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post #701 of 1967 Old 11-05-2013, 10:42 PM
Green Broke
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O.o man oh man I hope you can get fabs! That would be so awesome for you and he would fit RIGHT in with your gang!

*Insert something witty*
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Thanks Cherrij! [is your name Cherri? Can I call you Cherri? haha] I hope I can get him too!!
Aw, I'm glad you like how I write! I just pretend like you guys are friends that I'm talking to in person. Which you are friends...that I'm talking to in type!

RIGHT, Christy??!! I so hope too!!

It would be mildly freaky though if Fabs were to become mine. Not in a "I don't want him to be my horse" way cuz I LOVE that horse, he's one I'll remember always no matter what...but in a "this is a whole lot of redundant redundancy!"-way, since I named a camp horse Fabio back in the day, Gman+I called said camp horse "Fabs", camp-Fabs was "Gman's horse" forward 2.5 years, I work at this place that was basically like camp with fewer horses+cooler kids, meet this wonderful male-Lacey named Fabio, call him Fabs, get fired, then buy/take Fabs?

Mind blown.
That would be crazzzzzy. In the best possible way...but still a little nuts However, that's basically my life in a nutshell: "just a little nutty". HA. PUN.

Also, I think I'm on the brink of coming down with the if this gets really weird and nonsensical, I'm sorry. haha

Today was kind of a bummer:
- due to non-Daylight-Savings Time, I fed in the dark both AM+PM. So I've petted my animals but have not really seen them at all today. :( :( Plus side: a Great Horned Owl serenaded me and the kiddos during their breakfast today!
- Lacey got chilled during the day so she was being Leader of Team Nutty. >.< She gets really spooky and dangerous when she's chilled. It's my least favorite. However, I guess at least I know this about her and know to be really careful when it's rainy and cold. Got her all warmed back up with a fluffy dry blanket and she was fine. :)
- the whole "feeling like the flu" thing
- literally came about a foot away from breaking both my legs today. I was walking down to the train, was walking in a crosswalk, had a driver not see me [not sure WHAT they were doing] until they were RIGHT there, they screeched on the brakes, and I survived. But my goodness.

Plus side to all that: I AM HOME. I AM IN BED. I AM ALIVE. It's wonderful. Things could be MUCH worse!!

Gman sent me this meme today and I practically cried I was laughing so hard. I'm going to show you guys since you'll probably laugh too. It hits on all my favorites: grammar [admittedly something I am terrible at...but grammar jokes=hiiiilarious], cats, llamas/alpacas, hipsters, puns...basically everything I love about the world.
That kid gets me.

Yesterday presented me with a nice leaf.

Today, a drawing of a lion. With balloons.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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" A Panda comes in a pub, orders a sandwich, eats it and then gets up from it's seat, shoots the people in the bar and walks out, with the bartender staring in disbelief. When Panda is at the door, the bartender asks: "Why did you do that?" Panda replies: "Did you not know? Panda eats, shoots and leaves..."

You can call me whatever is easier for you.. this was a nickname for one place, that went wrong (spelling wise) but stayed unique.
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Haha! That was a good one, Cherri!!
I do loooove the name Cherri so Cherri you shall be! haha ;)

Luckily, I did not get the flu.
However, I've been feeling really "meh". Just all over doubting myself, doubting my know the drill. So that's not particularly fun. I WISH I could go ride but I forgot to schedule with the hoof trimmer in a timely manner so poor Lace's hooves are SUPER long [for her! haha aka 'normal' for the average horse] and she's obviously feeling it. She's been so grumpy for the last few weeks. :( The trimmer is coming on Tuesday so yay for that!
I would just trim them myself, but I'm exhausted+I only have a rasp [they're to the point where they need nippers] and with how grumpy she's feeling, I'm not sure how long she would put up with me for. Boooo.

How do non-horse people deal with being bummed, without riding??! Those poor saps. haha

Anyway, I'm pulling myself up by my bootstraps. haha Tomorrow afternoon I plan to go spend some quality time with Miss Lacey. Even though it won't be riding, I haven't brushed her myself or groomed her mane/tail in forevvvver. I'm sure she would like that attention. She's such a sweetheart, the ideal horse for a wreck of a human being like me. hahaha
I'm sure she thinks she mom's me. And she really basically does. haha

I don't even understand how she never got bred...she would be the besssst mom ever. Of course, conformationally, I'm glad she was never bred...but that doesn't stop her from mom-ing EVERYTHING she touches.

Enough with my moping and TO THE PICTURE-MOBILE!!

Yesterday, a snail decided to be in Lacey's water trough... Strange. haha

A break in the storm last night. :)

My deer friend, Baby Girl, came back last night! I saw her maybe once or twice over the summer...but she's back now [she was in the pasture this evening too!]! And SO grown up.


"Hey, I taught Hazel a trick!!"


"He taught me nothing."


Lacey: "NO. It is DINNER TIME."

"Hey Hazel! Wanna play?"

"No??! But I think you do!"

"SEE? You LOVE this."

"Goats, man. I LIVE with these things. And you wonder why I'm grumpy? Come. On."

*grumpy mare face*
[you can see Hazel's fluff down in the very bottom on the picture...this is as bossy as Lacey gets. hahaha]

And a drawing from today!
Balloons grow on trees. And deer love balloons. ;)

That's all! I hope you guys are doing GREAT!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Double post.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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Green Broke
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Attu better watch out. Hazels a sassy old lady and she may just turn and whoop his butt when he lesast suspects it.

aaaw man those dry runs of no horse time are THE WORST huh. keep your chin up itll come soon enough!

(ps Lacey looks quite fuzzy lol)
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*Insert something witty*
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Right, Christy? Atti better watch himself!! I don't think Hazel would try to whoop him though...he weighs at least 60lbs more than her and she's very protective of her horns so she rarely butts...HOWEVER, she is sneaky as all get out so she'll outsmart/sneak him about something one of these days!
Agreeed, no horse time is definitely the worst. we'll make it..maybe! :)
Lacey IS quite fuzzy! She's convinced we live in the Arctic Circle. I have never met a horse that grows as much fluff as she does...and she's only about half-way compared to what she'll be by January!! I looove my fluffy pony. Fluff-pony hugs = best hugs. She's like a white, impatient, teddy bear. haha
[my theory is that it has something to do with her sight since hours of light has a lot to do with how much hair they grow, or not]

So. What has occurred since Friday?

1. I took my sewing machine to the sewing machine place to be FINALLY FIXED!! I'm so excited. I've been using my mom's machine for all my projects cuz mine was angry..and MINE IS BEING FIXED! I'm so excited. It's kind of my baby.
I got it at Salvation Army for $20, on a half-off day. It's 'vintage' 1968, Kenmore, and the most top of the line one they were selling at the time!! And you know me, I loooove vintage anything. It'll monogram, embroider little designs, AND sew normally! And it still even has the manual, all the feet, and basically the entire kit+kaboodle it was sold with! FOR $20!!!!!!!
But it REALLY needed to be professionally cleaned and therefore wasn't much good for sewing. But now it's getting cleaned [the shop had to call in their elderly, retired, 'consultant' to clean it because none of the young people at the shop knew what to do with it!!] and I'm so stoked.

Brace yourselves for SO MANY sewing projects.

2. I saw Gman last night at church and that was great.
I realized something interesting, post-that^, today: the power of knowing someone believes in and supports you 100%, no matter what you chose to do, and has every bit of faith that you'll always make the right choice in any given situation. AND is pretty darn sure you'll be amazing at whatever you do. I've never had anyone who's supported me that fully before and just the truth of knowing I have that kind of support is SO empowering!
Even just on a friend-level, that's really kind of the greatest.
And I love that he's in my life, giving me that kind of support...cuz BOY do I need it! haha

And he told me last night that "he appreciates my intentional-ness". Not sure what that means but OK! You know me, good ol' intentional Emily! I thiiiink being intentional is a pretty big compliment? haha

And today I got my haircut significantly [it was real long, now it's a short lil' bob!], posted about it on Facebook, he 'liked' that status, then later -on that same status- I posted a picture of said new hair and he 'liked' that nearly as soon as I posted it!
That made me pretty happy since I was a littttle nervous about what he would think - he's never known me when I had anything shorter than shoulder-length hair and I know he likes my hair [he has a 'thing' for redheads...not that he would ever TELL me that, but he's not at all covert about it. haha].. Of course, not like it realllly matters but I was still a little "I'm going to do this...but I hope it doesn't make him sad!"
And he nevvvvvver 'likes' comments, so the fact he did: me =

I can't wait to hear what he has to say when he actually sees it! haha He's quite complimentary, we might get something juicy.

Saw his dad at church last night too, talked to him briefly. Makinnnnnn' tracks.

Other fun fact: I applied to start being a greeter at church before the service. I'm so excited about that! So nervous too, but excited. I'm really introverted but I love meeting people so I'm going for it. SEE? This is the kind of life change 100% support creates, I would NEVER had even considered this a few months ago...WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME?! I'm suddenly on a "becoming a better person" kick, which I love, but whoa. Slow down, turbo. And I got my hair all cut off? I haven't had short hair in over 6 years...

3. Lacey and Hazel are getting their hooves trimmed tomorrow! I can't wait. They're gonna be happy to have them done!
And then, once Lacey's hooves are done, maybe we'll go for a ride on Thursday! That would be ideal.

Picture time!!

Oh yes, the buck deer are in rut so brace yourselves for the next few months of buck deer pictures evvvvverywhere. AND I just love photographing deer sooooo...good luck guys.

Saturday night.
"Paparazzi! RUN!"

Queen of Fluff herself.

LOVE this picture of Hazel. LOVE. IT.

Mr. Deer again, in better light on Sunday morning.


And that is all!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Oh, and I guess I can't tell you guys that I got my hair cut a lot and not post a picture, right?

Crazy face=me, normal person=my cousin!

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I love your hair!
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when you get bummed enough, maybe you'll start writing and illustrating (with your photos and drawings) the book I've been telling you to write;

The Adventures of Miss Sassypants and Company.

or, just

Miss Sassypants
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