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Lacey is looking so stylish in that lovely plaid jacket ;)

That's too bad about NG... I look forward to updates about him 8D
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The sensitivity of the internet baffles me.
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lol at your captions for lacey & hazel. Wow, Atti looks so big in that picture compared to others. and how terrible that he gets urinary tract stones! is that the same as kidney stones in people?

zexious ...i agree, i was just thinking how great lacey looks in that plaid and then read your comment.

tiny, thanks for letting me be a woman LOL :-D
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Disabled kids are the best. Enough said. Hazel and Lacy need their own therapy business. SO cute that Hazel was so sweet to the little girl!
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be in your journey, but not all of
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Haha that plaid blanket is the first one I ever bought her!! <3 <3 She's had it for......almost 5 years??! It's a little [a lot] worn around the edges but we like it. :)

Julia, no worries about Atti getting stones! He actually hasn't gotten any yet - I'm just taking preventative measures. Wethers [fixed male goats] are superrrrrr prone to them but the acid in ACV helps dissolve them, before they cause a problem. I think they're somewhat similar to kidney stones, only, if I remember correctly, they actually block the urethra. They're terrible!

Allyson, that was my favorite too!! I can't wait for them to come back tomorrow and for more adorable hijinks to occur!

Clearly, I'm aliveeeee.
But I'm alive.

SO many things have occurred.
1. Sunday: saw NG. Things were awkward. I chickened out bout asking him why I hadn't seen him. He was being weird.
Well, ok, not weird...just asking me questions about my "real" life.
Basically I've so far done ok at keeping my "real" life - the animals, etc, pretty darn separate from my church life. Not in an "I'm ashamed"-way, but in a "I am more than 'just' a farm girl"-way. People know I have a horse and goats, but I try to avoid just discussing them to fill the silence, or know?

Anyway, NG found out a few weeks ago that I have Lacey. Then I told him that I have goats too. THEN last week he found out I had a cat..
[quick story: that was super smooth - I had posted a picture of Booth on Facebook on Saturday, (this kid doesn't like/comment things on FB, for whatever reason) it got a ton of "likes" so I guess it showed up in his news feed, then on Sunday he said to me "did you post a picture of a cat?" (no "on FB" or anything, haha), I said "yes", he told me that he reallly liked it and that the cat looked real ferocious, then he starts telling me about how he loves cats and asking about what Booth's name is, etc]
...anyway, he started asking me about my cat's name, how I got him, then: am I "really good" with horses? Have I ever been to the Kentucky Derby? How did I get my horse? Has she ever raced? Etc.

After that we progressed to asking if I'm sure I'm ok with sitting with him each week, and, after I told him that I actually intentionally saved him a spot this week, did I REALLY save him a spot? Is it REALLY ok?


It was so awkward tooooo. I'm so confused about what's happening here.

In any case, on Saturday, the hosts (which we both are part of) are having some kind of "party" which we are both attending.
There may be a helicopter ride involved. I WANT A HELICOPTER RIDE!!
Anyway, I'll see him on Saturday and on Sunday.

On the other hand, this thing on Saturday is basically built around eating food....and I'm going to have to bring all my own food due to the whole gluten-death situation.
Around here, there's a hugeee stigma attached to GF [a lot of people seem to do it to be cool, or something, then they're real jerks about it] so I'm really nervous for this group of people to find that out about me.
It's one thing to, you know, tell someone when they ask...but a whole 'nother thing to be going to someone's house, see all the food they beautifully prepared for the group to share...then pull out your box of separate "safe" food.
And THEN, your hosts sees you and starts trying to make all kinds of accommodations for you when you'd be perfectly happy and safe-feeling just eating out of your box, with no special attention.
It makes me feel so embarrassed and bad.
I guess I'm just mostly nervous about what people will say. I've had people say things to my face like "OH. You're one of those. Seems like everyone is gluten free these days. Don't you love food??!"
And that's the worst. Especially when those words are coming out of the mouth of someone you looked up to.
Because yes, I LOVE food. I would give practically anything, within reason, to be able to eat out, to buy whatever food looks good, to not feel nervous whenever I try something new, to not worry about the plates or silverware I use at a friends house...but that's not the life I have.
And I like this life. I've never felt so healthy in my life. I'm glad I'm GF now instead of continuing to eat something I'm extremely allergic's just hard.

In any case, at least NG and my other couple of friends on the hosting team already know and at least THEY won't make it a big deal.

And plus side, I'm taking GF Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting = one of my best recipes AND the one my friends always want me to make for them.
I may not be able to eat wheat, but I can still eat tasty stuff!!

2. Oh man, after that gluten "rant", I lost my train of everything...
One thing I was going to say was that I discovered Hazel's getting pressure sores on one of her back legs from all that fur she has D:
So I shaved that leg and have started medicating it=it already looks better.
I'm beginning to wonder if maybe, for this coming year, I should try shearing her once every 3 months instead of 6. The 6 is really for people who are going to use the mohair and since I'm not using hers...why should she suffer? Pressure sores can't be comfortable!!
So maybe I'll try it for the summer [shear her next week, then in June, then in August] then play it by ear. With that plan, she'd end up being shorn in Nov/Dec which I don't really like...but we'll see.

ANYWAY, here are lots of pictures.

Lacey on Monday=naptime!!

Then, Atticus saw pine shavings for the first time ever!
I thought I'd try a new Lacey-bedding thing [pine pellets under pine shavings] takes forever to clean which I don't really like, but Lacey sees to enjoy it!

Atti looooves pine shavings, as it turns out!
Here he is, napping, during Lacey's Monday massage.

Again with the shavings.

And Lacey's food bucket. I don't think there's any commentary there, right? hahaha

This morning Hazel ate breakfast in bed.
It was her favorite. :)

Lacey was convinced that the pasture was under attack this morning.
Clearly she needed to engage her biggest, baddest, scariest, trot to scare the danger off!!
[the danger was a lawn chair that had blow down the hill. Obviously. hahahaha]

Then I lunged her this evening [get out some of that energy before the girls tomorrow!!].

She's SO muddddddy. haha

And, lastly, supervising me while I made her dinner. ;)

I hope you guys are well!!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Lacy is so incredibly adorable!
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So. Totally saw GFs post on your time line and laughed so hard. Y'all are like a dynamic duo of awesomeness and entertainment haha.

NG wise, in the ever-lasting wisdom of my mother. Guys. Just yeah. Haha (not helpful at all I know hahaha)

I obviously haven't dealt with something similar to your gluten free deal but I would just say, keep your head up, be confident and happy and lean on your friends for support if you need it. Don't make problems where there are none yet ;)

Atti=love that goat. Can't say it enough.

What if you did like 4 month rotations for Miss Hazel. If you did like March , June/July, and October you'd hit the hot months and she's still have some fluff for the colder months (nov-dec). Then again
...I don't live in Oregon so I don't really know the seasons there hahahahaha

Aaaaand Lacey. I hope I have half as much sass and awesomeness as she does when I'M an old lady lol
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So, I know that what I am about to say is nothing at all like your gluten-free thing you have to deal with but it is kind of like it even though I say its not because some people think I'm just crazy and can't believe that I.just.don'

I am an extremeeeeeely picky eater. Like okay, a palate of a 3 year old. Vegetables? no thanks. Condiments? no thanks. Fish? no thanks. you mean you don't like potatoes or ketchup? NO I DON'T. and although I know that its not as extreme as your gluten free because of course if i did just so happen to eat a vegetable I wouldn't get sick, its embarassing like you said...when you go to someones house and they have prepared this phenomenal meal that looks and smells fantastic...but yet...I don't eat ANY of it. And oh, you want to try a new restaurant? ok well let me look at their menu first. Nope, can't go there...I won't like anything. I eat everything P L A I N. People look at me like what? you want a chicken sandwich with just chicken...and the bread?

so although maybe I don't TOTALLY get it...I do kinda sorta get it. Even if it does seem silly that I'm 25 years old and probably need to get over the fact that I don't like anything. Just eat it, right? UGH. **hugs**
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Guys agonize over NG's too.....don't think for a minute they don't...

Back in the dinosaur days....I'd sit by the phone for hours trying to get the courage up to call a certain young lady.....

That fear of rejection goes both ways....just be yourself....if it's meant to will....if it's not, there's nothing you can do to make it happen.

Your don't worry, some fellow's going to figure that out real soon and you won't be able to run him off with a baseball bat.... Will it be NG? Only time will tell.
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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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She says thank you, paintsrule!! She's really the best. I'm so blessed she's in my life!!

4 month rotations is a great idea, Christy! I was also thinking maybe trying to do three shearings...somehow, and see if that's better than 2 but easier than 4. Each shearing is basically a day long fiasco and "ain't nobody got time for 'dat!!!!!"
Also, I told Gman what you said about us being a dynamic duo and his response was "Are we the Stacey and Clinton [from "What Not to Wear"] of real LIFE?! Yes please."
I think he really liked that.

That is so what it's like, Julia! The worssssst. I'm glad you "get it" even though it's not the same. Yours might actually be more frustrating for you though...I don't know! That would be tough. At least I can avoid what'll make me sick, I guess? Huh.
I hate feeling like a burden on people, but maybe this is a big ol' sign pointing to an area I need to grow in? Hmmm.

Thanks Gunslinger. :) You are so right [or, at least, I hope you're right? haha]. But really, thanks.

Haha, you guys, I wasn't going to post today since I was all "Boo! I don't have pictures to share!"...then I looked into it more and I have 5 pictures to share.

First: Saturday went really great, actually!!
It was the sweetest thing - a few people actually brought gluten free food with me in mind! One girl even brought her intended dessert and made an entire DIFFERENT dessert just for me.
Talk about the sweetest thing EVER.

I, of course, brought safe food/dessert for myself so it was all good, but it was incredibly sweet of them to think of me.

Other news: the people whose house we went to were all super into we ended up shooting guns?
I had never shot a gun before. I STILL don't know what to think.
Everybody else shot these things that were flying up in the air but, cuz I was scared, I got to shoot at a box in a gravel pile.
Never shot a gun before and I POUNDED that box.

Anyhoo, still pretty proud of myself for that one. haha

NG was hilarious about it - first he tried convincing me with words, then he tried pushing me over to the gun [clearly we are in middle school, instead of 23/24 years old], then he tried pleading. hahahahaha
Then he pretty much just ignored the whole situation.
After I was brave, he kept being all "great job" "wasn't it cool?" "Are you proud of yourself? You should be", etc.

He was pretty good at shooting guns, just in case you were wondering. He knew stuff about them...not sure how I feel about that. haha Not that it's a bad thing to know about guns, but know...sometimes guys who are into guns are also the kind who are all "shoot every deer/coyote/wild animal cuz it's FUN!" [I understand hunting on a REAL food basis, but not on a just-because basis]
And you know me, I'm all about my wild animals.

However, he didn't say anything like that at all and usually someone like that^ would. So I'm not tooo worried.

And here I am holding a gun. #annieoakley

Then, later, I was standing around and NG comes up to me with the opening line of "so I really like all your Facebook posts about kids and animals..."
Oh my gosh. This kid is literally the funniest. He's so awkward, but it's an awkwardness I totally understand. I'm exactly the same way pretty much all the time so it's just so funny. It's one of those things that I try to somewhat disguise in my life...but he just goes for it.
Watching NG operate is like watching Atticus try to walk on ice - bopping right out there...then realizing he's kind of stuck, and flailing his way back to "safety."

So that was real funny.

Things went mildly downhill on Sunday. But maybe not.

I went to church and, on the way to church, got a ticket for "not having a valid MAX fare." I forgot, like a dummy, my bus/MAX pass at home in one of my coats! THE FREAKING WORST.
So needless to say, by the time I got to church, I was a messss.

NG was right there when I walked in and asked how I was. I told him that things weren't so great but everything would be fine. Then another one of my friends came over and started asking how I was, told her "not great" and she starts probing to find out what the issue was.
At that point, I was working real hard not to cry.
NG realized that.
And he fled.
Absolutely fled.
He was right next to me one minute and as farrrrr away as possible the next.

But that was just what I needed to get those tears out of my eyes. It was THE FUNNIEST. He was so horrified.

He's clearly no Gman.
But it was so hysterical.
NG looked like a cat that someone was trying to bathe.
Oh my word, I'm laughing so hard just remembering.

He didn't sit with me this week which was ok. He sat with me in the host-meeting before church anyway.

Then, after church, he was clearly looking for me which was real sweet.
Then he found me and said "I hope your week is amazing!"

Thennnn it got awkward.
I made those cupcakes for the party-thing...but didn't end up taking them because of other stuff.
So I brought some to church: one for that friend I mentioned earlier, one for a friend who's like my sister, and another for Gman. I didn't end up seeing Gman [technically he came up to give me a hug, but it was a hug+run situation] so I didn't give him his cupcake.
And I hate leaving church with cupcakes when I bring them because what's a batch of cupcakes if they haven't been shared?!!

Clearly, I said to NG, when I saw him after church, "want a cupcake? I brought one for a friend who I never saw..."
He said "No, you should eat it! You need it."
I said "I literally have 15 more at home. *gave him cupcake*"
He looked at it...
...and, in that moment, I realized that I should have probably bought more cupcake wrappers instead of using Valentine's Day themed, heart covered, wrappers...

Because we all know how smooth I am, I recovered with "I only had Valentines Day themed cupcake's nothing weird!!"


HA. A+ for me.

Then I ran. So fast. Away.

Yesterday was a great day. hahahahaha

Poor NG. Hopefully he loves the cupcake and that makes up for my levels of awkward.
Or maybe he's doing the same thing with me that I'm doing with him - thinking I'm really funny and nice to be around because of how awkward I am... We can hope.

Anyway, in other news:

My coyote friend, Duke[ina], was hurt during that ice/snow storm we had a few weeks ago. She seemed to have broken a front leg or something since she's not weight bearing at alll on it.
I was really worried for her about that because not "having" a front leg really limits her hunting abilities. That was about a month ago and I've been really hoping she'll make it, but not keeping my hopes up too much.

Then this morning, when I went up to feed, she went hobbling through the pasture in front of me! Then she stopped to wait and a second coyote went loping through, joined up with her to watch me, then they ran off together!

This make me so happy!!!! Duke[ina] was looking really good too - hopefully this hubby of hers is helping her. I've never seen her in the company of another coyote so I'm hopeful that this new friend is there to help her.
What an absolutely heartwarmingly wonderful world.

To go with Duke[ina], I'm naming this guy "Dutch"...cuz every Duke needs a Dutchess...but "Duke" turned out to be a girl. And Duke[ina] and Duke is just confusing.
So Duke[ina] and Dutch it is.

Time for pictures!!

Mr. Atti

Hazel yawning.

"Look, I TOLD you not to take my picture. RUDE."

Then today.

"You seem to love this horse more than me..maybe I'll get more attention if I disguise myself as her??"


What a wonderful thing.

I hope you guys are doing great!!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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Haha, I just love your posts so much :')

Firstly, NG sounds just hilarious. Awkward guys can be the best kind ;D

I must have missed Duke[ina] in previous posts... But I feel oddly attached already. You should try to get some photos of her and the lover boy. I really like coyotes.

And, of course, your beasties look just lovely, as usual! 8D

The sensitivity of the internet baffles me.
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