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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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    09-14-2013, 08:49 PM
Green Broke
I don't think its just your Ipad TL my computer posted a bunch of pics in my journal that I KNOW are right side up.....and they ended up sideways or upside down on the thread.....HoFo bug maybe??

But OMG Em that is SO awesome hahahaha im not saying you have to share the letter (obviously its private!) but yes. We need to know if it was so totally awesomely amazing as it should be!
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    09-16-2013, 02:18 AM
Super Moderator
That looks absolutely lovely, Caroline!! Have so much fun. :)

RIGHT, Christy [ie or y?? Haha]!!!!? SO EXCITED. I will for sure share highlights/"the best parts"/whatever is share-appropriate!
I don't even understand how this is happening to me. Like really. I feel so SPECIAL! Haha

Speaking of which, one thing you should know about me is that I am always early for everything. Absolutely never late. Most of the time I schedule to be "reasonably early" but then, thanks to my bumbling Mr. Magoo self, I end up REALLY early.
That happened to me tonight - I planned with the friend I was meeting to meet outside church at 4:30 [neither of us knew where the place we were going was, all we knew was that it was near church. Haha]. However, as luck would have it, I was at church by 4:08.

Soooo I was like "huh. Gman is here...maybe he's free! The worst he can say is 'no'."
So I texted him telling him of my blunder [he thinks it's "the greatest" that I'm always so early] and to find out if he was free.

Turned out he had a full 20 minutes to spend with me. <3
And, a month+ ago, I had lent him 2 National Geographics from my "collection"...and I had forgotten that while he's superduper careful and responsible about caring for things, he's reallllly not the greatest at returning things. So I had decided that, instead of feeling frustrated, I was going to trust him, since he is so responsible with things, and look at it as the NatGeos were "having a field trip" at his house.
Anyway, I showed up today and guess who had brought the magazines, "on a hunch that he might see me"? I guess he "had a feeling that would be weird to explain" that he'd see me. But I know what he means - sounds weird, but I can sort of feel it when I'm not going to see him or when I am...even if I don't know one way of the other for sure. The feeling starts often the day before and it's been right so far. Pretttty weird.
But we've pretty much always had a weird internal connection that I can't really explain and that we both feel.

Bottom line: SO SWEET.

And #2: while we were talking, he started asking me about school [15 more days...] and I was telling him about how I'm going to have to get up at 4:30am to get to my 8am M/W class. He immediately said "You're still going to come to the 6, right?" [meaning the church service I go to: it's called "The Six", he usually goes to the next one - "The Eight"] and I was like "well, if I don't, I won't go to church and I need church..." and he replied "If it's too hard, we'll have to figure something out to make up for this" [meaning our "us time"]

WHAT?! Um, 100% LOVE on the "need" for 'us time'!!
I've been worried in the past that I'm the one pushing this whatever-it-is along and that he's just going along for the ride because he doesn't want to hurt me. Which a totally "him" thing to do since he really has a hard time just saying "NO."
Of course, he's a great avoider so if he didn't want to, he'd likely have all kinds of reasons why he couldn't meet with me on Sunday evenings...but it was so absolutely wonderful to hear him actually state that talking with me, even for just a few minutes each week, was important enough to "make it happen" if it stopped being so easy.

Anyhooooo...I like him a lot. And I'm really excited about where this seems to be going.

And food with my friend, once she got there , went GREAT. I got a "Thin Mint Brownie". It was SO SO SO good. SO good.

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    09-16-2013, 02:43 AM
Your saga reminds me of some kind of Jane Austin novel. The thrills, the chills. The slow motion heartwarming saga ....
It should be told in a proper English accent.
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    09-16-2013, 03:10 AM
Green Broke
You got it right! Y not ie lolol. Omgsh I love hearing about you n gman sooooo cute haha
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    09-16-2013, 07:22 PM
Super Moderator
Somebody got a card today somebody got a card today!

It wasn't anything super deep but it was really sweet - it was a card made by one of "his old ladies" with a picture of a llama on the front [llamas, for whatever reason, are a hilarious inside joke between us] and he basically told me a few stories from his life. It was really sweet.
And he actually asked me questions in I wrote him back. We'll see what happens because I asked him questions in mine. Haha This could be a thing!

And he made it sooooo many colors. Somebody had fun with some crayons. Hahahaha But that's fair, I had tooo much fun with markers on the letter I'm sending him!
For instance:

The whole card is like that, style-wise. HI-larious. See, this is where we really differ - as you can see, he's really rather precise and careful while, as you can see in my drawings, I'm a lot more "heyyyyyy, I messed up that line? Psh, going to scribble around and make it 'right'!" He's WAY more of a perfectionist than I am! Haha

Nothing more to report in terms of horses/goat what-not. However, tonight is going to be their first night in stalls since the spring! Hopefully they all re-take to it well. I think they should but you know.

    09-18-2013, 01:12 AM
Super Moderator
1. Everybody did really really well with being stalled last night! They seem to have settled right into it without a fuss.
Of course, watch me go up there tomorrow and find that Lacey's taken down the shed or some such thing.

2. All the work horses got their hooves trimmed today! I CANNOT believe how much better they all are moving now. I'm SO excited about it.
All the formerly shod guys [Fabs, Buddy, Skippy] were a little "heyyyy, my feet don't feel great" as the day wore on today but that's sort of to be a bit expected - all 3 of them had at least an 1/2inch+ of extra hoof taken off, on top of the shoe removal! I expect that they'll toughen up fast - all of them are breeds with traditionally "good" feet [Arab, draft, TWH] but I felt sorta bad for them today. And their soles/frogs were untouched so I'm pretty sure it's a matter of circulation - they've been in shoes for over a year with a terrrrible farrier.
Luckily for them, they have an easy day tomorrow!

But yeah, they were all moving SO much more freely and comfortably [except for Tazzy, but all that standing on 3 legs stuff is harrrrrd on the poor guy. He was 3-legged lame after the trimmer got done, just from the exertion :((((( he was able to walk it off and I gave him some pain stuff, but POOR GUY!] post-trim! I couldn't hardly believe it.
I knew I could 'feel' pain/discomfort from them but I really didn't realize how much. It was kind of crazy.
Even Buddy was wanting to walk at a normal pace, vs his normal toe-dragging "can I stop now PLEASE"-pace.

And, in weird life developments, Work Creep and I seem to be developing a real friendship! Of course...he's still a litttttle creepy about it [one comment today, I have these pants with metal studs across the top of the patootie pockets, was "you're missing a stud!" because one stud is missing...but sir, WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY BUTT.] but otherwise we had a really nice discussion today.
I gave him tips about things ladies like [I figured that it's the least I can do to help him find a nice lady HIS OWN AGE by giving him a few tips on being suave] and told him all kinds of Gentleman Friend stories.
Away, whew! Dodged that bullet.
And I really enjoy having guy friends, especially ones who remind me of my brother, so bonus points!!

And dear ol' Fabs got to wear my coat.
Preppin' for the winter, ya'll!

It was the funniest. I'm pretty sure I snorted. Fabio was trying to lift his ears to listen to stuff but kept getting so mad at the coat= quickly alternating between pricked+fully pinned ears. Hysterical.

[and Gentleman Friend shoulllld get my letter tomorrow, if how fast I got his was any indication - he sent it late on Saturday(4pm postmark), I got it on Monday (9am is when my mail always comes/leaves). I sent mine early this morning and I don't think they ship mail on Sundays so past record=tomorrow, maybe. DundunDUN!]

That's all for now!
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    09-18-2013, 01:17 AM
Green Broke
Omg Fabs face...just priceless! Woooh bet they were all super happy with their pedicures!
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    09-18-2013, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by Wallaby    
And dear ol' Fabs got to wear my coat.
Preppin' for the winter, ya'll!

It was the funniest. I'm pretty sure I snorted. Fabio was trying to lift his ears to listen to stuff but kept getting so mad at the coat= quickly alternating between pricked+fully pinned ears. Hysterical.

OMG HIS FACE LOL! That is too funny!!!

As for the stud thing.. guys.. *sigh* lol
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    09-23-2013, 04:53 PM
Super Moderator
Haven't updated in a while! No one panic, I'm still alive...or as alive as can be expected.

Absolutely nothing exciting has happened. Nothing really disappointing either, but nothing exciting.

For starters, work last week was all "ehhh". Now that we're on "Winter Schedule" there's a whole lot less time for working with/'training' Fabs=disappointment. We've been using him in sessions quite a bit though and he's been doing really well.
The other horses are kinda making me want to slap myself though. Actually, just mostly Skippy. He doesn't respect me AT ALL when there's a kid on his back. He'll be great before the addition of a kid but as soon as a kid gets on his back everything goes to pieces. He's even good when Work Creep/a volunteer is on his back and I try to lead them around...just not when a kid is on his back.
Basically he "forgets" how to stop and drags me for a few steps every time I have to halt him. I've been trying to work on it a bit with the more capable riders where I have him back up a few steps every time we stop...but he's also really heavy to back up. He only really seems to understand the Parelli version of back up [that lead rope wiggling yadda] so he's all "nose pressure=back up? Say whhaaaaat?"
Correction: don't want to slap myself, want to slap SKIPPY!!
But we're working on it. We'll get there...I hope!

Gentleman Friend:
It seemed as though we were heading somewhere...and then suddenly he's gone all standoffish again.
He got my letter on Thursday and it was "the best ever :):)".
I'm not sure if he wrote back - he didn't say he did and I don't want to ask if he was going to, for fear of making him feel like he "should" write back. We'll see, I guess!

Anyway, I told him some story around no response. He must have remembered he hadn't texted me back when he woke up the next morning at 5:30A-freaking-M, thought he should text me back, and texted me back, ON MY BIRTHDAY, to say "haha :)". At 5:30AM. Yeah. Greattttt start to my birthday. [once my phone goes off in the morning, there's no hope for me to go back to sleep] And he didn't even say happy birthday in that text. Hmph.

Then, later, he wrote on my FB wall for my birthday and said "Have a marvelous birthday, Friend :):)"
1. Is my name now "Friend"? Why is that capitalized?? Haha
2. Are smileys punctuation now? What do allll these double and triple smileys MEAN?

[in interesting news, both his best friends wrote on my FB wall for my birthday too - interesting mostly because I NEVER tell friends of friends "happy birthday"...but we are talking about literally the nicest people in the world so.... in any case, I felt like "one of the team"! Haha]

And then, to top it all off, last night he told me he'd come see me for a second before church, like he always does...then never showed up. It turned out that some kid had gotten injured enough to need stitches and things had just gone insane with the kids [and since he's the one 'in charge'...] but him just not showing up was a bit hurtful. It would have been better if he had just shot me a text saying "not going to make it" and then explained later, or whatever.

Anyway, he texted me after church and was really apologetic but you know.
I did tell him that it had hurt my feelings but that I understood that he was doing his job and he was all "I didn't mean to hurt you at all" along with some other stuff, and apologized again, so I basically told him that our friendship is important to me and that while I might get hurt, we're not going to stop being friends because I get mad or something...and he texted me back "thanks"......
At least I was honest? Seriously, who says just "thanks" to something like that. Whatever.
I'm sure I'm taking it a bit more seriously than he means it, but that's a just frustrating response!

Humph. Whatever.
Maybe he's as confused as I am. That's the only way I can logically explain this whole *waves hands around* thing.
The other explanation would be that he knows I like him and he doesn't feel the same way. If that were the case though, I don't think we'd be having Sundays and I don't think he'd be texting me ever and he certainly wouldn't have sent me that card. I've seen him around girls that he knows like him and who he doesn't feel the same way for and he's prettttty much the king of avoidance. I have literally seen him RUN from a girl, to get away before she saw him.

Who knows WHAT is happening. I'm going to try to leave it alone for a couple of days, give him some space, see what happens. Introverts need space and he's super introverted.
I forget that while I like contacting people, I don't necessarily like them contacting me 'constantly' AND I know that Gman and I are very similar on this front [this is one area where I'm not sure we could "work"...I mean, we DO understand each other's need for space..but are we compatible "need-for-companionship"-wise??].
I've been doing an awful lot of Gman contacting lately...survey says: stop for a few days.

And for your patience, here are some pictures. :)

Fabs from last week!

An ADORABLE baby Pygmy Goat at the feedstore.

Miss Lacey.

Captain Breakout.
"But they NEEDED my help clearing these blackberry branches!"

I hope you guys have all been super well!!!
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    09-23-2013, 05:10 PM
Green Broke
Oh man. So much confusion lolol I have NO advise for you and Gentleman friend. I can't even keep the guys in my life straight! Hopefully things clear up soon!

But um yes. Atti definitely needs a pygmy friend maybe then he wont break out so much!

Lacey and Fabs look GORGEOUS! Btw
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