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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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    07-17-2012, 07:03 PM
Green Broke
Yay Lacey! You tell her girl! Haha im glad she's doing good with the bute.
And yes video of her in her SMB boots would be awesome! My horses do the same thing haha!
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    07-17-2012, 11:29 PM
Super Moderator
Also, hafta add a couple of pictures for today, right? ;)

Lacey's been wearing her grazing muzzle during the day for about a week. She was just getting SO fat, my hand was forced. She does not like it but she puts up with it pretty well.
But, as always, she's rocking the look.

Then, both of the girls's new flymasks were/are gray mesh with black trim. Personally, I'm more a fan of the bright colors, not to mention that when Lacey's wearing that flymask and her grazing muzzle, she looks like she's in some sort of bad horse jail. So I took the black trim off Lacey's flymask and sewed some brighter stuff on instead. It was actually WAY easier than I thought. A little time consuming but pretty easy.
I'm doing Lady's tomorrow. Hers is the same cloth, in green instead of blue. :)

LaceyShmace, omnomnoming after her grazing muzzle came off... haha

Then, I went down to the shed/tack room to put the flymasks (I also re-did the trim on Lacey's purple "BugEye" - blue fleece vs that usual fluffy stuff on flymasks - hate that fluffy stuff) and Lacey's grazing muzzle away. Lady thought she should be allowed to come along too.
I'm trying to rotate the pastures and currently, the "main" pasture with the shed in it is "off".

    07-18-2012, 12:24 AM
Green Broke
Lady-"um excuse me but you did this little latchy thingy and I can't get out....."
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    07-18-2012, 06:45 AM
Wow way to rock the fly masks!!
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    07-18-2012, 07:58 PM
Super Moderator
Hahahaha Ropechick, that's probably exactly what she was thinking! XD

Thanks Maggie! I'm pretty please with how they came out myself! And it was so so easy, I just can't get over how little work there was involved in "fixing" them like that! Hahaha

__________________________________________________ _________

Sooooooo, guess what??!
Someone got saddled today for the "first" time!!

I had really only intended on lunging her for a bit (she's lunging like an old pro now, btw - Lacey's still a bit better at it than Lady is but Lacey adores lunging and Lady really doesn't, hahaha), then showing her the saddle+saddlepad and desensitizing her to the pad, if that was needed.
Welp, she was lunging great - super calmly, etc and she even turned around on the line for me, without me having to guide her in how to do so. So I picked up the pad and started throwing it over her back and just generally trying to see if she'd get at all scared. Um, no. Scared was not something that was going to happen. She was interested but really wasn't bothered by the pad at all.
So I decided that I had the saddle there and she was doing so well, why not put it on her? So I let her sniff the saddle and threw it up on her back. That wasn't an issue either.
She did get a little spooked when I dropped the cinch down and the metal part of it whacked her in the leg but that was only "scary" because it was unexpected. She just took a quick step forward, then stopped again. Cinching up wasn't worrisome either. She actually had the "audacity" to pin her ears at me when I tightened the cinch up. Silly girl!
The only time she got a little worried was when I had her take her first step forward with the saddle on. She got a little panicked for a second (aka, scooted forward unexpectedly), then I had her stop and I rubbed her face, and she was 100% fine again. That was the only real hiccup the whole time!
I then lunged her for about 10 minutes at a walk/trot with the saddle on and she couldn't have cared less. No dramatics, no bolting, just normal trotting/walking around. She "whoa-d" well and she even backed up when I asked her to.

At camp I've been around horses that were on their 3rd-4th time being saddled and she was not like that at all. She definitely knew what was up. Lacey herself was worse the first few times I saddled her, 4 years ago, than Lady was today!
I am even more under the impression that Lady probably knows more than she's letting on...

SPEAKING OF WHICH, today, Lady responded to "easy" on the lungeline as her cue to go from a trot down to a walk. Now, I have nevvvver used that word with her. I use it with Lacey but she needs a quite a few more "pre-cues" than Lady does. Lady also responds very very quickly to the word "whoa". I don't use "whoa". I use "ho"....
Anyway, pretty sure Miss Smartie is being a sneaky devil.
It almost makes me want to try riding her tomorrow. Too bad I don't also want to die. But maybe I'll saddle her up again and jump around next to her. Just to see what'll happen... We shall see. Tomorrow is a riding/ponying day so that might take priority.

She also got her own rope halter today! It's purple, she looks stunning in it. She also got her new lead rope (BRIGHT turquoise) today. It's SO nice, very lux feeling. And it was only $10! I'm just a little bit thrilled about that.

On the Lacey front, she was being really weird today... But then again, bute kinda makes her act like she's on a drug trip. It wasn't bad weird, it was just "not normal" weird. For instance, I took Lady into the main pasture to work with her. I left the gate open so Lacey could follow if she wanted to...but she didn't. I was with Lady for probably 45 minutes and the whole time, Lacey was up by the front gate - which is probably 600+ feet away from where Lady and I were.
It was really good for Lady, to focus on me totally without Lacey being right there, but it was unusual. I guess I have seen them do that on their own - Lacey'll be in one part of the pasture and Lady'll be in another - but it just seems weird. Whatever happened to herd dynamics? Lol!

Anyway, after I was done with Lady, I went to get Lacey and she went cantering past me, allll the way down to the shed. What a dork-face. ;)

Then I lunged Miss Lacey and she loved it. I've been hesitant to lunge her lately because on the hills - even little ones, she picks up so much momentum and just goes careening down (and generally slips at the bottom) them that it really scares me. However, I've been using the word "careful" to denote areas where she needs to place her hooves more carefully than she thinks she does so I tried saying "careful" each time she was about to start going downhill. The difference was dramatic! I could actually see her rock her weight back onto her hocks as soon as she heard "careful". And she didn't go careening down the hill! She kept a steady pace and she just generally seemed a whole lot more comfortable with being lunged. So yay for that! Lunging has always been one of Lacey's most favored activities so it's great that we've kinda maybe figured out a way to safely do that.

And, yknow, telling you about the saddling+ ew halter+new lead rope+Lady's flymask being finished is all basically useless if I don't give you I have pictures for ya.

"Why yes, I do have a saddle on my back and I don't care, how kind of you to inquire!"

New halter+new lead rope!

    07-18-2012, 07:59 PM
Super Moderator
And because the board doesn't want us posting more than 20 images at a time, blah blah blah, double post! :)

Talk about a HUGE belly....geez (also, what an awkwardly put together!). The rescue hasn't responded to the email I sent them yesterday about her ginomosity, hopefully they will soon.

"WAT???!! Did I just hear you complain about my voluptuous tummy??!"

Lady's "new" flymask...

Lacey... *in a dapper voice* "Mmmmm, yes, do you have treats? I believe I deserve some, or preferably all, of them..."

And, of course, Lady running again....

    07-18-2012, 08:07 PM
Awesome! Just as a thought for next time ( I know this was a bit improtmptu) I like to pull the pad up into the gullet of the saddle for high withered horses to take some pressure off them. :) Yay!! Lady is so cute.
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    07-19-2012, 01:38 AM
Green Broke
Ohmygosh! That's so exciting! She looks great!
That halter looks great on her...but dang that is a big big belly.

Im super extra excited for my saddle now because I know after seeing the fly masks that its going to be great! Hahahaha
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    07-20-2012, 11:50 PM
Super Moderator
Megan, I like to do that too. :)
I just wasn't sure if she was about to blow up (she likes to blow up unexpectedly, generally when she feels like her mind is working "too hard") and I felt like, in the event she did blow up, having the saddle totally on was top priority. But, for the future, I 100% plan to do that. :)

Hah Christine, you crack me up. ;)
I hope the saddle comes out great too! It looked great before I put it in the box but it was then sitting in the box for like 3 weeks... my fingers are crossed that you like it+it still looks as good!! It should be there in ten days!

__________________________________________________ ____________

I finally got in contact with the rescue and she was never preg checked. SO the vet is coming out next week to do that. Not sure of the exact date yet but they said that a vet would be out within the next week for sure.
Fingers crossed that she's 100% not preggo!

I just got back from messing with her and let me tell you, that is a BRATTY HORSE.
I decided to lunge her again since she still needs work in that area and that gets some of her copious amounts of energy out in a pretty safe way. Well, Miss Brattyface was having none of it.
We were down in the main pasture and Lacey was behind the gate in the...if it was a house, it'd be the "foyer".... Anyway, Lady was great while I was brushing her - not fussy, focused on me, etc but then when I asked her to lunge, all craziness broke loose.
I'm sure it's partially my fault because I pushed her a little too hard but seriously. At one point, she even slammed on the brakes, turned towards me, and when I motioned her out, she reared all the way up and struck out at me with her hoof, then turned away from me. At that point I just DROVE her out there, kept my eyes boring into her butt, and kept her running until she couldn't practically run anymore.
She did try to bolt off with me a few times after that but I was always able to pull her out of it before she got farther than just thinking about it.
Thankfully we were able to end on a good note. After I made her run so hard, I switched her back to the direction she had been going before she freaked out and we calmly walk/trotted that way and whoa-d very politely. Then I took her down to the shed, stuck her in her stall, gave her a good brushing, and fed her a pound of rice bran (she seems to be a little stuck in her weight gain, I think she's hit the point where she needs to stop running around so much if she's going to gain even more but of course, she does not believe in not more fat it is!).
She's such a tester. I've forgotten what it's like to have a horse that isn't quite sure you're the boss yet. Lacey was like that to begin with too but these days, she's pretty content to just believe me when I say it.
I am EXTREMELY proud of her meal time manners though. She's finally gotten "the hang" of my routine. Basically, what I do is each horse gets a treat right before their food is set down for not mauling me when I appear with the food. Then, the horse has to wait (taking zero steps in the direction of the food, even if I move away) until I say "ok", then they're allowed to eat. I have so many little kids running around the horses, wanting to help feed, and all it takes is one instance of being pushy to really hurt a kid. Anyway, Lady has started putting herself into the farthest corner of her stall as soon as I appear with the treat, then she stays there until I say "ok". It's pretty cute. She really wants to be good, it's just that confusion really really gets to her.

Then, I let her go and she happily ran up to the gate, politely waited for me to open it, and politely waited for me to allow her to go past - didn't even try to rush past me.

Lacey was SOOOOOO SO mad though. So mad. She nickered at me and then pinned her ears when I went to go pet her, THEN she walked over to Lady and just went AFTER her. She gave Lady one good bite in the patootie and a good glancing kick to the chest, then came back over to me looking for love. I made her back up and do a couple of things before I petted her, not wanting to reward that behavior and all, but yeah, poor girl. I have never seen her be like that to another horse, ever. She knows she can't be like that at all when I'm on her back (thank goodness!) and she knows I don't allow that sort of thing while either horse is being worked with (thank goodness!) but seriously. She's being kinda a meanie and SO bipolar to Lady.
Maybe someone needs to go back to just having llama buddies...
I'm sure she's a bit jealous because I have to love on them both, but still.
I'm going to take her, just her, on a ride tomorrow morning which will hopefully make her happy. Just having Emily+LaceyLace time. I'm trying to decide how early is too early for horse screaming at each other on a Saturday morning... You think 10am is late enough?
    07-21-2012, 12:08 AM
Mares! I swear they are just too complicated. I am too lazy to deal with all that drama.
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