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The Life and Times of G. Coleman-Jared-G. Shalot-B. Chan-Horatio-Z. Braff-A. Banderas

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        06-18-2010, 02:48 PM
    =) Awesome. We've got one reader.

    Tuesday November 3, 2009
    Coony came to the house almost every night for food, and since returning he had become so fat that proportionately he was a basketball with limbs. He was so fat that he had to sit or lay down every few minutes to rest. When he first came home he'd still been able to squeeze through the railings of the deck, and now he could barely haul himself up to the top of the fence. Despite his mass obesity, he still tried to climb onto your shoulder.

    Thursday December 3, 2009
    The raccoon by now weighed at least 40 lbs, and was twice the size of the Jack Russell Casey. He loved to "rassle", but if you chittered to him he'd let you pet him. He rarely came to the house anymore. As we wrestled today he tumbled into the grain bin and without even pausing to get into a more comfortable position, immediately he began scooping fistfuls of grain into his mouth.

    Thursday February 4, 2010
    Coony had grown twice as long as my shoulders, but still would ride around on them.

    Monday February 15, 2010
    Today I dragged Coony down from the rafters and was trying to hold him but he had other ideas. He was scrabbling and desperate to get away and his claw caught me on my cheek, right below my eye. It wasn't intentional-he wasn't even facing me when he did it-it was more just my face was in the wrong place as he struggled. Dad was in the barn doing chores as it happened but I was too embarrassed to tell him so I just went back to the house and he didn't notice. I went in and drowned the cut in Dettol and hydrogen peroxide-I did not want an infection that close to my eye. The cut was red, shiny and it burned like a b***h.

    Wednesday February 17, 2010
    The cut should have, logically, just been a scratch, but instead it festered into a burn-looking wound that covered almost the entire side of my face. It didn't hurt by this point, and I barely noticed until people I passed gave me weird looks and asked about it. One of the teachers was concerned that my parents were like, beating me or something :P Odd enough as it is, it took my parents a few days for them to figure it out. My mom doesn't come home till late and didn't see me for a few days, and dad either doesn't look at me that closely or never commented on it until mom freaked out.
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        06-18-2010, 02:51 PM
    Monday May 17, 2010
    Coony came up to the back door last night, and when the cat saw him she flipped right out. Her tail was fluffed out to massive proportions and didn't smooth down for quite a while.

    He comes and goes-for a few weeks we don't see hide nor tail of him, and then he'll come back for a few days before leaving again...where he goes, who knows?
        06-18-2010, 03:01 PM
    Thursday June 10, 2010
    This morning Coony got into dad's office and the shop and destroyed EVERYTHING-threw the papers off the shelves, tore down all the wall hangings, ripped up the leather chair, tossed the phone off the hook..Dad caught him and put him in a cage and we, once again, drove him down to the swamp. Well we hadn't gone more than 200 feet down the road before we look back to see a snip of fur disappear over the tailgate and as dad slowed to circle I saw a brown pelt roll 20 feet down the road then duck into the long grass. Though I didn't really expect him to come to me, I got out and called him anyways. I heard the grasses rustling and he actually came over to me. He only fought half-heartedly as I picked him up and took him back over to the truck. At first I thought he would be hurt from such a brutal fall and roll, but my worries were futile. You'd be VERY hard-pressed to seriously hurt or kill a raccoon, short of a bullet or something. Again we stuffed him in the cage and I rode in the back with him for a few miles. He stank-badly. When we stopped I expressed my concern of him getting hit on the road and dad just said: "Hah-f*** him!" but didn't object as I carried the squirming animal about 50 feet into the forest then booked it back to the truck before he could follow.

    *Oh yeah, forgot to mention-a few days before he'd hurt his eye somehow. He didn't lose the eye, but as you can see in the pictures it's swollen and half-closed.

    So far, he hasn't returned...but then again it's not been very long. I would not be surprised if he turns up in a month or two.

    I took all these pictures the last day as he was in the cage.
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