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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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    11-24-2013, 02:03 AM
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I knowwww, Cherri! She grows SO MUCH hair! She's like a long haired cat in the winter time!! I hope it snows so much here! Usually we don't get a whole lot of snow here...but I LOOVE snow so fingers crossed! I love being snowed in even more..I hope that happens at least once this winter!!

However, think she's fluffy now? Just wait a month or two. For example, here she is last February-ish. Talk about fluff!
She makes the best subject of hugs.

Aww, Cacowgirl! That is really sweet. Thanks. I sure adore that horse, she's something special indeed and I'm just thrilled that she chose me to be her girl.
Her previous -lifelong- owner was really careful about who she went to and told me, before I even met Lacey, that Lacey wasn't going to go to someone the previous owner didn't see her 'click' with. Then, pretty much the second that owner saw Lace+me together, she said "yep, this is Lacey's girl. I have no doubt. When do you want to pick her up?"...without a word from me, the deal was done. Of course, I was smitten the second I saw Lacey....haha

I haven't heard anything more from Fabs. Last I heard, from the hoof trimmer, the therapy place is looking for another therapy horse to -I assume- replace Fabs with. However they're still in the process of looking. I figure they'll probably wait until spring to sell just because spring is a better time to get buyers..but who knows.
We'll see.
I REALLY hope something with him works out. Really really. Actually, I hope that whatever would be in his best interest is what works out. ...I just hope that his best interest is with me!!

Lacey says thank you, Zexious! :) She really is that sweet too! She has her moments, of course, though. She's basically like that sweet grandma that you don't cross because she has a titanium inner core..but is otherwise baking you cookies constantly and doling out wise advice.

And here's a picture that Leigha took of Miss Lacey and me when she visited. Yep, looks like I hate Lacey's guts.

Also, notice how short that pudge-monster is??! Hahaha She's so little and cuuuuuuute. :)

I hope you guys are all having a WONDERFUL weekend!!
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    11-24-2013, 08:06 PM
Super Moderator
This is silly but I'm DYING to tell someone and you guys are here: I'm on the train heading to church and I'm sitting behind a little old couple that might as well be Gman and I in 50 years. The little old man has Gman's hairstyle and is the "uptight" one about being in the MAX - he's looking around, figuring out their stop, counting down the stops to their stop...and his wife is sitting there being all "I know, I looked it up before we left home!"
And the little old man has Gman's nose and the little old lady has my nose. I have a thing for noses.

I'm dying from adorable.
And I obviously can't tell Gman!! Haha

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    11-25-2013, 11:51 PM
Super Moderator
Nothing really occurred today...I fed in the dark in the morning+evening so haven't really seen the kiddos all day :/

However, in other news, apparently Gman is a dedicated reader of my blog thing! Haha
Also, we did A LOT of texting yesterday and today. Like a lot. It was good. :) basically it never really stopped yesterday, he texted me after I went to sleep last night and I texted him back before he woke up...#besties

AND a weird thing happened.
Basically, we were and have always been meant to know each other. At least, that's the only way I can logically explain it. People, mutual friends, were telling me of him before we even met. I still remember one guy telling me a story about Gman literally a year before we met for the first time.
Anyway, I happened to look up what school I took the SAT's at, back in high school..weirdly enough, turns out I took them at HIS HIGH SCHOOL. Over an hour away from my house. Certainly not the most logical place to take them at.

How weird is that??!! Kinda freaky how weirdly intertwined our lives are/have been...
I appreciated his reaction when I told him so I attached a picture of our conversation to this. (but what is that "..." about, after "we could have been friends way back then"?? ....who knows.)

Anyway, that's the real 'info' from today... I hope you guys are doing well!!
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    11-29-2013, 12:55 AM
Super Moderator
Just an assortment of random photos for you guys! :)

I hope you all are having/have had a wonderful Thanksgiving [for you US-people, I suppose] and a lovely day in general!!

Sunrise yesterday.

Yesterday I also discovered a TOOTH of Hazel's in her food dish! It's a molar!
HUH. Weird. In any case, I think it's been bothering her for a while because she is perkier than I've seen her in some time. She's actually annoying Atticus trying to be his bestie, I found him literally hiding from her this morning. And that NEVER happens. I've never seen Atticus not be the annoyance!
I'm really excited that she seems to be feeling better. :)

AND, double bonus, it looks just like a super tiny elephant tooth or a tiny horse tooth! SO NEAT. And the chewing surface side is so smooth. It's like a sooth river rock or something. Completely amazing.

This is the bridge I go over, in downtown Portland, nearly everyday. That hill in the middle-ish of this photo [you might have to click on it to make it bigger so you can see) is "my" hill, on the side of Lacey+the G's pasture! It's about 25 miles from my hill to this bridge and this bridge is right in the first/last 10-15 minutes of my homeward/school-or-church-ward journey. It's fun for me to know that my kiddos are 'right' there even though they're so far away.
Also, it's fun being able to pick my hill out!!

Yesterday at school this happened. I was having a REALLY hard time focusing yesterday.

Finally got home. :) [I maaaaay have skipped my first+last class on the basis of continued mental health...]

Last night.
I MAY have gotten my cat a hat yesterday while buying him cat food and he may have been forced to wear it..
He loved it.

Then, today I went over to my aunts house with my family and we had a big family get-together in honor of the holiday.
I LOVE my aunts chandelier. Haha It's just so retro but classic. I want to just steal it!!

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    11-29-2013, 11:46 PM
Wallaby, your Snowman and vampire joke made me giggle! Thank you, I needed it :)
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    11-30-2013, 09:22 PM
Super Moderator
Yay! I'm so glad, SS!! Well, perhaps not that you "needed it" but that it made you laugh!

1. I found some really legit saddlebags at Salvation Army yesterday for guess how much?? $8!! EIGHT. EIGGGGGHT. They aren't insulated or any of that fancy junk but they're made of heavy duty cordura, adjustable clips instead of velcro, and they're big! Plus they have numerous attachment points so you can really make sure they're secure. I'm all around really excited about them.
They're a little dirty, but nothing a good pressure-washing can't help.
And, of course, Lacey probably won't get much use out of them due to her almost-semi-retired status...but in the future! I contemplated not buying them based on the fact that I probably won't get much use out of them now, but then I decided that $8 saddlebags basically never happen.
I could always come up with some game to play with Saturday Lesson Kid involving them!

2. Gentleman Friend. [begin to ignore if my over-thinking annoys you ]
We're probably a perfect pair - sometimes I feel like I'm half bi-polar...sometimes I feel like he's half bi-polar. It works. We're satisfactorily both officially human.
Explanation: basically 'this' started two weeks ago. I half saw him at church - he came up to see me...but he was with some guy who wouldn't leave. That guy finallllly got the hint [it was hilarious, Gman and I were both doing that unspoken "ok, leave nowww" thing to the poor guy]..but then ANOTHER guy came up to talk to Gman. Same thing happened to him, he finalllly left. Then we had like 15 seconds and that first guy came back [I got the impression that that guy was there to make sure Gman went back down to the kids on time..haha That guy works with the kids too] and basically dragged Gman away.
THEN. Last Sunday Gman had some kind of meeting that ran into the time we would have seen each other [long story short, I've started being a "host" at church to greet+talk to people, make them feel comfortable, etc..but that means I'm busy when we usually 'used to' see each other. The hosts and kid's people have a 15 minute meeting all together before we start working with the kids/greeting, so Gman and I theoretically should get to see each other during that..but we'll see] and I didn't get to see him at all. Except through a window in the middle of his meeting. He claims I should have knocked on it...but awwwwkward. And distracting!

Then, like I think I told you, we basically were texting constantly on Monday. Then Tuesday I texted him, and Wednesday we had a solid 2 hours of text-time. It was A LOT. Haha Basically with all this texting, I have a hard time knowing if he's just texting back because he's nice [which he is REALLY nice] or if he really likes talking to me. I know he doesn't like texting and prefers to just talk [which I really do too]...but when we really don't get time to talk-talk ever, well, that's hard for me=me texting. I guess for me texting is less about talking and more about..I guess connecting.

ANYWAY, so that happened. [this is silly, but..] Along with the unsureness about his feelings towards all that texting, he stopped liking everything I ever post on Facebook. For the last few months, I post something, he likes it. Doesn't matter what it is, if it's posted, he's liked it. And now *collective overly dramatic gasp* he's changed back to only liking one thing per day. OH NO.
As you can probably tell, I immediatly went to the "Um. Wait. What is going on?"-place..logically.

I didn't text him at all Thursday or Friday, it just felt right. And, after texting so much, it's good to back off sometimes.

BUT THEN. Yesterday and today happened.
Yesterday, I made a random FB status and he actually liked+commented on it [comments=rare]. Then I liked+commented a status of his, he liked my comment, etc.
THEN, this morning I get up and find an FB message from him, sent at midnight. All it was was a gif of a cat-unicorn [basically a cartoon cat with a flowing, rainbow, mane+tail and a unicorn horn] and "Here. This is for you."
I replied back, sent him a meme, he replied to that, AND replied to the comment I had made on his status yesterday -on the actual status/photo- [double notifications, both from him to me. ].
Few hours later, his mom had commented on that same FB status of his. Apparently her gender had accidentally been set to male on FB so FB notified me that "his dad" had commented. Haha Anyway, I thought that was funny so I took a screenshot with my phone and texted it to him. After hitting send, I noticed I had more Facebook notifications, so I went to check them. He had messaged me AGAIN [at the same minute I was texting him! Haha] on FB to share an article he thought I would find funny. And it was funny - goats living on a dam somewhere! Haha

Bottom line: my last FB messages are from Gman, my last texts are from Gman, and my last FB notifications are from Gman/his family.

Color me a huge dork but I like that a lot.

I hope you guys are all doing super well!!
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    11-30-2013, 09:35 PM
Green Broke
You know what, I just adore you you big dork.
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    11-30-2013, 10:36 PM
I suppose I can say I think it is odd , the FB "liking" thing and all, but then, I'd be lying to say that I don't like being "liked" here. I don't know about you, but a I get a kick out of logging on and see the number of "notifications" I have. So, in a way , I guess I can understand somewhat why that pleases you.

On the other hand, if he liked EVERYTHING you always said on FB, wouldn't that make him into a brainless minion of a sycophantic?
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    11-30-2013, 11:45 PM
Super Moderator
Aww, cakemom! I adore you too!

That's very true, Caroline! I hadn't thought of it that way.
For me, I guess, it's less like he's agreeing with everything I say and more just being there know? A...quirk, I guess? Of mine is that, to feel like a friendship is "ok", I really like a lot of contact. Not necessarily contact that necessitates a response, but contact that says "I see you and I'm here too".
Like if you were doing a tough project, your friend sees you working, comes over, sees something they can do, and starts quietly working together next to you...not asking if it's ok to help or what you need help with, just willingly stepping in and being supportive-ly present.
Haha, weirdest analogy evvvvver.
And his "likes", for me, say "I see you and I'm here too".
    11-30-2013, 11:58 PM
Like the Navee of Avatar, who say , in greeting, "I see you".

But , does one have to say that constantly to still be "seeing " you?
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