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Thanks a bunch, paintsrule! I'm still getting used to it - every time I look in a mirror, I'm all "WAIT. Who IS that??!" But I really like it a lot! It's super fun.

Haha, for sure, Caroline! One of these days I just need to start. Bummed or not! haha :) The bookstores of the world need "Sassypants" on their shelves!!

It was another day of doing AM/PM feedings in the dark. It's SUPER weird to not see-see Lacey/the G's but be around them. I have little battery-powered lamps I use but the shed doesn't have electricity so illumination beyond "oh there's a goat-shape, there's Lacey's shape" doesn't really happen.
I try to think about it being good 'feel' practice since I'm intensely visual and often end up relying on my eyes a litttttle tooooo much.

I've also noticed that the deer are REALLY 'tame' when it's dark out. This evening I was able to walk through [ok, ok, bumble through - I didn't see them until I was in the middle] a 'herd' of 5 deer...and the deer could have cared less. They were grazing all around me, as I walked through the middle of them with poor Hazel glued to my hip ["SAVE ME, MOM!!"]. It was really neat.
I love those deer. They know me. When I bring guests, they are 'suddenly' oh so wild again and will run at the slightest provocation...but they're, for the most part [there are a few skittish individuals, mostly the older ladies], really relaxed when it's just me. Maybe they're influenced by how they see the goats+Lacey react to me on a daily basis...

So that was cool.
And no one worry, I have no plans of petting a deer or doing anything "dumb". I'm perrrrfectly happy giving them their space. It's just nice that they are so relaxed even when I do my accident-ridden bumbling thing - I hate it when an animal is afraid or hurt by something I was involved in.

Oh! Yesterday the ladies, Lacey and Hazel, got their hooves done. They're both feeling a lot better now!

Last night I also decided to work a little with Lacey on her groundwork skilllllz. We just did a little yielding back and forth, her shoulders then her rear. I absolutely never do anything like that with her, so she was looking at me like I had grown a new head.
She really did pretty well though, actually WAY better than any of those horses at that therapy barn ever did...and they were asked to do those things regularly! I was really quite impressed with her.
I can genuinely say that, in the 5 years I've had her, I've never asked her to yield her shoulders to me...until last night. And who immediately gave her shoulders as soon as I asked? LACEY!
She is too good. :)

Her right, mostly-if not 100% blind, side was understandably MUCH harder to move around than her left side. She was quite willing on her left side which is the side she can see more out on. I need to come up with a method for her right side...on her left side, it was pretty obvious that she was using visual cues to move [I was touching her shoulder with one hand and had the other hand up by her eye, while clucking].
In terms of motivation, she is first movement/visually oriented, then sound, and THEN touch. Touch, aside from grooming, is not her favorite. Touch in the context of training seems to mean, to her, quite negative things. So a touch-cue is not something she's immediately comfy with. I do use some touch cues with her but everything is vocal first, then touch as a back up.
Hilariously, she is SO word-oriented, I discovered that she has associated "excuse me" with yeilding her hindquarters. Why? Becuase every morning, as I clean her stall, she eats with her head in the corner feeder and I move her butt back and forth while I clean, each time saying "excuse me" and touching her with a finger in the direction I want her to go. She is too good.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow we'll work on sticking that forehand yielding to a word. Cuz while it's not necessary, it WOULD be nice to have. A horse can never be trained toooo well, right? haha


Random. Yesterday I pulled out this old board game I used to play with my grandma [it is literally the funnest..and the most unfortunately named! haha] and Booth, my kitty, "wanted" to play. He actually ended up being pretty good! The goal is to pull out as many pegs as possible without making the spring move and once he figured out that those pegs would come out if he pulled on them with his teeth..oh boy, there was no stopping him.
All my animals are crazy.

Sunset this evening.

Today's drawing!
Harry Potter-inspired, the snake's patronus is a pig.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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I am oh so confused right now. I just posted this big long post+HoFo says I'm the last poster..but my post has disappeared for me. Can you guys see it??

And look at me go, I'm making SURE to double-post.

Edit: HAH. Something called a next page. Emily is a geniusssss tonight. This is why you guys love me, right? HA.
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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No you're not crazy, I was wondering about that earlier! It wouldn't let me go to this last page to see the post, so I couldn't see it till your second post :) don't feel bad lol
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So glad to hear I'm not nuts, amp! I was seriously questioning evvverything for a minute or two.

1. random life 'event': I always have these weird things happen to me while I ride the train to/from school/church and I like to share the best stories with my Facebook friends. ANYWAY, they've all been absolutely clamoring for me to start a blog pertaining to these stories, become famous, and write a book about them [Gman thinks I was invented to write books. haha]. Basically I finally broke down and started a blog.
I'm not sure if I can post a link here but if you go to and search "thejoyoftrimet", and see a blog with 3 posts [right now] that are the way I found me! haha
I have SO MANY stories [over 30 from 2011 to January 2013 - I've been methodically plowing through my FB posts to find them allll and have only just made it into this year! haha] to add to it but I think I'm going to stick with 1 a day for a while. Get people interested and all that.
Anyway, if you want to laugh, go find that action.
According to Gman: "The next big thing is here"

2. Gman's first words upon seeing my hair: "YOUR HAIR! It's so short! I love it! Do YOU love it??"

3. Lacey+her Saturday Lesson Kid played "Horse Broom-Ball"/"Horse Hockey" on Saturday! Lacey is a gem.
This kid literally cannnnnot focus unless I'm directly her every single second and, after teaching her for 3 years, I've finally figured out that she does A LOT better if every 'lesson' is a game. Otherwise Lacey gets frustrated, I get frustrated, SLK gets's just not good. So I've been trying to come up with games that encourage her to ride 'correctly'/effectively, but give her something to 'do'.
And this week was the introduction of Horse Broom-Ball! It was pretty "hard" at first, but she was catching on by the end.
And Lacey, of course, was an absolute gem. She wasn't phased by the broom, at all. SLK even accidentally whacked her in a variety of areas -including her rump- with the broom and Lacey was just like "oh, ok." I've never done more than simply sweep Lacey's stall with that broom so she had nooooo context for it, but she still was a champ.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I loved that game! And "Stratego"' , Clue, Game of Life, Monopoly and. .?
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That's so awesome, Caroline!! It's one of my all time favorites too. My grandma, who was probably one of the most special people ever to me, used to play it with me alllll the time as a kid. I'd go over to her house and, as we planned out our activities for my visit, we ALWAYS planned some time for Booby Trap. :) [she always let me cheat SO BAD...haha]
I love older games - I have one of the older versions of Monopoly [the one without "job/house cards" and with 1950's style cars] too! I can't wait to, one day, introduce kids of mine to these games

Lacey was being such a huge jerk today... BOO.
I think at some point she determined that she has the 'upper hand' when it's dark out and she definitellllllly acted that one out this evening. She was being all pushy as I tried to take her down to her stall [I guess I need to start having a little string or something with me all the time because sometimes she's great about coming along sans coercion...and sometimes she's all "Naw, girl. Naw."], I corrected her, we got almost all the way down to the shed, I let go of her mane thinking she'd just walk into her stall. HAH.
Heck no. She turned tail and went bucking allllll the way back up to the front gate.

Good one, Lacey. >.<
So I grabbed her halter+lead rope from the shed, went and grabbed her, then proceeded to lunge her just a bit [just some fast directions chnges to get her 'back'], until she was being a litttttle bit more "yes, ma'am" about things. I don't mind her being sassy but when she's straight 'insubordinate' [not that horses can really be that way, but she KNEW it was stall-time and she KNEW she was supposed to go into her stall...not go bucking all over kingdom come...she kneeew what she was doing. ]...not my favorite.
Anyhoo, she was rather shocked that she could get in trouble in the dark!

But she calmed herself right down and much politer asap.
Anyway, that was a huge pain in the neck. That horse. She's so good most of the time and picks the most inconvenient times to act up! haha

Also, I went to the zoo yesterday! I actually went with someone I met on here, "Riccil0ve" is/was her username. She lives in Washington and came down to visit some friends, and asked me if we could go to the zoo together! So we did.
She also visited Lacey+the Goats. She actually visited us once last spring as well and met Lacey+etc then for the first time.

Anyway, zoo pictures!

Lizard...thing. hah

Lady lion!

The unhappiest hippo I have ever seen. It was hysterically sad. He was literally resting his head on the ground like that. All depressed looking. Poor thing!

A cute little gazelle...thing. haha

Polar bear!

One of the leopards. It was nap time. These leopard pictures are my favoriteeee.

This one is my absolute favorite.

And a disenfranchised Mountain Goat. His face never lost that expression ever. Made me laugh SO HARD.

And here's Riccil0ve [Leigha] with the Queen of Sass herself! haha
Lacey was muccccch more interested in smelling Leigha's boots than she was in accepting cuddles. Silly girl. "But she's wearing other horses ON HER FEET!!? How can I ignore that!???"

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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In continuation of Lacey being an overly sassy monster, today, while I was moving hay, the wind blew the pasture gate open and Miss Lace was out of there like a shot. Coulda' been a day at the races for how fast she took off.
She thought she was being soooooooo tricky.

"But MOM! The gate was open! I was let out! I have permission!!"

It was crazy cold today - didn't get above 40*F, it's been reliably 45-50*F for the last forever. Lacey's water trough didn't thaw out all day. The ice isn't thick or anything but still! That doesn't usually happen until December/January! Good thing all of us [except poor Hazel] here loooooove the cold. :)
Hazel's wearing 2 blankets tonight [she was shivering this morning with just her heavier blanket, poor girl! So she has a cuddly fleece dog blanket on under her heavy blanket] and Lacey got her heavyweight on for the first time since last winter.

The other thing that happened today was I dewormed Lacey. I haven't dewormed her in........3-ish years. She isn't showing any signs of worm issues and I've wanted to get a fecal done on her instead of just deworming...but then I decided that since I've been literally waiting for 2 of those three years "to get a fecal done", I should probably just skip the plan and do it.
Because she has some 'sweet-itch'-type issues in the summer, I want to double-dose her with ivermectin just in case worms are what's causing the itchiness [not to mention that there's a certain kind of worm, combatted with double-dose of ivermectin, that can cause/worsen ERU!!]...but I didn't want to double-dose right off, after not worming her in so long.
Anyway, I plan to double-dose her in about 3 weeks. Should be interesting to see if that helps with her eyes or the itchiness next summer!

And that concludes today's "news".


Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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OMG she is so fluffy... even here, where we are further North than you, we haven't got such coats. Either both horses are dummies, or they will be in for a shock!
They say it will soon freeze over and start to snow
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Lacey looks so great for her age-& I think she would do anything for you. You certainly have a way w/animals. Love reading your posts & seeing the pictures-both camera ones & the ones you draw. Hear anything further about Fabs?
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She is so sweet looking! Darn that weather!
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The sensitivity of the internet baffles me.
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