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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        10-07-2013, 04:56 PM
    Super Moderator
    Y'all! Long time "no see"! Or at least it feels like that.

    1. Lacey's leg is doing SO SO SO much better. She's not gimping hardly at all!
    It's still not 'normal' on tight turns to that side and whatnot but at least she's on the upside. That's all that matters to me. She can have a perma-gimp if she wants, she can be a gangster. Anyway, she's comfortable again without any kind of pain meds [pain stuff for this leg thing makes her go way too hard on it and make it 20 billion times worse].
    So THAT's a relief!!

    2. Job: I don't know what's happening. My boss texted me last week sometime and was all "oh yeah, so I don't need you to come in on Tuesday [the only day I've been working], we'll talk next week."
    Aggravating. I'm doing exactly what she wants me to do, in a happy way, leaving the aggravation at the door, and she still doesn't seem happy. Driving me NUTS.
    However, character building time!! I will be a better person for this, just doesn't feel like it right now.

    3. Gentleman Friend: bksvbsvbwihvwbvs! Things are going swimmingly.
    That kid is SO sweet.
    Last night at church he seriously SKIPPED prayer-time before the kids showed up [technically he started the prayer, since that's his job, then LEFT] to come see me. Boy, do I feel SPECIAL! Haha Prayer-time is kinda a huge deal. You don't just skip that.
    And, ever since that 'incident' of not showing up to see me and not letting me know he wasn't going to show up, he's been texting me to let me know what he's doing and how long it should take until he comes up to see me, if it's more than about 10 minutes between when I texted him saying I'm there and when he'll be up to see me.
    I think his lady-bestie is giving him pointers or something because I didn't say anything at all about how him not telling me he wasn't coming was the real 'issue' before. I just said my feelings were hurt somewhat and left it at that. Of course, kudos to him, he might have figured that out on his own...but I don't think guys think like that? Or maybe HE does, after all, he does overthink like I do.

    In any case, this is what I'm saying. He has a SERIOUS aptitude for negotiating the mine field that is me. It kind of scares me. Haha I wonder if I do the same thing to him without knowing it...? Oh geez. Haha

    And he's moving downtown in about a month - he brought up "hanging out ALL the time" again last night. Hmmm, Gman, are you excited? I'm excited. Haha

    4. Hazel: she almost killed herself Saturday night!!
    She got caught up in the fence on her way back from visiting the llamas - one back leg had hooked into one of the metal squares in the fence at such a height that she was STUCK.
    I'm so impressed with her - she would have gotten BADLY injured if she had struggled, but did she struggle?
    Not a lick. She waited patiently for me to come remove her, which I did at around 6pm when I found her - who knows how long she had been stuck for!!
    Her leg was VERY asleep and she was hardly using it for a bit but she walked it off and she's totally fine now. Possibly a little stiffer in the hindend on that side but there's daily improvement. I've been giving her MSM everyday to ease any inflammation and encourage her to heal well.

    Now Hazel, stay OUT of that fence.

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        10-08-2013, 12:08 AM
    Green Broke
    Poor hazel! Oh man those moments of seeing stuck animals are panic inducing eh? My cows have gotten into so many bad situations and come out scott free (with a good deal of stress/sweat/swearing/scratches and blisters on the saviors part lol) its mind boggling. Glad she's okay though!

    Job front- don't worry too much about it. Maybe yall just need to have a sit down talk and really hash out what your views/her views and plans are. Maybe its just a miscommunication or just lack of communication in general.
    But ooh guuuuurl. Love your stories with GF. They make my day ;D
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        10-08-2013, 05:28 PM
    Super Moderator
    For real, Christy!!
    I've tried just talking to my boss about but she starts doing that half-hearted "it's fine" thing..from what I can surmise, the "issue" seems to realllly be that even though I'm doing the actions she wants, I'm not being a "cookie-cutter" human. For instance, using a crop as my "carrot stick" vs the actual giant stick. The horses don't care, I'm using it "correctly", the horses respond how they're supposed to, the lady who trained me in these methods even actually used a "mini-carrot-stick" while training me in these methods...which was literally an orange crop [but the Parelli's sent it to her! *collective 'ooooooh'*], but this is a crop that wasn't sent from the Parellis and it's black. Obviously it can't work. >.<
    It's just little stuff like that.
    I love this job but this is driving me up a wall.
    Next week I'll try it her way though. I just find the 'real' stick to be much too long and too heavy for real precision.
    I feel like she wants me to handle these horses...but not handle them well. She probably doesn't mean it like that but that's the impression I get. For me, that's probably the worst thing in the world. Horses are my area of expertise and here's someone who seems to be telling me to half-*bleep* something I love to do and am actually possibly mildly skilled in......

    Maybe I need to find a polite and respectful way to share that^ with her. I don't know. Half the time she acts like she's really open to hearing what I have to say but the other half of the time she comes across as really unwilling to hear what I say, then hears whatever I say however she wants to hear it [like during my interview, I told her that I didn't have much of a groundwork background, which is true in the sense that I don't do a lot of groundwork myself and I've never been 'taught' by anyone about groundwork. I have read a ton about groundwork and the ideas behind it...but that wouldn't have been presenting myself accurately, had I presented myself as skilled at groundwork via book-learning.
    However, now, whenever I have any ideas about groundwork, or things to try on the ground, or the body language of the horses, she says "but you don't have experience with groundwork..." and dismisses my idea/thoughts. Since when is body language 'groundwork'...?]. Anyway, I'm just afraid of saying anything that'll add to her apparent impression of my incompetency.
    Everybody else who I've worked with there is in my corner and I'm always hearing things like "the horses really go better for you than the other handlers..." or "____[handler] had a rough day yesterday and ____[horse] is doing the same thing to you, but it's not translating back this time"...that sort of thing.

    Anyway, who knows. It'll be ok though, I'm sure. I adore this job with all my heart and I'm sure it'll be a stepping stone to something greater one day. Trying hard not to worry about it too much!

    Only other though: Animal trainer "squee"!!

    I've been working with Atti on teaching him to "shake hands" and so far we were still in the "luring" stage where I had to cue him, then pick up his leg, and praise him.
    [oh, Caroline, by the way, your advice about using a lower hand signal was PERFECT. I've kept "back up" as it was, but shifted "bye-bye" to waving from about hip-level (his eye level) and the confusion between cues is 85% gone! He stills waves sometimes after he's done backing up, but that's more to do with the order I used to drill the tricks in, I think...]

    I cued him to shake hands and kept my hand out for a few seconds to give him the option of trying it himself [when you train like that, it's REALLY hard for them the first few times you don't "help"] and, after looking at my hand and sniffing it thoroughly, he put his leg on my hand ALL BY HIMSELF like I wanted!!

    I only asked him to shake hands once more with the "hard" leg [he's very "right handed" so I'm trying to make "shake hands" be either leg - left leg is HARD for him] and I had to lure him, but still! I got one correct trick! It seems like as soon as he does it on his own once, then he flies to perfecting the trick. So I'm not worried.

    And, on a similar note, we started a new trick today...totally unintentionally!
    I was putting out fresh bedding in Lacey's stall and he was hanging out with me, as per his usual. I usually pile it all in the center of the stall, then spread it, and usually he likes to stand on the pile and sniff the bedding.
    Today he actually pawed at the bedding and I caught him right at the second he did it with a "GOOD BOY!" He seriously LIT UP like a Christmas tree [like as soon as I said those words, he made direct eye contact with me and started doing it more emphatically!!], then started pawing and head butting the pile. And he actually spread it around the stall for me, surprisingly thoroughly!
    So now that one is called "Can you help?" He LOVES it. It still needs a little work but he thought it was fun AND he was being praised for having fun=the most internally rewarding trick evvvvver!

    They say the first trick is the hardest and after that things start coming fast. Boy, are "they" right!! Haha

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        10-10-2013, 12:43 AM
    Green Broke
    No pictures?! Ohmygosh. Haha I think a video of Attis newest "trick" is a mussssst. Lol
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        10-10-2013, 05:38 PM
    Super Moderator
    I know, I know. The pictures have been lacking!! I have a number of them for today though!
    A video of him doing it will come soon! I put bedding in her stall every week+half or so though and I don't want to waste bedding to take a video. Maybe he'll do it if I pile up all her stall's current bedding...I'll give that a try tonight!!

    On the Lacey front: took her for a ride today and OH BOY.
    1. She was hot hot hot! Oh dear, I nearly fell off like 3 times thanks to giant spooks. Luckily she stopped spooking each time right at the point where I lost my balance but MAN. There were bolt-forward-spooks, side-spooks, screeching-on-the-brakes-spooks...she went for it alllll. And, silly me, I expected her to be rather low key = who was riding in a rope halter with a single lead rope rein? Oh yeah, me.
    Luckily she took care of me and I didn't die. AND she calmed down by the end. The beginning was the rough part, then she got into "work-mode" and settled.
    Of course, she hasn't been out on the trails since........late August?? So I probably should have expected her to be feeling it.

    2. There was a point where she was just not wanting to walk, so I made her full stop until she stopping sassing me so much. Then I was like "oh! We're about to get to a nice trotting hill/switch-back! I could reward her for standing so well by asking her to trot!"
    Um, yeah. She definitely went directly for the canter and my "um, we are going to die if you canter those turns!" cues translated into Arab-speak as "I think you should rate yourself like a barrel horse and switch leads around each corner, like a professional!!"

    She is tooo funny. I had absolutely no clue she could even do those things at all! She was cantering so slowly around each turn, it was like a freakin' slo-mo situation!

    She came directly back to me after that and walked very quietly until I let her run I guess that works.
    She's 28! Since when can 28 year old, seriously out of shape, horses SWITCH LEADS? How is she so darn athletic!?

    Anyway, that was fun.

    And here's a lil video from right before she started sassing me [at the end, when I asked her to stop, that terrible stop was indicative of things to come haha].

    Annnd while were were stopped, prior to our grand 'adventure'. Haha

    And a variety of pictures from other days...

    And some random sunsets!

    Nothing much to report on the Gman front.
    We did talk a whole lot yesterday though! Or, more specifically, I had 2 stories to tell him and each story ended up turning into text conversations that pretty nearly spanned the whole day. AND, silly part, he 'liked' both of my Facebook statuses yesterday which he usually doesn't do when we've talked a lot in a day.. Maybe I was just that much more hilarious than usual yesterday.

    Funny story: he's apparently going to have a cat in the future and it's going to play with his future dogs...which, according to a 2-years-ago-him, "would never ever happen since cats are the worst". And I have a cat which, according to him a few weeks ago, he "wants to have"............hmm. Well, buddy, you aren't getting my cat without me!

    Anyhoo, that's all for today!
        10-11-2013, 02:01 AM
    Super Moderator
    2 more today thoughts.

    1. You know how, a while back, I was talking about how adorable it was that Work Creep liked things his lady friend likes, because he likes her? And how I was all "SO CUTE, my life is the opposite of that."
    Um. A) Gman literally hated cats and now he "loves" my cat. B) Gman is now all about nature and animals [specifically horses, goats, llamas/alpacas, cats, and dogs] and MacGyvering stuff on hand into other stuff...and when I met him, he was all "I'm such a city boy! I'm the opposite of handy! Blahblahblah" [he's still not "handy"...but he tries hard to help and he's a good helper = basically as good. Too many handy people working on one thing=a mess] C) Glitter. Glitter is great. And someone, unnamed , used to despise glitter but now "loves it". D) Unicorns.

    Conclusion: perhaps I should work on actually SEEING what I have with my eyes, instead of assuming the worst about myself and my friends. And perhaps I am lucky enough to have someone in my life who likes things that I like, just because I like them...

    2. The goatie-goats got new collars! Well, they got new collars and I added ribbon to them.
    [sorry, Christy! I ran out of time to try to see if Atti would do his trick - tomorrow!!]
    I've had these collars sitting around for a while and I just hadn't yet gotten to attaching the ribbon. Today I finally did.
    Bummer fact though: I think Atti grew since I tested what size he needed because this one seems awfully tight [already as big as it'll go]... Maybe it'll stretch. Luckily I have plenty more of that ribbon so I can always get a bigger collar for him and still use that ribbon, if it's needed.

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        10-11-2013, 11:12 PM
    Super Moderator
    I tried to take a video of Atti's new bedding kicking trick for Roperchick. He refused. Well, really he wasn't sure what I was asking. You can see him thinking about it but I think I needed to praise him for sniffing the bedding or something, to get him to actually try.

    However, I thought you guys might appreciate the extreme levels of sass on display from Lacey and Atti. Such big personalities. Hahaha

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        10-11-2013, 11:18 PM
    Green Broke
    I'm just. So honored. That I got a personal video on my FB wall of Mr. Sassypants!

    Hahaha made my day! He's such a turd lol
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        10-12-2013, 12:06 PM
    Green Broke
    Hi Wallaby - your landscape shots (on Oct 10th post) are perfection!
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        10-13-2013, 12:23 AM
    Green Broke
    That's hilarious. Boy children are that way, never brag on them- they rebel!
    Posted via Mobile Device
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