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        01-24-2014, 02:16 AM
    A three legged Hazel

    They are amazing :)
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        01-25-2014, 08:59 PM
    Super Moderator
    Miss Lacey and Miss Hazel got their hoofers trimmed today. :)

    Hazel did AMAZING for her trim.
    She's not very comfortable with strangers so has a hard time being ok with a "stranger" trimming her hooves. However, her hooves are so hard that it's nearly impossible to trim them without nippers ND she grow so fast, it's much easier to just keep her on Lacey's 5 week schedule.
    Anyway, she did pretty well this time.
    I brought some of Haze's favorite treats up for the trimmer to feed Hazel before+after the trim and that seemed to really help. Hazel was still unsure of the trimmer but she wasn't so "NOOOO, I'm meltingggg!" about it.

    Lacey did great, as usual, for her trim. It was hilarious - she sniffed the trimmer as the trimmer came in the gate, sniffed the trimmers tools, then walked HERSELF - by herself- over to the area she's always trimmed in, AND HELD UP HER HOOF. We were CRYING with laughter.
    It was so funny. That horse contains so much sass in her little body!!

    Later I ended up trimming that last hoof of Atti's. That did not go so well. I didn't grab his leg fast enough = we had a little chase before I actually got his leg picked up. :( Poor lil guy. But I did get his leg and, after the initial fiasco, it went rather smoothly.
    Once you get past the initial panic, he's pretty easy to trim - he's tall enough that I don't have to crouch at all to trim his back hooves and he stays pretty still.
    Anyway, I made sure to touch his booty and that leg a lot after trimming him to, hopefully, end on a good note.

    The other thing - I go new goat trimmers today, or, as they say, "perfect for trimming hooves, flowers, and shrubs"
    Anyway, cutting that hoof was like trimming butter. So great.

    After everybody was trimmed [well, after Lacey+Hazel were trimmed, I trimmed Atti later], I thought I would hop on Lacey for a few minutes since she was giving off a "ride me!!" vibe.

    Well, I hopped on the girl and, the second I was secure on her back and let her head off, she started marching up to the gate. And every time I kinda pulled her away, she rooted her head and pulled back to the gate
    So I figured why not see where she wanted to go.
    We got up to the gate and she stopped right in front of it, then started kinda pawing at the ground - she RARELY paws. At this point I was laughing so hard, but I figured that today was as safe a day as any to wander the neighborhood with the goats in tow - sleepy Saturday afternoon and all.
    Lacey seemed to want to hit the trails, but I was not about to do that with the goats AND bareback. Noooo thank you.

    Anyway, we walked up our little street to the landowner's driveway, walked to their front door, sniffed it [good job, Lacey], then walked back down tot he pasture, didn't realllly want to go in, walked farther down the road, then cut through the landowner's backyard where ATTICUS SAMPLED ALL THEIR FANCY PLANTS. Oh dear. Thank goodness they were not home!!

    Then I basically forced Lacey back into the pasture [she was NOT happy], and we closed the gate together! I didn't even have to dismount. [she was not happy about that either but I made it happen]

    Then as we rode in the pasture a little, she is so funny, she continued to try to "convince" me to go back up to the gate and go on a trail ride.
    Huh, I don't know, but something tells me someone wants to go on a ride...??

    We'll have to go on Monday. :)

    From the other day. It made me laugh because she kinda looks like she's overly dramatically swooning.

    The goats were unimpressed.

    Angry "why aren't we RUNNING" ears

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        01-25-2014, 09:16 PM
    Green Broke
    Omg I love the rolling pic lol
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        01-28-2014, 11:54 PM
    Super Moderator
    Haha, thanks Christy! I love that one too.

    Oh man. Guys, I have had THE MOST frustrating day.
    Boo-hooing first:
    My first class today could NOT have been more boring. It's my Amazon Rainforest class and usually it's super neat. NOT TODAY.
    Then, my second class was more ok [unexpected] just boringgg. However, I obviously survived.

    The thing that's REALLY REALLLLLY chapping my hide though: I forgot that today is Tuesday -for whatever reason I was thinking tomorrow was Tuesday- and it turns out I had a paper due at 5:00 TODAY, not tomorrow, for my evening class tomorrow.
    The evening class that this is my third time trying to pass because there's just so much boring busy-work and I kept just failing to do the work. The class that I've been trying to really dedicate myself to passing this term since I'm going to be taking it for the rest of my life if I don't. THE CLASS WHERE THE TEACHER DOESN'T ACCEPT ANY LATE WORK, even 3-hour-late late work.

    And did I finish that paper? NO. I was going to write it tonight since "it's due tomorrow, on Tuesday!"
    BOOOOO. I am so mad at myself. So freaking mad.

    At least it's only worth 10% of my grade, but still.
    DARN IT.

    Anyway, boo.
    Hopefully I don't get called out about it in class tomorrow. This teacher is big into public humiliation being a "motivator". Ha, watch how absolutely TERRIBLY that will work on me, sir. I will cry. No, not really. But I'll feel like crying.

    On to better news:

    I needed more lesson kids because I'm down to 1 kid and $20/week, when they don't cancel, is not enough to feed Lacey/goats/my cat/put gas in my van.
    SO I put an ad in the classifieds at my parents church, fishing for one or 2 kids. Usually I'm lucky to get one call when I put an ad in so I was thinking it'd be perfect. I would like to have more kids coming but with my school schedule, 1 or 2 is the most that can happen right now. I'll have more time in the summer.

    Definitely got FOUR phone calls today and 3 emails over the last few days.

    So for now I've selected the first two people to contact me [one referral from the parent of my current student] and another older girl AND I HAVE A WAITING LIST OF 3 KIDS!!!! With prospectively 2 kids beyond that 3 for the wait list, if their mom emails me back.
    So I've told the waiting list people that they are in in June and made an event on my phone to annoy the living heck out of me in June until I do call them back.

    I've never had a waiting list before! This is exciting!
    Hopefully it'll all work out.
    One of the waiting list kids is even a BOY. I LOVE teaching boys. Love teaching girls too, but little boys are the funniest.

    And here's a video of Atti from Sunday. He was climbing around on the wall - "feeeeeed meeeeee" - and got a leg over his rope. I like to let him work these things out, as long as he doesn't panic [predominantly to teach him not to panic and that he can get himself out of situations], so I took a video of him solving it. Hilarious!!

        01-29-2014, 12:04 AM
    Super Moderator
    Z is just the opposite; he keeps asking me , as we go up the driveway toward the park, "are you SURE you want to go out? Wouldn't it be better to go back?"
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        02-02-2014, 01:31 AM
    Super Moderator
    Caroline, I'm familiar with that one too For Lacey, she usually does that when she's hurting somewhere [not to suggest Z is uncomfortable, of course!!] - I used to think that her attitude towards riding was just weirdly bi-polar [excited to go out one day, couldn't be less motivated the next] but these massages she's been getting are showing me a whole NEW Lacey! It's so interesting. I thought I knew her..but I only kind of did.

    Guys, I seem to be still somewhat alive. Things have been SO hectic and stressful. It's just been one of those weeks where everything was going along swimmingly, the BOOM, EVERYTHING BREAKS.
    But it'll be ok, it always is. Just taking it one day at a time.

    Lacey's doing pretty well. It got rainy again and she just really has a hard time with the mud, even the itty-bitty amounts the pasture has. The pasture is really barely muddy, but something about the mud and wet weather just really takes it out of her.
    That's one of those interesting things I've been noticing since she's been getting massages - I never before noticed her having a hard time with mud, I just knew she slipped often and would avoid any+all mud at any cost.
    However, since she's been getting the massages, I've found out that she gets edema in her hind end [her hamstring area, to be precise] like clockwork when the weather is wet and that she struggles to really "use" her hind end when it's damp. Her "mud-walk" and her "dry-walk" are COMPLETELY different to me now...but they used to look the same.

    I do know that she was in a "bad" trailering accident when she was young and she did rear, then fall over on a rider when she was young as well - I don't know what the extent of her injuries were from those things, but her hind pasterns are pretty nicked up. She could have broken her pelvis, for all I know. I do know that the rearing/falling with her rider thing was why she had been a pasture puff for 10+ years when I got her...who knows. Anyway, the massages have really been helping me really see her and it's really kinda great!!

    Speaking of the massages, on Friday I had to leave Massage-Lady alone with Lacey for a few minutes to finish up a chore I had started [Massage-Lady was way early]. Usually Lacey absolutely LOSES it when I leave her with a "stranger" [tries to follow me, gets worked up, is bargey with the "stranger" - even longterm lesson kids that she loves when we're all together seem to fit this "strangers" category] so I was mildly hesitant, but at the same time Lacey REALLY likes Massage-Lady. I didn't really mention this to Massage-Lady, asked her if she was comfortable if I left for a second or two, then went for it - no need to make her nervous!!

    Anyway, I left them for a couple of minutes, had to leave the pasture entirely, came discover that Massage-Lady had been able to start Lacey's massage [with Lacey completely loose in her stall], and Massage-Lady was standing there with Lacey's head happily draped over one shoulder - petting her neck, AND petting Hazel with her other hand.
    Hazel is another incredibly "hard to win over" critter.
    They were all so happy together. It was adorable. :)

    Anyway, it really makes me happy to see both my girls feel so comfortable with someone.

    In other news, I got *THE* book on Angora goats today!! It's the one that allllways seems to get recommended for Angora goat owners, like it's some kind of Angora goat "bible". I've been wanting to get it pretty much every since I got Hazel, since Angora goats do have some specialized needs that I may or may not be meeting sufficiently, but it's like $35 new and I am so not that rich. But I happened to be looking on Amazon the other day and a private seller was selling a gently used copy for $8!!!
    So I bought it and it just got here today.
    I haven't started really reading yet but I was pleased with what I saw when I flipped through the pages! Maybe it'll have some tricks for solving Hazel's weight issues. Wouldn't that be lovely!!



    "Hazel! Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP"

    America's first equine MasterChef.

    From today.
    We went for a little ride.
    Lacey was NOT in the mood for post-ride photos.

    And finally, the hawk that lives behind the pasture: Colonel Hawksworthy.

    I hope you guys are all doing really well!!
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        02-03-2014, 07:07 PM
    I love the video of Atti...he is so funny. I laughed at the part where he stops to look at you like...."seriously? You're really not going to help me?!"
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        02-04-2014, 11:34 PM
    Super Moderator
    I'm so glad, jcraig! That's my favorite part too. He is such a ham!!

    So today was a stinky day. It's just midterms this week/next week and it's all kicking my patoooooootie.

    But it's ok, can't have good weeks without bad weeks.

    A lot of it is that I feel like I'm doing so badly in all my classes, which -honestly- is actually not the case. I'm just trying in all my classes for the first time in a while and, since I actually CARE, I'm pretty sure I'm just being overly hard on myself.
    I know I have at least a b, maybe even an A, in ASL. An A in my Rainforests class, an A or B in my Reading Colloquium, and a B in that class I'm taking for the 3rd time. Those are all REALLY good grades for me, especially since those are my grades on my own merit. To be honest, sometimes I can tend to take the easy route and, without really meaning to, befriend "the smart kid" in class, then ride their coattails to a good grade. However, I'm totally not doing that now...and it's kinda showing in how stressed I am.

    In GOOD news, I learned today that I LITERALLY have FOUR classes left until I can graduate!! I was sure I had more or something but NOPE. Only 4. So I'll be able to easily get them done next term and bam, lookin' at a girl with her BA.

    Also, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I will now tell you guys a story from the weekend filled with awkwardness and hilarity and, since I am telling this story, overthinking.
    Feel free to ignore.

    I went to church - church does not stop for Superbowl.

    First "important" pre-story details: remember "New Guy" - that guy who invited me to the zoo with him? But who I didn't go with because I didn't really know him and the idea of going somewhere, however innocuous, with a "stranger" made me uncomfortable?
    That kid. He's been working hard to make us be friends. :) I haven't figured out exactly how I feel yet..I like the attention and he makes me laugh and I feel comfortable with him, but he's obviously nervous around me and kind of "acting". We're both hosts at church and his section is right next to mine, so I KNOW how he acts when he's comfortable and that's not how he acts when we're interacting.
    Anyway, he's working hard to make us be friends. So we're being friends.

    First, I was talking to Gman and NG was there, like 15 feet away. He was obviously dying to come over -kept trying to make eye contact with me, was figeting around in circles in our direction, doing the whole "I feel uncomfortable but I realllly want to check out this situation"-dance [one that I myself have perfected]- but he never did. I would have really liked to introduce him to Gman, but at the same time not. Gman is not any kind of covert so you know he'd say something like "IS THIS ZOO-GUY?????!" and that would so not help.
    Gman'll meet him if he becomes important enough. :)

    And oh man. Guys. The most adorable thing: sometimes, if New Guy sees that he's doing something that makes me laugh [he's a bumble-y human, so that sort of thing happens alll the time and it kills me because I would do the same things and it would end just as badly for me], he'll get himself into more of a mess, then catch my eye, and we'll have a little laugh together...even if we're far apart.

    Anyway, on Sunday, since it was the Superbowl, NO ONE was at church.

    And New Guy and I, since our sections are right next to each other AND EMPTY AS ALL GET OUT, ended up spending pretty much the whole time we were supposed to be "working" just hanging out and chatting. This was the first time we've ever talked more than a few seconds. Which is good - for a while he could barely make one word without running away, then we got into "awkward paragraphs"-range, and now we're actually talking.

    We were talking. And, this kid is the funniest - he'll just out of the blue ask a completely random+unexpected question, out of no where he was all "Are you still in school?"
    I was like "....yes? At PSU." "REALLY? I go there too, but I'm long do you have left?" "This term and next term...I think?" "REALLLY?? But that means you're like...23? I thought you were 20 or something. That's cool, I'm 24. 23 is better than 20." "Why on earth would think I was 20??" ".....I don't know??"

    That guy makes me laugh SO MUCH. He is so awkward in an great way. It is my favorite.

    Then, after hosting-time was over, I said something about how "oh, now I'm going to go sit alone..." [didn't really want to "invite" him since sitting with someone in church is kinda....intimate? I don't know how to explain it but it's kinda personal, especially if it's just 2 people together].
    Anyway, without any second of hesitation, he immediately said "I'LL SIT WITH YOU!!!" all excitedly.

    So that was cool. I liked sitting with him.

    Of course, as my/our luck would have it, the sermon was on marriage. Specifically the whys and wherefores of marriage.

    Talk about the second to most awkward sermon [first being anything to do with sex] to be sitting alone with someone you kinda like, who you've never sat with before!!

    I texted Gman and told him about how awkward the sermon was but that we sat together [he's super all about this kid. I told him about the zoo thing and he about lost it, he was so excited. Then this]. His response: "Hahahaha That is AWESOME!!! That would happen to you and I love it!"

    In any case, maybe that [sitting together in relative silence for a while, without any pressure to talk or anything] was just what New Guy needed. He seemed a lot more relaxed after the service.

    His words upon getting up, prior to walking out together: "Sitting together was great!"
    Me: "I agree."
    Him: "We should sit together again, for sure!!!"
    Me: "definitely!"

    [see, I'm playing it cool with this one - seeming all reserved. HA. But I figure that the best way to make a possibly nervous/shy person comfy is to not overwhelm them with perkiness]

    Then we walked out together. :)

    Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week.

    I hope you all are doing super!
        02-06-2014, 10:32 PM
    Super Moderator
    And suddenly it's winter again.

    In the last 12 hours, we've distinctly gotten 5 inches of snow, 30mph+ winds...and it's barely 19*F. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

    But that's ok. Snow is literally my absolute favorite weather evvvvvver, bar none, so I am loving this.

    I wish it weren't windy though...the wind is making everything real nasty.

    Lacey was wearing just her 350g heavyweight blanket and she was actually shivering super hard in it, poor thing! I have never seen her shiver in that blanket before=crazy. Under the blanket was actually COLD. :( :(
    I put one of her mediumweights on her, a 150g, then piled the HW on top of that. Then I fed her her dinner -soaked in boiling water+still warm- of 1lb alfalfa pellets, 1.5lbs beet pulp, .5lb ration balancer, and .5lb rice bran. Usually she just gets .5lbs alfalfa pellets in the evening! Haha

    Thankfully, after a little bit she stopped shivering. And by the time I left to go home [about an hour later] she was actually warm under the blankets.

    I also rigged up one of her blankets to be sort of a wind block for her stall - the wind is blowing from a sort of north-east direction and the shed is situated to block the east wind=all kinds of snow+cold wind blowing into the poor dear's stall. It's SUUUUUUPER ghetto and probably not at all "safe", but she's smart and, most importantly, it's actually working and helping her be warmer=safer than just crossing my fingers that she'll be fine.
    It's not very big - I'll take a picture tomorrow [I would have today but my phone died from the cold], but I was surprised at how much it actually helped.

    Atti was super shivering too. Poor little man. :(
    A similar thing was happening in the goat's stall - wind was blowing in and bringing all kinds of snow and cold with it. They also got a rigged up wind break. Theirs ended up with a kinda "blanket-fort"-y feel.
    But it's working so I'm not judging! Haha

    Interestingly, the only kiddo that WASN'T cold was Hazel...aka Miss "I'm cold allllllllll the timeeee". I doubled blanketed her this morning and she was as toasty as can be, though covered in snow.

    I gave them all a LOT of hay, hot soaked pellets, and everybody was happy(er) by the time I left. At least, no one was shivering!!

    I can't wait to get out there tomorrow, take my real camera, and get some pictures!!

    Hopefully it stops being so windy. I would love to go for a ride in the snow but I'm not going to go if it's this windy!

    Here's a picture from yesterday. Poor Atti was cold, I guess, and had somehow managed to pull one of Lacey's blankets down, then burrow under it. What a cutie.

    Then today [before my phone died]

    Snow beard!!

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        02-06-2014, 11:31 PM
    Super Moderator
    You must be making this up, I mean the part about what NG says.

    "it was fun sitting together"?????? Who says that?

    It must be you practicing your "writer" skills. ................... right?
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