elementary school together. Not to mention that when she was talking about where she boards her horse, I was like "oh! That place!! There's a really pretty sorrel with a white tail there! I see him/her whenever I go past but I haven't seen him in a while..." And she was like ".......that's my horse. Not even kidding! We moved him to a pasture that can't be seen from the road a year or two ago but that's my horse!"

    Then, another girl that was hired to do the job I'm doing -I trained her for a few days [hah, the newbie training a newbie!]-, she was like "Emily, you look SO familiar!! But I can't figure out where I know you from!"
    Turns out I met her on the trails when I was riding Lacey, abut a year ago, and she was walking with her family. I even remember getting caught up in a discussion about horses with her!!

    Sooooo weird!!! Hahaha But so wonderful!

    Gentleman Friend:
    1. He's at a week-long camp for foster kids right now, being the photographer. So I doubt I'll have much communication with him this week, unfortunately. I'll probably text him on Thursday or something to be all "weird not talking to you for so many days!" or something...but I might just leave it too. I'm not sure.
    I texted him on Friday and he texted back once, then didn't text back when I texted him again, hen the same thing happened last night. I know he's busy and it's totally fair that he did that, but I feel like I'm riding the "too clingy" line.
    Of course, he did post a picture on Facebook with me in mind, then tagged me in a comment on it and said "this made me think of you and your animals", and he did comment on 2 statuses of mine this last week which is all totally really out of character for him - usually FB comments are like once in a 4 month period! Haha

    Anyway, giving him some space. He's got other things on his mind right now, more important priorities! Not fair to ask him to juggle giving me attention and his camp responsibilities, you know?

    2. JD marathon = dunno. He has this camp thing this week, then he's around next week, but then on August 31-September 5 he's going to Virginia with his female best friend to see their mutual guy best friend who's going to grad school in Virginia [my theory = guy best friend+girl best friend = <3 <3, with GF...there. Haha - just the way they always act towards me makes me feel like I'm somehow the fourth of their three]. Did I tell you guys about that? I think I did.
    So basically this is like 3 weeks sans GF.
    There's always next week, but again, he's getting ready to go allllll the way to the other side of the US. Don't think I'm going to be top priority. And that's fine.
    I'm ok with it. I guess it's one of those things where for a while I have to just accept that he values what we have and that he values me. I can't be basing it off of texts received, specific words said, likes on Facebook, I just have to 'settle' for what I know to be true. And that's kind of nice.
    I really should be operating with that mindset all the's a work in progress.

    So bottom line, I don't like how this time of separation got started...but I think things are ok. He did "like" my Facebook status after we 'talked' last night [the last thing I said was something about how I had been looking forward to seeing him but that it was ok] so he's not shunning me!! Haha

    And I realized something this morning, again - I keep waiting for him to take my heart and run with it, never to be seen again, like every other person I've ever really "let in". And THAT is why I freak out so bad when he doesn't 'like' something or text me back or show up. However, so far he hasn't gone the way of the dodo and I don't think he's going to.
    Why do I assume he's going to do the worst possible thing? When has he EVER done the worst possible thing? Or when has he ever knowingly hurt me? Absolutely never. He has never been mean, or cruel, or taken advantage of my heart, in the 2+ years I've known him. Sure, he's slipped up...but so have I!!
    I need to start giving him the grace I give everyone else - assume the best until the worst has been proven.
    C'mon Emly!! Wake up! Haha

    [did I ever tell you guys the story about the shoe pillow or the honey packet or about the daisies? If not, I need to. Three of my most favorite memories ever, in my life. Next to the night I met Lacey, of course!!]

    Lacey's eye was looking GREAT this evening!! I'm so happy about it! The vet gave me some ointment to put on it during episodes, non-steroidal so it'll be ok even if she has a scratch on her eye [steroid ointment=eye ulcers=PANIC] and the vet put some in before she left today. I think it really helped!!
        08-20-2013, 05:39 AM
    Originally Posted by Wallaby    
    I need to start giving him the grace I give everyone else - assume the best until the worst has been proven.
    C'mon Emly!! Wake up! Haha

    [did I ever tell you guys the story about the shoe pillow or the honey packet or about the daisies? If not, I need to. Three of my most favorite memories ever, in my life. Next to the night I met Lacey, of course!!]

    Lacey's eye was looking GREAT this evening!! I'm so happy about it! The vet gave me some ointment to put on it during episodes, non-steroidal so it'll be ok even if she has a scratch on her eye [steroid ointment=eye ulcers=PANIC] and the vet put some in before she left today. I think it really helped!!
    1. Yes!!!!

    2. Nooo!!! TELL NOW!!!

    3. Hooray!!!!!!! :)
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        08-20-2013, 06:54 PM
    Super Moderator
    Lacey's eye = SO MUCH BETTER THIS MORNING!! I can't even get over it. SO thrilled!!

    Stories - brace yourselves for adorableness. Totes going to be telling my future grandkids these stories. Regardless if they know anyone in them!! Haha
    Also, all of these happened during the summer when we were at camp.

    Shoe pillow story:
    [people have told me this one is "gross" but I think it's super sweet! Haha]

    Our group, the "Program Staff" -basically the people who did things like camp photography [GF], the cooks, lifeguards, horse people [me], "Program Director", etc, probably 15-16 people total-, decided to have a nighttime outing to a lookout spot on top of a nearby mountain. The goal was watching stars/seeing a shooting star.

    We got to the lookout and we all decided that laying down was the best option to watch stars.
    Somehow I ended up near Gentleman Friend's feet, like a foot below them. Not overly close or whatnot.
    Anyway, so he saw me there and said something like "you could put your head on my feet, if you wanted to...?" [I think it's important to note that at this point GF is wearing pearly white slip-on Vans - would be super obvious if they were dirty. They were not dirty. Dirty shoes=opposite of Gentleman Friend]
    So I did.
    And we all watched the stars for probably an hour, me with my head on his feet. It was actually comfy, much better than the ground! Hahahaha


    Honey packet:

    At camp, someone always had to stay up with the horses during lunch because they were usually saddle+tied up = safety hazard to leave them alone.
    Usually the person to stay was me. That way I kind of got my alone-time in [at camp you're basically around people 24/7 which is hard on an introvert!! Haha] and I got to take care of any loose ends that might need taking care of.

    So that particular day, Gentleman Friend had intended to come up and take photos of that day's "Horse Club". However, he got caught up in other things and couldn't make it for the actual club - he showed up probably 3 minutes before the club was about to end. [time is important to me...him, not as much. Hahaha]
    Anyway, so after the kids left, me and him started talking and talking and talking. Finally it was probably 10 minutes AFTER the lunch bell had rung and the last of my "Assistant Wranglers" [I was the Head Wrangler] to be in the barn pretty much dragged GF away. He did not want to go - not sure what was so special about that day that he wanted to stay so bad...I still don't know, but he wasn't going to get lunch if he didn't head down.

    So they all left. And I had my time.

    About an hour later, my assistant wranglers returned. After they had been back for a while, one of them was like "Oh! ___GF___ told me to give this to you!" and pulled a honey packet out of her bag [it was cornbread/chili day]. "He told me to say that he found your name tag" [at camp it was this big joke to give people packets of things and say that they dropped their name tags...implying that the receivers name is "honey" or "sugar" or whatever]
    Later on, at dinner, I tried to thank him for "finding my name tag" and he acted really awkward about it. I, because I am thoroughly oblivious, thought he was joking and thanked him for "making me laugh so hard"...yeah, after his reaction I no longer thought he was super joking.
    But really, you can't blame me tooooo much - at camp I was surrounded by girls who knew I liked him but were constantly warning me that he was a heartbreaker and that "no matter how much you think he likes you, 99% chance he doesn't". Mostly it was just because he IS good-looking and very friendly, I think. It's easy to get the wrong impression. Heck a girl that he literally HIDES from thought he actually really liked her. But me and him, we're genuine friends now!
    Not to mention the fact that the summer I met him, he went from saying that he was absolutely never getting married to saying that he was 100% definitely getting married...and asking me about how long I would have to know someone before I married them. Connection? I don't know. [don't even ask about what I told him as an answer to that question, we can just know that I am an IDIOT. And all this *waves hand around in air* is probably due to what I told him, if something is indeed "happening" here]

    I still have that honey packet too. :)))) I didn't even know I had saved it until I was looking through an old bag of mine and discovered it!! I freaked out. Haha
    Keepin' it forevvvvver.


    One day I was having a really hard day at camp. It was just all around the worst. I was exhausted, I felt like GF liked his "Photo Helper" more than me [she had a boyfriend who she's now married to...but a jealous heart is in the soul of Wallaby. :/], the horses were being spazzes. You know the deal.
    Anyway, so GF and photo helper girl came up to take pictures of cabin rides. I was swamped with rides to lead so I really only got to wave "hi" at them, and ride off.

    They were at the barn all afternoon but it was just ride after ride, never got a chance to really connect. The last ride came and I guess they had to leave pretty quickly to go do other pictures = never got to say bye for that afternoon.

    After I got back from the final ride, we got the horses all taken care of, and after all that, one of my assistant wranglers pulled 3 giant daisies out of the tack room.
    She said "____GF___ and __Photo_Helper__ left these here for us, one for each of us!" [there were three wranglers, myself included, that week - usually 4]. "__Photo_Helper__ said __GF__ had the idea!!"

    I never asked him about it but daisies are my all time favorite flower, so optimistic and joyful!! And he knows that... In any case, he always gets warm and fuzzy when I mention to him about the daisies. :)

    And, other adorable thing, those were the first -and, I guess, only- flowers a gentleman has ever been involved in giving me. :) He doesn't know that part! Haha

    Anyhoo, I had a Coca-Cola bottle that made a good vase. I actually dried them with the intention of saving them..but they got lost in the "Last Day of Camp" shuffle. :(

    Plus side, I got a nice photo of them!!

    Ok, are you guys all absolutely SICK from the adorableness? Seriously. I about am!! Haha

    And some photos. Just Mr Fabs and Mr Skippy. Nothing really special. But I did take my camera today! So quality-wise, we're in business! Haha

    "Hrgggghhhh! My name is Fabio and I can make faces toooooo!"

    Mr. Skip. He's such a jerk. Haha But really. He hates me...but not. He just likes to have my arm in his mouth at all times. THE WORST. Too bad he's so cute!

    Hopefully you all recover from that sweetness overload!!
        08-20-2013, 07:11 PM
    Green Broke
    Ohmygod cavity from all the sweetness! Haha. Love the stories

    And glad Lacey is getting better too!
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        08-20-2013, 10:05 PM
    That shoe pillow story is so adorable, eeeeeee

    I had warm fuzzies just reading about it!!
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        08-20-2013, 11:49 PM
    Super Moderator
    <3 <3 <3

    And for funnsies, for those of you who I don't have on FB, a video of Mr. Atti learning about waving "bye-bye"

    This is only his fourth session ever really working on this so he's still really learning. Actually last night was the first time he had ever waved without being tied up! ["waving" started as his "please let me off my leash, I am done with breakfast!! DO YOU SEE ME."-thing so I started training for this with him tied = easier]

    He's super scary smart! Haha

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        08-21-2013, 12:06 AM
    Green Broke
    knee slide 1.jpg
    knee slide 2.jpg


    That is all
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        08-22-2013, 12:06 AM
    Super Moderator
    Laughing SO hard, RC!!

    I love him too! He's a major handful a lot of the time but he's just SO COOL too! I've wanted a dog for yearrrrrrs so I could teach it all manner of tricks...God gave me a goat instead.
    I'm just so glad that I got him young-ish and started training him from the beginning. Otherwise, with how big and how sassy he is.......I'd be dead. Haha

    Just a little life thought for right now:
    A 'friend' of mine on Facebook [we were friends in middle school so I added her and now....I guess she reminds me of what I'm not missing with the life I have. Make me sound mean, I think...but you guys understand, right?] just posted a picture of her own face with the caption of "No make up on, that's when your the prettiest"
    ........and she's OBVIOUSLY wearing mascara and eyeliner. EYELINER. Not even pretending to not be wearing makeup.

    I laughed until I cried.

    But really, I don't think she realizes at all that she's pretty without other people thinking she's pretty or without the affirmation of some guy she met somewhere. And that makes my heart hurt.

    Still. Funniest thing all night.

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