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Hmmm, good question, Caroline!
Huh. I really don't have a good response to that. I mean, personality-wise, I'm one of those kinds of people that prefers to have 1 or 2 close friends, plus a large group of "friend-friends" which probably plays into it. But I don't know.
I guess, without sounding cold, I don't mind if my friend-friends don't "see" me for who I really am..I mean, they have their own close friends to worry about and that's totally fine!
Basically, I guess, the real issue with Gman and I is that I don't know where I stand with him. I'm treating him like a close friend of mine and he...based on miscellaneous information, seems to treat me like a close friend of his. BUT he's a person with a large group of "close friends" which is, therefore, hard for me to wrap my brain around since I can't even fathom having any kind of an 'equal' level of caring for more than 2 people..someone is always going to be "winning" for my affection. So, I guess, being "seen" goes back to "winning" and -on some level- makes me feel like I was number one for two seconds. Huh. Absolutely never thought about that.
You gave me a brain-twister!!

On the life front, I may be dying of exhaustion.
This week is "Dead Week" [week before Finals Week] for me at school and OH MY GOSH.
I have one 6pg paper due on Friday and a 10pg paper due at the same time. Have I started either? Oh no, I've been practicing ASL final expressives, writing other papers, [both due today] and generally trying to stay afloat.
Tomorrow is going to be beautiful. Ha. Try "the epitome of madness"!!

But I'm hopeful. Somehow I'll do it, I have to. Once they're done, it'll be pretty much smooth sailing. I'll have 2 more papers to write before next Wednesday but they're both simpler and more straightforward. I also have tests on Tuesday morning and Wednesday, but again, simpler+easier.
Trrrrrying to stay optimistic!!

On the bright side, today I had the last classes of my Russian/Chinese Revolutions class, my Historical Thinking/Philosophy class, AND my Sign Language class. [those first two are the Friday's papers] So that's a plus for sure!

Anyway, I have a mess of photos from yesterday to share and a headshot of Mr. Atti from last week that I think I forgot to share!

Last night.


Miss Lace. <3

Awkward pony.

Pony refuses to make nice faces for the camera. She was quite indignant last night!

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Forgot about these two!

[I think you're going to have to click on this one to really see it]
This is how Lacey orchestrates my photos for me:

"Hazel! GET OUT. No one likes you." [Lacey pretends to hate Hazel]
"Atticus! Look alive! The camera is n front! Stop goofing off!"
"Ok, my job here is done. Take our picture already, darnit!"

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I love them all, and I love you photos!!

School wise - Last week I had a group project on 25 pages to hand in and a 15 min presentation, plus exam on the same subject at the end of the day. It was horrible, as for 1, we did not have all the materials by Friday, I had to work on Friday and could not get to a computer and do anything for that paper, the materials we needed came just before the Lecture on Friday, they last till 9pm, by the time I get home its after 11pm, I also had to feed the horses and find them, as they decided to scare me and not be there. Then come inside and write that darn paper, whilst talking on skype to the group members to try and figure all that out. 2 am decide its time to quit. Go to sleep, get up at 6:30 to drink a cuppa tea, get in the train, go to uni. We got picked up by our group member in the center (the uni is off city center) so we can try to work on the project a little more.. we arrived in the uni around 8:40, managed to quickly write the last paragraphs, invent some random numbers and ideas, print the project and the presentation with out OWN printer (the guy who picked us up brought his own) and headed to class. We were a few minutes late, but who cares The Lecturer laughed at us with the whole class, as we had a printer :P
Then it was a lecture actually, 45 min later presentation started, for 8 groups, ours was 5th I think So we got bored After our presentation we played chess, and then just like 20 minutes before class is suposed to end, she says "lets take 5 and then exam". We were like WHAT???? but ok, it was short questions.
That is how I earn a burger on that Saturday, and surviving a stressful weekend like that... well, is good. I never took a nap in the afternoon, continued to have fun

So I know the amazing feeling of relief when all the annoying papers are handed in, and you actually don't even know what you are suppossed to be doing anymore, it feels so freeeeeeee :P
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Thanks Cherri!
I'm super glad it all worked out for you!! That's awesome! I hope the burger was good

1. It snowed today [not a whole lot - only a couple of inches]!! And I got to drive in the snow for the very first time ever. I had to get those final papers to school and they had to be turned in by emailing.
Driving was mildly terrifying since the van I drive [] doesn't have snow tires/4-wheel-drive and I live on top of a very tall hill that has one steep, twisty, guardrail-less, road going down...but it worked out ok.
In my favor, it was below freezing all day so things never really got slick. I only started fishtailing twice [I accelerated too fast ] and each time it wasn't a big deal at all. I was proud of myself!

So that was my big adventure for today.
Atticus was SO happy about the snow...Lacey and Hazel were not.

2. Cute lil' Gman story for you:
As we allll know, I have a mild tendency towards jealousy. And there's this girl who I knew in high school [they went to college together] who keeeeeps posting on Gman's wall and commenting on his pictures, you know the type. All innocuous enough stuff, of course, but me being me = "!!!!!!!!"
So I sent him a text saying that I went to high school with this girl and asking how he knew her [I already knew, of course, but in the interests of gaining intel..]. He texted me back just "I went to college with her." And since that's kind of the way he texts when he doesn't want to talk about something/is annoyed with a question, I felt sort of bad for being all..'like that'.
So I said something about how this girl and I were never really friends and that that was indicative of my "sad teenage life" and he texted back saying that he had a similar teenage life, that that is what makes us so great now, and that this girl "only likes his dogs".

Basically, I really appreciate how he always, somehow, seems to know what to say to stop my "omg, some other girl luuuuuuvs him and he might luuuuuuv her back"-train of thought.

I saw this quote yesterday that fits: "If you flatter somebody, it will go to their heads. If you love them, it will go to their hearts."

I just really admire how much he, as a friend [at least, haha], loves me. It's really something.
I can only wish that he feels as loved in return.

Also, ok, random question: I wasn't plannning on giving him any kind of Christmas present [and I doubt he's planning to give me one either] but I was going through some stuff I had and I found a little notebook that would be perfect for him [he LOVES notebooks and it's just the kind he especially loves] that I got quite a while ago for something like 50 cents and am never going to use.
I was thinking I might re-cover it and draw a picture of a deer or something on the front, then maybe just give it to him? No wrapping/or to-do...just giving it to him.
Good idea/bad idea?
There's no doubt that he would adore it. But I don't want 'that' girl who's doing 'too much'.
On the other hand, he's always going out of his way to encourage me and whatnot and I'm realllly not great on the spot when he says/does those sorts of things...

However, his birthday is also in April so I could save it until then....?
Huh. haha

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing great!!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I don't think it'd be too much to give it to him for Christmas! I mean seriously, it's small and something you know he will like. No harm in that :)
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I think it's a sincere gift :)
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"Strength is the ability to use a muscle without tension"
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Thanks you two!! You guys are so right. And, really, probably more depends on how I am when I give it to him. If I were to make a big deal, that might be too much. But if it's just a "hey, thought you'd like this" = not an issue.
I ended up making it last night and it came out REALLY well. I'm stoked. I decided to put a little pocket in the back as well, since I'm kind of 'known' for my notebook pockets [] and he's always thought they were neat.
Hopefully I'll be able to give it to him tomorrow! And I'll report back, of course. haha

Then some pictures to share:

Duke[ina] the coyote visited last night! I hadn't seen her in a little while so I was kind of worried about how she's doing...but her footprints went to her her "hunting pasture" and then back to her "den pasture" so I think she's ok. :)

Miss Haze.

Queen FurBall

"High alert". Ha. Nice try, Lacey!


And then I liked how the sun coming through the trees looked so:

I hope you guys are all doing super well!!!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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1. Turns out I'm not going to see Gman tomorrow - I guess his grandpa had a heart attack and, as a result of that, no church for Gman tomorrow. But, if you're inclined to, I'm sure some prayer, or good thoughts, or whatever you do, for Gman's grandpa couldn't hurt. :)

2. I had sent him a text earlier in the day asking a question about something, then one later sharing a hilarious movie I found at Target...and he hadn't responded to either. But he had sent me a Facebook message.
So, I obviously haaaad to ask if he had gotten them. Turned out he left his phone somewhere this morning, etc etc. This is what he said, after explaining that he left his phone: "But I promise that when you send me texts, the only reason I don't respond is because I haven't seen it."
*collective "awwwwwwwwww"*

'Dat boy. Those feels.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Well, you know you just drive me bugsy with the texting and the worrying and all. You know you're pretty crazy about him. I swear, I just want to grab the two of you by the collar, knock your two heads together and say, "now go kiss each other!"

but, I promise to swallow that impulse and be a loyal reader, not a head knocker.

this is a good photo. the brown, muted colors, and then three small places of blue, teal and red:

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I have NO idea WHAT I am doing.

I was just on Craigslist - which I never do, searched "free horse" - which I never do, and ad half-way down the page caught my eye for "special needs mini"....

Clicked on it, expecting to find a dwarf, or something like that, that I have no knowledge base to care for...
The mini DEFINITELY has ERU - LIKE LACEY. And that's why they're giving him away. They don't feel equipped to handle ERU and they want him to go somewhere that can handle that. Here's the ad, for funnsies. FREE SPECIAL NEEDS MINI HORSE 39"

And I MIGHT, just might, have emailed them about him.
I just got that gut feeling, like I "should" email.

We'll see. I have a HUGE list of qualifiers for any kind of new animal...but from that ad......we'll see!

Atticus needs a male friend, right?
Mini's aren't THAT expensive to feed since they're air ferns...right?
Lacey already wears a grazing muzzle, wouldn't be too hard to do that for two horses, right?
Lacey already does the flymask thing, and the MSM thing, and the ERU thing...wouldn't be too hard to do that twice, right?
Mini-amounts of ERU medication would be mini-sized, right?


And haha, Caroline!
I am definitely a worrier! haha I try not to let it come out in "real life," so I let it out here...and you guys get to read it alllll. Lucky you. haha
Feel free to track down Gman and smack him though. But not really. He's already awkwardly nervous enough. Poor guy. He's a worrier too.
You know I appreciate your loyal reading and sassy commentary!! :)
And thanks! I didn't even notice that with the colors, but you are so right!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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