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Oh man, so many posts from today.

However, Lacey and I went on a ride this afternoon/evening and I got some pictures to share. :)

First, our ride was pretty great.
I just love her canter SO MUCH. I don't even know. It's just so..present. And she has so much "try"... Riding her is a joy.
She was a little stiff on the outset but she warmed up nicely and was happy to go along.

It was so beautiful and sunny out today too, just all around perfect conditions for riding. :)

First, when I showed up, "Captain Adventure" had led a small team of thrill seekers [aka Hazel and himself] on a trek into the llama's pasture.
Hazel was napping nearby while Atti investigated the tree.

Out of focus, but how cute is she? She was obviously stoked about going for a ride.


"Taste the rainbow"

This one just makes me laugh.

And I REALLY like this one.

I hope you guys all had a lovely Saturday!!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Nothing much to report from today.

Except I got a cute video of Lacey that "must" be shared. :)

My favorite part is her little baby-bucks at the end!! She's so adorable. <3 These massages she's been getting have really been bringing the life back into her, makes me so happy.
Today the Massage Lady even noticed that some areas where Lacey had previously had muscle atrophy ARE FILLING IN. The Massage Lady genuinely gasped and then said "You could seriously have this horse for another 10 years!! Not even kidding."

I can hardly believe that she'll be 29 in less than a month! When did that happen? WHERE did the years go! To think that this July marks our 6th year man, the warm fuzzies.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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those photos are really cool!@ that last one says, 'Photo contest entry".
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I spent a few hours on Saturday reading and catching up on your blog.

I hope she gets another 10 good years....
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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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Lacey looks absolutely fantastic for her age. It obvious that she is very loved, and that's why she has lived so long, and is doing so well.
The bucks at the end were adorable xD <3

I hope Gator lives to be that old :')
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So, I haven't been around here in awhile, but I've been keeping an eye on your stuff on facebook and I just have to say a few things. One, your photography is amazing. Seriously, I am wowed by your photos (and this is from someone who went to art school and wanted to be a photographer for awhile). Two, your doodles are awesome. Three, I think you are a very good writer. I really like your style of story telling. I think you could combine your story telling and doodles and be a very successful children's book author. That's just a thought I have sometimes. I'm sure you will be very successful in whatever you choose to do with your life!
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Thanks Caroline!! I just might have to enter that one. I sure love it!!

Haha, it IS long, gunslinger! I can't believe there are almost 1000 posts. Crazy!
Thanks, meee too. :)

Zexious, I hope Gator does too!!

Awww, Amba. <3 Thank you bunches, I really appreciate that. :)
I think being a children's book author could be so fun! I'm just not sure how one would "break into" a scene such as that. I took a cartooning class once which ended up being a bit disillusioning on that front - the teacher was absolutely convinced that there's no longer room for non-digitally-created art in children's books/illustrated books in general. And since I really couldn't be further from a digital artist...
But then again, I really shouldn't stand in my own way like that. I should at least try!!
Seriously though, do you know how one would go about getting into that? :)

[also, shameless "other blog" plug, I added a link to my "Stories of Public Transit" blog to my signature... if you guys feel so inclined, go check it out. More funny stories, generally updated daily just in case this horse/life stuff one "isn't enough" ]

On the animal front, I seriously cannot describe to you how wonderful the feeling is to have whether I want to/have time to ride or not be the deciding factor between riding or no riding. For "so long"...1.5 years, Lacey and whether she's "up to" a ride has been the deciding factor. I so love that she's now game to ride pretty much whenever!!
I can't even wait to ride this summer. We found some sweet new trails back right before she went lame, 1.5 years ago, and never got the chance to really ride them. ONE OF THEM HAS A BRIDGE.
I'm looking forward to increasing her fitness levels and being able to have some nice rides this summer. It's hard to believe how much her fitness is just coming back with the little bit of riding we have been doing [one ride - mostly walk, very little trot (she really prefers canter...and I do too since she has an AWFUL, jackhammer++++, trot), a little canter/gallop- a week for the last month]. She's already starting to get all muscle-y, I sure do love ripped-Lacey.
Which is weird, since muscles are generally not my favorite...but on Lacey!!!!


Hazel has kept putting on weight. I'm SO happy about this. She's not chunky or anything, but she's MUCH more well covered than she was. Yay!! Maybe next winter I'll have finally gotten the "system" down and she won't lose anything. That would be wonderful.
Did I tell you guys about how I shaved the hair around her hooves? She gets a lot of hoof issues and I decided to see if shaving her "pasterns", to about 2 inches above the hoof, would help with things.
1. It totes gives me an outlet for my love of clipping [I used scissors on the longer hair and a pair of handheld, battery operated, clippers to get it really short] and it was so fun.
2. She really accepted it - didn't put up much of a fuss at all!
3. IT TOTALLY SEEMS TO BE HELPING!! Her hooves were a lot "drier" today and less..icky. She gets a lot of thrush/hoof rot and mud fever - all pretty typical for Angoras but STILL. Anyway, I Tea Tree oiled her feet up [the "best" remedy for her mud fever/other skin issues] and doused her hooves with Thrushbuster for the hoof rot. I think she should be all good by the weekend, if I repeat twice a day. [I try to only treat her when she really needs it since she tends to get stressy if I treat her everyday as a precaution = bummer]
4. She's getting her hooves trimmed on Saturday - maybe the trimmer will have an easier time! just being Atti. I trimmed one of his back hooves today - my longstanding method of trimming his front feet at one time and his backs one at a time, on separate days, seems to be "working".
He never had his hooves handled until he was 9+ months old [I could barely touch him before then!] and over 100lbs AND he doesn't get over stress really quickly/easily [food doesn't work, he becomes disinterested in food when he's scared..] so my method has been to just do one hoof at a time to not "overload" his mind and hopefully teach him that he's gonna be ok.
So far, he's become great about his front hooves and I can easily do both of them at once. However, that's been helped along by his "front leg tricks" - "bye-bye" and "shake hands", since they encourage him to let me handle his front legs/give me his front legs freely.

However, his back feet are a totalllllllly different story. Since he does stress easily and he just doesn't get over it, it's been a challenge.
Last time I figured out that a more "sneak-attack" approach worked better - if I showed him the clippers first, them tried to gently grab his leg, he would stress more than if I hid the clippers, grabbed his leg out of nowhere, and started trimming.
THIS time, I followed "Sneak Attack Protocol" and he hardly stressed at all! He did a little bit, but not so much that he was trying to scoot away if I tried to pet his patootie after trimming. That's super major improvement! Go Atti-Boy!!
I'll try trimming his other hind tomorrow evening, hopefully that one will go as well.

Doing his hooves is intimidating - he's basically the size of a large mini horse WITH HORNS. I'm sure glad he's good natured!!

I hope you guys are all doing well. <3

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I know what you mean. I love computers and you can do some really cool things with them, but I hate that people are letting them 100% replace classic art forms. I would love to see Disney come out with movies done in hand drawn animation again (I love Disney everything so that's my example lol). Also, my favorite thing in photography is black and white film. But I can't find a dark room to use for the life of me!

I'm not really sure how you could get into the children's book business. I think the way people typically do it is to just put together a book and send it off to publishing companies to see if they want it. Or you could go the route of doing a blog and when it gets popular you make up a few books and sell them in an online store connected to your blog. I know there's probably better ways to go about it. Those are just off the top of my head ideas. BUT if you do decide to try out some sort of children's book thing let me know! I'll totally read your blog to/by your book for my stepson!

Animal related note: You are so good to them. Lacey and Atti and Hazel are probably the luckiest animals on earth. You do so much for them and it's so wonderful to see/read about :)
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Believe me Amba we've been telling her this for EVER.

Haha haha

soooo glad Lacey feels so super sassy and yall get to ride so much! Awesoooooooome

(My mom was actually thinking of doing a kids book a LONG time ago and have me do the drawings lol....anyways she may know some stuff so I'll ask her)
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*Insert something witty*

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So I had this long, hilarious, reply all typed up, then I pressed some button on my keyboard and my computer apparently thought I meant "back" my whole reply was lost. BOO. In any case.

Oh you guys. <3
You know me though, Christy, I have to be told something like 50gajillion times before it sinks in that I really should do it. I mean, I was told to make a blog about my transit stories THREE years ago...and I just started it 3 months ago. And that's not even writing a book.
Keep bugging me, it'll happen. :)

1. totally ACED my Amazon Rainforest test. Yay!!

2. It was, unfortunately, too windy to ride today. I'll ride in anything, but the wind. If I had an indoor, I would so be riding, but as it is... Lacey doesn't really work out her energy if I ride in the pasture and the trails are too tree-y to be safe to ride on when it's this windy [50mph gusts, 20-30mph constant]. Not to mention that Lacey is SO spooky about wind. She's really not spooky as a general rule...except for in the wind.

Anyway, I chose to lunge her since she had a lot of energy going on in that little body of hers. The ground is pretty dry right now so it was about as ideal for lunging as we could get. I try not to lunge her too often anymore, though she loves it, because I kind feel like that's a lot of torque and whatnot on her legs.

Anyway, she loved it. And she got to run, run, and run which is her favorite.

And I, obviously, took pictures!

Meanwhile, Atti is obviously "helping" me lunge. I mean, why not?
That GOAT!!! haha

"Hey look! I wrangled that horse into stopping! I'm the COOLEST IN THE WORLD!!!!"

Cuz I thought this one was funny - look at Atti right behind Lacey. That's what he was doing pretty much the whole time. He is too funny!

Some sunset action:

And then, from the other day, it's so funny+cute how "into it" Hazel gets with scratching her itchy spots!! <3

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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