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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        09-12-2013, 12:22 AM
    Originally Posted by Wallaby    

    And, on the Gentleman Friend-front, [this is going to seem really silly but trust me, for him/us this isn't so silly] he commented on my Facebook status today! We're both super introverted+prone to overthinking = we rarely comment on anything anywhere on Facebook and if we do comment, it's kind of a 'thing'! Haha
    AND! He commented on two things 2ish weeks ago, I commented on two things of his, then today he commented on my stuff = picking up some momentum here! Haha But now it's my turn to comment...maybe. Or maybe it's still his...we'll see. [we have a lot of unspoken mutual agreements. ]

    Oh, but guys. :( Not going to see him on Sunday because I'm getting pre-birthday cupcakes with a friend before church. Excited about the cupcakes, bummed about not seeing him. But, in terms of being "less available" = good. However, my excessive avaliablity hasn't seemed to harm anything yet...!
    BUT!!! My birthday is a week from this Friday and he's been conscious of my birthday coming up, without me saying anything, for at least a month.

    We'll see.

    I hope you guy are doing well!
    I'm so excited that things are going well Hopefully less of the angry-man scenarios happen.

    I hope you do have lots of fun getting pre-birthday cupcakes!!!
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        09-12-2013, 12:27 AM
    Green Broke
    Grumpy old guy should get a swift kick in the booty back to his house lol.

    At least you have G-man. I bet hell help you give the boot to grumpy guy!
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        09-13-2013, 04:49 PM
    Super Moderator
    Thanks Maggie, meeee too. :) The cupcakes are going to be awesome, I hope. We're going to a dedicated gluten-free bakery that's actually really near the school I go to=cupcakes+school???!!! Haha I could be on board with this!
    I'm still really scared of eating out at places that aren't dedicated gf because I have such a bad reaction to even the smallest amount of I'm glad I found somewhere dedicated gf. Haha I'll probbbbably post a picture of what I get.

    Agreeeed, Christy! My little old people were like "if that happens again and you feel unsafe, call 911!!" haha
    But yeah, not going to tell Gman about it probably. He's a worrier who talks a big game, which is super cute...but I dislike making people worry unnecessarily, you know? And it would be adorable to hear alll about how he would end the guy [which seriously, you guys. Gman is like the least threatening-looking person I have ever seen. Basically, as non-threatening as I look, translate that directly into a male form Him talking a big game is like Prince Charming, or whoever, from Cinderella, talking about popping a cap in somebody] but no need to make him worry. It's one thing with Work Creep but another thing with me alone, in the pasture, near dark, with an aggravated old man.

    Speaking of Gentleman Friend, it wasn't even 10am by the time we had discussed two separate stories from today that he thought I would like. I had done pretty much all the story-telling this week so far, so that was extra nice.
    And he just texted me ANOTHER story! THREE stories in ONE day?? Hahahaha THIS GUY. I love it.

    Speaking of stories, you guys might appreciate this one: last school year, the zipper on my backpack, that I had had for yearssss - since 6th grade or earlier, finally failed. It started randomly splitting open at the most inopportune times and since I carry my laptop with me = BAD news bears.
    So I've been on the hunt for a new backpack for some time since I have very specific specifications for what I want.
    I found one on Ebay that I liked and it was relatively cheap so I went for it. Here's a link so you can visualize what I saw: Jansport Deadlock 15" Laptop Backpack Teal Block Pattern MSRP $55 New | eBay

    I thought those back stripes were part of the design and was like "ok, that's pretty spiffy. I'm on board!"

    It came in the mail...turned out that those black stripes are actually straps for "my skateboard"..............I am about the least coordinated person in the worllllld. The last thing I should probably ever do is ride a skateboard. So now I have a skateboard backpack. That I love the colors of but makes me look like a poser/wannabe. Actually, I could pass off as a skater since I guess I dress in kind of a "grungy-hipster-'cool'"-way, probably...just no one ask where my skateboard is. HAH.

    Anyway, this sort of thing happens to me alllll the time. It's great. Hahaha Gman about died of laughter.
    We've been there before - a few years ago, I bought a bright turquoise shirt with pandas on it from Salvation Army = 1. Pandas=awesome 2. Turquoise=favorite color. The first time I wore it [we were at camp], he saw me and got SO excited about my shirt. I was like "yeah...this is pretty cool, but why are you so happy right now?"
    It turned out that the shirt was some really "hip" skate brand that he knew all about because one of his brothers is really into that stuff. And apparently his brother had wanted to buy that same shirt...but it was $45 retail.
    And the poor guy had thought that I had some kind of hidden skater side that I hadn't told him about. HAH, no, just bumbling along, Mr. Magoo-style.

    Or the time I bought a "Dungeons and Dragons" [a "nerdy" role-playing game that I've never played but does sound awesome, haha] t-shirt because it had a cartoon of people fighting dragons in a dungeon on the front and I thought that was really funny..but had no idea that it was actually about D+D............

    Yeahhhhh. My life, man.

    Anyway, work's going pretty well. I'm still confused as to a few things my boss keeps asking me to do. She's not super consistent in her "hopes and dreams" and half the time she makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job...then the other half of the time she acts like I'm doing wonderfully and she's "really impressed". So I'm having a bit of a hard time picking+choosing what to take in and what to ignore. But she keeps asking me to work more and she hasn't told me to specifically stop anything I'll go with it! Haha
    I'm refusing to take it personally because my style is VERY different from hers. She's more into the "is the horse 'happy'???" "Does the horse LIKE me??" etc camp and I'm in the "the horse is happy because he/she has rules and boundaries! The horse likes me because he/she can trust that I'll keep him/her safe" - I'm not so much into asking questions of what the horse's emotional/mental state is. I mean, that plays a big part in how I choose to work with a specific horse...but I don't anthropomorphize while determining emotional state.
    She seems to feel that I behave in a "cold" manner towards the horses..but I really don't. I guess I can see how you might come to that conclusion since I don't do a lot of physical touching with the horses [especially the more confident horses - the more confident a horse is, the more I don't get physical...for instance, Skippy is VERY confident so I RARELY touch him in praise since touch keys him up. Fabs is not confident so I'm really very physically affectionate with him, with the goal of sharing my confidence] - a reward is usually a "good boy!" and release of all pressure, no touching, just time to think about that just face smooshing/treats/whatever. Not to mention that I rarely touch anyone/anything in my life, even my pets. I'm just not a very physical person. To tocuh someone else, especially a stranger, I have to actually make myself do it. It's the opposite of easy for me.

    Anyway, it's very very different.
    In comparison to a lot of the horse trainers I've been around [0% good ones, but still], I'm the outcast "relationship with the pwetty ponehs" one..but at this place I feel like a horse beater or something/hate all horses. Haha Which I'm totally not/don't, but it's really the weirdest thing.

    Anyway. Yesterday a little Mennonite friend of mine [he's 8 and we hang out on Thursdays when he has his sessions. His family of 8 kid all have sessions on Thursday so they're ALLL at the clinic on the same day+pretty much 'run wild' after/before their sessions] gave me his phone number. he was like "call me!!"
    SO CUTE.
    My boss was right there when he did and she was like "Well. Seems as though your little issue of not having a boy in your life has been solved!" Not sure where she got THAT idea in the first place since Gman seems to be a growing factor, I think...but still hilarious.
    I laughed SO HARD.

    Picture time!!

    Skippy. Mr. Confidence.

    Fabs! We're slowlyyyy muscling up, I think!

    And then this morning. Dear ol' Lacey got herself SO dirty for her poor Friday Lesson Kid. Sneaky.

    I think she appears sort of proud of herself... hahaha

        09-13-2013, 10:21 PM
    Green Broke
    *gasp*no buddy picture?!?! Haha jkjk
    Fabs is definitely looking more trim/muscled at least imo how did the lesson kid feel about miss Sassy pants?? Hahahah oh I feel for that kid lol
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        09-13-2013, 11:47 PM
    Super Moderator
    Sorry about the no Buddy picture! He's been half hiding when I arrive and I tryyy to not have my phone out toooo much when I'm actually working. Next week! :)

    Speaking of Fabs looking more trim, I was kind of looking at that picture him with Lacey right next in her picture and BOY! Those two. If she were his color or he were her color, they would be difficult to tell apart! There are definite differences - he's short-backed, she's not really, he has a straighter shoulder+a postier hind leg, she's unbelievably downhill, he's really uphill, she's wide like a brick, he's not quite as wide...but their toplines and the set of their tails! Just STOP, you two!! Haha
    They have really different ears though = Lacey's ears are the cutest. That's one more reason to love her best! [he has that really straight QH-y type ear, hers sort of "twirl" in at the tips]

    Hahahaha the lesson kid took one look at her as we crested the hill down to the shed [Lacey seems to know when she's supposed to have lessons and takes herself over to the shed to "get ready" Smart girl!] and was like "BUT SHE'S RED?! Why is she so dirty?" I just shrugged and was all like "I don't know, but she'll be cleaner when you're done, right?"
    I'm so mean.
    I diiid help FLK get Lacey cleaned up and I did let her ride in the saddle so she wouldn't get dirty. And at the end of the lesson, we got to write our names in Lacey's butt fur dirt [even if the top looks clean, underneath is always dirty when she gets this bad so writing a name brings all kinds of dirt up to the top+it'll stay until you wipe it away. That was always one of Gman's favorite camp activities around Lacey..along with brushing her because "she needed love" ]. Always a winning activity! Haha

    Poor FLK. Haha
        09-14-2013, 07:01 PM
    Super Moderator
    Guys guys guys. Ok, this is really probably super dumb but it's making me all girly inside:

    Gentleman Friends texted me a little bit ago to say "What's your address? I'm in a letter writing mood."

    Xdaiuhvc903q4bgp49womv[n359phvnog4i8bnv ejbg4uienvmclq;!!

    I told him and he was all "Great :)"

    He's one of those really thoughtful letter writers where letters aren't just letters/"oh, how are you? You're so great. I miss you..blah blah blah"-type things. Gman letters are like Pride and Prejudice letters-letters.
    He wrote me an "Encouragement Note" at camp once...because I basically told him to [], and it was all "I'm excited to be there as you grow as a person, I can't wait to meet 'outside of camp'-you, let's know each other forever, blah, blah, blah". And THAT was 'under duress'!!
    STILL makes me feel awkward and giddy every time I reread it! Haha

    So I'm kind of incredibly nervous and excited to see what he says.

    Hcwbr38fp4ibv4vnpu4vb4bv efqihgp3qel!

    So nervous. So excited.

    AND HAVE I MENTIONED? Getting mail is probably #1 on my very extensive list of "favorites".

    And, to thank you for reading, here's a picture of a spiderweb on my brother's car. He's left his car in our driveway for weeeeeks.

    I hope your weekends are going SO WELL!
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        09-14-2013, 07:39 PM
    Ooooh! I just LOVE good letters like that. Weekends going well. I am at the coast. May I share a couple of photos?

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        09-14-2013, 07:42 PM
    Super Moderator
    Yes yes yes! Coast photos=100% always. :)
        09-14-2013, 07:45 PM

    Stupid ipad doesn't let me know I'm posting upside down.
        09-14-2013, 07:46 PM
    Well, when it home I can post from my PC. Anyway . . . Very "oceany" here.
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