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Lacey and me, the journey.

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        06-20-2013, 06:26 PM
    It looks like a type of morning glory, judging by the trumpet flower petals. It'd be interesting to find out!
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        06-24-2013, 07:23 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Good guess Sky!!
    Somehow that got me thinking about other search terms to use to describe it and I found it!! It's apparently a "Cape Primrose" and it's apparently super closely related to the African Violet, so I suppose that's probably how my Grandma got confused initially. Anyway, yay for knowing what it is now!

    Oh yeah, so my brother, Gentleman Friend, Gentleman Friend's littlest brother, and I went to the Zoo on Friday. No pictures but it went great! My brother and Gentleman Friend got along super well (not that that realllly matters, but they're both super important to me so it's certainly nice!) and Gentleman Friends little brother seemed to enjoy himself as well.
    I made us all brownies. Haha They were all suitably impressed. I did not divulge that this GF brownie recipe I found literally takes 15 minutes to throw together AND it's fun. I just basked in the glory of all their compliments.
    And I felt sort of honored because Gentleman Friend tagged us as all being together in a Facebook post. Again, not that it really matters, but he rarely posts about somewhere he went so it was kind of special to be among the ones he's excited enough about being with that the world needed to know?
    It was a liiiiitttttle awkwardly hilarious though - the three of them have pretty similar coloring (dark hair, dark eyes, tall, perpetually tan skin tone, etc)...and then there's me...who is none of those things (besides relatively tall with dark eyes). They decided that I was their token redheaded stepchild. I felt like I had a harem. It was something, for sure.
    Anyway, we had fun and everybody agreed that we should hang out again.

    The interview on Saturday....I don't know how that went. I have mixed feelings. I got along well with the people there and I agreed with most of their practices....but in keeping with typical Oregon, the horses all had TERRIBLE feet (it IS next to impossible to find a good farrier here though so I'm not judging them tooo much on that and their hooves weren't terrible as in being neglected, they were just terrible as in the farrier doing them knows very little). And the lady in charge stated repeatedly that she wasn't looking for a "horse snob" or someone who was going to try to make the horses more important than implements for the job = as you can probably imagine, not my favorite concept. Of course, I really hope I'm NOT a "horse snob" but at the same time, if "horse snob" means that I generally know my way around horses and that I want the best for horses, then sign me up. Guilty.
    However, if they offer me the job, I'll take it. At least for the next 6 months!
    I bet though that they won't though just because of a feeling I got (like they were looking for an older, out of college-type applicant)...but we'll see.
    And I realized that if I were to get this job and continue there into Winter Term, I would be stuck for a full school year of waking up at 4:30am, M/W/F, for a full day of 8am-5pm hour away from home. And I don't know how much I want to do that. I'm stuck doing that already for Fall Term but for all three terms? I might die. 10am-4pm was hard enough, Fall and Winter Term this year....

    Anyway, we'll see. What's meant to be will be and what's not won't. I'm unconcerned. Bummed, certainly, but unconcerned.


    Atti is getting so big!!

    Sunday morning. How cute are they!!


    This morning Atti and I went on a hike. He's knows so many words now! This is him demonstrating "stay." He's also GREAT at "back up" and sort of great at "come." I wonder if I could teach him to lay down on command? That could be super handy.....
    He was relaxed enough this time that I'm thinking that perhaps taking him to a real trail somewhere might be a possibility this summer! We'll see, of course, and I probably should start with car training before getting too excited (train him to calmly hop in and out of my van, then short rides around the neighborhood, then trips to the park that's 5 minutes away, etc) but YES!! This'll be awesome. I've always wanted a dog to take places....I guess my "dog" was just a goat named Atticus!

    Thanks for looking!
        06-25-2013, 02:31 PM
    Atti is so awesome. I wish I would run into someone on a hike with a goat out in the woods...or out playing fetch or something at the park. I would immediately know that that person is the best person ever. You totally make me want to buy a goat!!! He seems to have the most amazing personality (as far as you can tell through the pictures). Is it weird that he reminds me of my 4 year old nephew? Always happy and romping around without a care in the world? And Hazel seems all matronly-like. I could see her with a British accent...sipping on some tea and eating crumpets.

    I definitely have conversations between all of your animals as I'm looking at your pictures. And they all have different voices.
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        06-25-2013, 04:24 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Hahaha that's great jcraig! Makes my day. :) Atti definitely has a great personality - LOTS of energy though. If the goats were dogs, Hazel would be that show-bred Lab who's perfectly content to hang out on the couch and eat [which I love, of course]...while Atticus would be the crazy Border Collie who can't sit still for a second. Of course, I'm totally a BC person so we lucked out...but if I wasn't, I can see how goats sometimes have a bad rep. I'm sure it's his Alpine side, they're apparently known for being one of the more high maintenance/sassy breeds.
    Someone {ME! Haha} should have done more research into breed traits...I figured goat breed traits would be something like horse breed traits = 65% true, at the best. And oh no. Hazel fits the breed traits of an Angora perfectly and Atti fits his Alpine side to a T. Of course.
    Glad I got a really laid back breed and a fiery one. I would be DEAD with two Atti's!! Hahaha
    Romping around and happy is definitely Mr. Atti! And crumpets and tea, plus British accent, is 100% Hazel. Sometimes I think Hazel is the goat version of Judy Dench. All sassy, but proper.

    Speaking of Atti, I found a picture of him about a week after I brought them home and made a collage of it with a current picture. How grown up is he???!!
    Not to mention that he's now 6 inches taller.

    Sassy Mrs. Hummingbird at my house this morning:

    SassyPants herself! She was really thrilled to see me this morning. I think she was hoping we were going to go on a ride. Too bad I really messed up my back yesterday and she needs to have her back hooves done before we go on a we have to wait until my back is less dead. I HOPE I'll be feeling ok enough to do her hooves tomorrow but we'll have to see. At this point, even walking is mildly ouchy and bending over is totally out of the picture.
    [I trimmed Lacey's hooves yesterday, after my back was already sore-ish from doing a little tack room cleaning, and then I must have twisted wrong picking up everyone's dinner from their spots on the tack room floor...etc]

    "Goat is snuggle powered. Needs snuggles to survive."

    I went out to check on my garden, in my back yard, and discovered that my lettuce, zucchini, peas, and carrots have finally decided to make an appearance!

    And that is all for today. Thanks for looking!

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        06-27-2013, 02:31 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Went on our weekly ride today! She did super well, really seemed to enjoy herself. Have I mentioned that I love this horse?

    And we got our picture!

        06-29-2013, 06:28 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Nothing really to report but I'm bored sooooo......

    I forgot to tell you guys the best story from our Thursday ride!
    So remember that pitbull from last week's ride? And how Lacey got antsy about him?
    I was a bit worried for this ride about any dogs we might meet because our most recent experience was sort of negative and I was concerned that we might end up with another negative experience on top of that one, you know how that goes. Lacey is generally really great with dogs so I really didn't want to ruin that.
    Anyway, first we met a GSP with her family, a nice dog. She trotted up to Lacey, sniffed her, wiggled all around, and kept going. Lacey initially was unsure - she much prefers dogs that ignore her, but it was a split second little "wobble" and she immediately got over it.

    THEN, not even 5 minutes later, we came upon a little boy, maybe 9-ish years old, walking a Boxer mix [I bet the other half was Lab or Border Collie, but who knows]. So basically the poor kid was the same size as his dog. This dog saw Lacey and FREAKED. He immediately started baying and jumping around, dragging his little owner all over [kid was walking alone, with no parent around - not something I would ever let happen for a multitude of reasons, haha]. I initially asked Lacey to keep walking since sometimes that's all a dog needs to cam down...but not this one. So I had Lacey stop and the kid started walking past us...until the dog snapped his collar.
    So this dog comes lunging for Lacey [he was super nervous about her and in a "fight mode" = my least favorite situation] but, like the freaking boss she is, she just stood there and didn't move a muscle, like "come at me, bro." Thankfully the kid was smart enough to just start walking away and the dog eventually followed him.

    But really. I can't even get over how great Lacey is. I don't have a dog, no one who sees her regularly has a dog, but she still just has a knack for dealing with them and reading their body language like a book. I'm not sure how she does it since she can barely see, maybe it's their energy... My favorite thing is that she seems to really just love more aggressive dogs. The more confrontational they are with her, the more she's all like "Um, NO SIR."
    Personally, I always feel nervous about dogs, loose dogs especially, but she doesn't care. I guess that's why we're so good together. We're both anxious about things but the things we're anxious about are complementary - the things I worry about, she loves, and the things she worries about don't bother me.

    She's wonderful. :)
    And especially considering that I used to be, and still kind of am, a SUPER timid rider.

    Funny story, on a similar note: when I was growing up, my dream horse was a flea-bitten gray Arabian mare. Basically this mare lived inside my mind and it was basically like she was really mine...only inside my head. I often dreamed about riding her and it was just wonderful.
    And now I have a flea-bitten gray Arabian mare who's my perfect soul partner. It's hardly conceivable that that could be a coincidence.

    Also, our 5 year "anniversary" is in 16 days! Tin! Time flies.
    5 year HF "anniversary" too!

    We're in the midst of a huge heat wave here (don't laugh guys, it NEVER gets much over 90* here and especially not for days in a row ) and the kiddos are hating it. However, I'm SO ridiculously proud of Lacey and so thrilled about the goats - Lacey's summer pattern is to stand out in the sun grazing all day, no matter the temperature, and she basically gives herself heatstroke. She gets disoriented and cranky and basically turns into a poo-face, then I have to hose her off everyday and really carefully watch her for signs of heatstroke. Last summer I even ended up locking her in her stall all day on the hottest days to make sure she stayed in the shade.

    But guess what??!!
    Yesterday and today I went up there in the heat of the afternoon and discovered that Lacey had chosen to join the goats in the shed, in the shade, for the afternoon. Yesterday they all came out once it had cooled down a bit but they refused to leave the shed while it was still too hot.
    So proud!!
    This makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about this summer. Lacey's eyes flare up when she gets too hot as well, so this is a double blessing.

    Yaaaaaay goats!!

    Speaking of which, I have some rando pictures for you guys. :)

    Someoneeee was VERY tired this morning. Partied too hard last night, Atti?

    The gang.

    Tell me how I can say no to this face. HOW CUTE IS SHE????????
    She's started "helping" me feed in the morning, it's about the cutest thing ever. I open the door to the tack room and she'll come stand in the doorway and watch me feed. I give her little tidbits of everything as I dole out everyone's portion and she seems to really enjoy that. She doesn't even get pushy, she just stands there very patiently the whole time.
    She's super super sweet.

    I hope you guys are all doing well!! :)
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        06-29-2013, 06:59 PM
    I forgot to mention earlier - I'm glad Hazel has gone back to curls again as she's just not Hazel without them.
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        07-01-2013, 10:59 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Meeeeeee too, Chevaux!! I wholeheartedly agree!

    The pasture finalllllllly got mowed today! I think this was probably the perfect time for it, some tansy was already starting to bloom and the rest of it was starting to think about blooming. HAH, tansy! Take THAT.
    But, bummer side, I basically had to stay up at the pasture all 90* heat [remember, 80* is hot here. Hahha] so I might be dead. Plus side: I am WAY tan-er now than I was at this time last week. Of course, being a redhead, I probably should not be excited about that...but it's super nice to not have to be too concerned about blinding people when I wear shorts.
    Anyhoo, the pasture is all classy looking again now and that's pretttty nice.
    Lacey seems really excited about it - who can blame her. I think having weeds hit her in the legs constantly is probably disconcerting, since her legs are basically her main resource in finding her way around.

    Atticus couldn't hardly believe his eyes when he saw that tractor pulling a pasture mower! It was hilarious. I think his eyes bugged out of his head!
    Hazel was just scared and Lacey played the part of the "overprotective mare" - she herded the goats into the shed, into "her" stall, and kept them there until he felt that the danger was 'less'. For a mare who's never actually had a foal, MAN. Hahaha

    Also, Atticus got a real bath yesterday! With shampoo and everything. He did SO well! It was just like bathing a well behaved dog or a similarly well behaved horse. He loooooooved the shampoo part - "so much petting!!" I was really surprised, in a good way. He really is a dog!


    Fun fact: dragonflies are nasty looking critters this close up and in color! Haha

    Hazel was sure the mowing man was going to eat her soul = "Emily will protect me!!"
    She's also developed a lovely habit of licking, of course, she was licking my neck. I'm not a huuuuge fan of it but she's just so cute. How can I say no to that face!!?
    She has loose salt available but I guess neck-salt is better? Silly cute girl!

    More hiding.

    Mowed pasture! So classy.

    "Hmmm, yes, I think I will delicately eat this piece of mowed down thistle. Delicious!"

    Proud of herself. :)

    And that is all for now! I hope you guys are all doing great!
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        07-02-2013, 11:17 PM
    Super Moderator
    This morning Atti and I went on a hike. He's knows so many words now! This is him demonstrating "stay." He's also GREAT at "back up" and sort of great at "come." I wonder if I could teach him to lay down on command? That could be super handy.....
    He was relaxed enough this time that I'm thinking that perhaps taking him to a real trail somewhere might be a possibility this summer! We'll see, of course, and I probably should start with car training before getting too excited (train him to calmly hop in and out of my van, then short rides around the neighborhood, then trips to the park that's 5 minutes away, etc) but YES!! This'll be awesome. I've always wanted a dog to take places....I guess my "dog" was just a goat named Atticus!

    Red......the goat whisperer....
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        07-03-2013, 11:41 PM
    Teen Forum Moderator
    Haha something like that, Leah! My friends like to tease me that I could train anything to do anything...I don't think that's precisely true, but when you don't take "can't" for an answer... My cat even does tricks.
    Did I tell you about how Hazel knows her name now? It's THE BEST. You holler "Hazel!!" and she swivels her head around fast as lightning. I guess she likes Hazel better than "Tone" [pronounced Tony, of course].

    Someone was excited about dinner last night:

    And then he got hosed down. He was not sure how to take this but Lacey seemed pretty ok with being hosed, so water must not be deadly!

    Then it was time to play.

    [this one is so morose feeling to me...but great because he looks like some kind of mountain goat/gazelle]

    And Miss FluffyPants wanted to snuggle. She LOVES to come over, basically lean her chest on my shoulder, and just stand there like that. So weird.
    Of course, she also likes to hide her eyes on my legs when something "scary" is happening [hoof trimming, shearing, etc]. She's such an adorable dork.

    The gang.

    Then, this morning we got up bright and early for an 8am ride+beat the heat.
    It went really well! Lacey had a blast. She was definitely tired from all the hot weather [she only wanted to canter once!] but she seemed happy to be out. I think a lot of it was mental though - we passed an intersection with 3 garbage trucks all blaring and moving around, at least 8 walkers and runners, many bright sunny spots [terrifying evil monsters! It's because her world is so dark and the sun spots show up as REALLY bright, you know], 2 excited dogs, 1 friendly dog, it was just a whole lot for a horse that's been standing in a shed all day for a week. It took her a while to calm down completely but, by the end of the ride, she had chilled and relaxed.

    Also, the heat wave has finally broken! It only got up to 80* today. THANK GOODNESS.
    To make use of the new coolness, I thought I would make cookies. They came out like balls of pie crust. I'm a bit bummed. However, now I have a pie crust recipe?? Hahahahaha

    And that, my friends, is all for now.
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