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life on my farm

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        05-27-2007, 12:22 AM
    Took abby for a relaxing walk today....cut through our pasture and walked up along side the property line...lizzy the barn cat followed the whole way....abby is going great and learning more and more every day, stoped to look at phyco's it looks really's a really nasty yellow color, it's been cut for a week now and no one has come to bail it, but abby abd lizzy kept us with each other, lizzy got dumped off at our farm about 6 weeks ago and had her kittens in my husbands fishing boat about 3 weeks ago
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        05-27-2007, 01:00 AM
    Lol....i should a bumper sticker that's say's.....I STOP FOR KITTIES....had to stop typing on the last one due to a truck odly stoping on the edge of our farm, it was my hubby who had stop because he thought that there was a hit kitty, it was just napping on the road up when he stoped the truck.....we have had a lot of dumps here latley....lizzy is one of them, I moved lizzy and her kittens to the back porch last week end because of the on comming storms this week and thought yesterday would be a great day for them to move back to the boat, lizzy thought difrent and returned them to the box on the back
    I'm giving abby the next 2 days off so I can get some thing's done around the farm like building a coop for my mothersday presents
        05-28-2007, 12:45 AM

    Here's a pic of lizzy kittens, all 4 are the same ( one is hidding in the pic) abby and I had a nice moon light walk tonight and yes lizzy toted along with us
        05-28-2007, 02:34 AM
    Wow this is great, it's like talking to my self and know one is listening...that happens a lot in my house hold...any ways it's been desided that star get's to stay (abby little bro) the other 4 must go!!! Star turned 2 in march and will be heading off to the trainer in the fall for 2 months (abby was a easy brake) but star is like his dad ( lucky died last year) i've laways like how he moves....his trot is smoothe, and can turn on a dime, ok if you saw me you be hauling me off to the loonie bin by now....i've looked at servrel horses this week that have had back grounds that could choke a hamster , dor bar, dash for chash, san peppy, 2 eyed jack??? That one i've haven't herd of, but my daughter hasn't clicked with any of these high priced horses, she wants to keep star and get him trained....go figure
        06-01-2007, 06:12 PM
    Wow it feels great being down to 7 horses now, 4 are being sent to auction monday and my border left one here , I told her i'd bring her by on tuesday, i'll finally have more pature pets.....i stood there in the front yard waitting for a hour with a spastic horse waitting for the trailer to show up, but depite the rain and the lightning he loaded up qiuck (it's been really stormy here the last few days), didn't really work with abby or star that much yesterday, well star I did, he let me groom his main with out nipping me now if I could only pull it but he's really starting to warm up to thing's, the sheriff dept cought some guy walking around our farm with a video camrea (not sure why) but we're having him charged with trustpassing with crimenal intent, we're not sure if he has some thing to do with the phyco next door, but we're having the cam guy charged to set an example, any ways my husband wants to move out of state and I want to stand my ground.....(sorry it's a canadian thing) I tihnk i've become a lot more stronger since my mom died in april (long story) but think of the yaya sister hood movie......but any ways as of monday I will be down to 2 horses and it will stay that way
        09-21-2007, 12:12 AM
    Ok haven't wrttien here in a while, I guess thing's have been a little buissy over the summer and the puters been on the fritz since sunday.
    Haven't been out side in the past 2 days that much (massive head cold) and will not take any thing for it.

    Went and saw the horses and gave them there dinner tonight, I guess there has been a bucket issue since my husband was feeding them because the buckets look pretty beaten up and abby a discruntled look on her face. Any ways I changed feed's last week and the new feed has done wonders for star, abby's just pudgy in the first place.

    Good news, we cought the kid who was sneaking in to our paddock when we were not home (it happend again last monday) the little guy confessed in the patrol car to my husband. We wont have to worry about him getting in there for a while but when he returns we'll sit down and talk with his parents about his incounters with our horses.

    I'm still looking for a driving harness and a cart for abby so it will both give us some thing to do as for star I still haven't figured out where he'll go for training, i've got to work on getting a halter on him again I think he's got some trust issues for the moment (this kid was not too right minded) and notice star was a little difrent.
    Speaking of carts does any one know a web site on how to build one?

    Any ways I guess that's all I have to say tonight

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