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Lucifer and I - Diary of a french story

Lucifer's story

First of all, I think this is better to tell you our story...
Lucifer was born the 14th June 1999 at the Poney Club de la Suize. His mother was Ophelie, a pony mare too dangerous to be ride, and his father was Azeer an arabian stallion.
I met Lucifer when he was a baby never thought that he will become my horse later...

4 years passed, I was riding in another club because of a lot of problems in my first pony-club. But I came back, it was calm, and really close to my home. Lucifer was now a pony to ride but very small for me.

But one day my riding teacher told me: "Sorry, Dypson (a trotter), and Balthazar (a tall pony), arn't feeling good, you'll have to ride Lucifer.". For me it was ok, just a time, no soucy. But I fall in love with this little pony. He was exactly what I don't like in a horse (not nervous, not jumping, very bad in dressage) but I don't know why, once I was in the saddle, it was clear to me it was my pony.
For my riding teacher, it seemed that it be clear too because she took us to jumping competition (I hate jumping) and... we won! incredible the pony who hate jumping permit me to won!

And so the story began... I rode Lucifer once a week, the other time I had to ride "good horses" but the week-end, I came to see him, just brushing him, talking to him... He became my best friend, I was 16/17 years old, and I need a friend...

We had so good moment, but it wasn't my horse... Others could ride him, it was really hard for me to see how my job on it was putting away by young riders... One day I could jump 1m, the other it was impossible to gallop because of the others... Not only beginners...
I was more and more close to him, I started eventing, he was just incredible, he gave me all his heart...

But we continued to do jumping, it was the only way for me to ride him and to stzy close to him more than 3hours/week...

It was better and better even if we didn't won each time, I wanted to be with him not to win.

and in march 2006, Lucifer was mine after big troubles with my riding teacher...

This was the best moment of my life. I was so happy!

Lucifer and Me, Neige and my sister
We were really close to each other... I trusted him...

And he trusted me...

And we moved to another equestrian center... Beginning of problems...

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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New club - April 2006

At the beginning all was fine, I had a teacher to help me to ride good, she said...
My pony was, first time of his life, allowed to go the field, and, we could go to ride in the country side. It was paradise... Yes but... this was her notion to good ride:

but I was sure that was good... So I was listening to her. Doing her way...

I became to be scared, and Lucifer started to do something that afraid me a lot: bucking me off like a wild bronco...
Now he was living in the field with his friends...

But I was trying to keep the "link" behind us:
I trained myself and him to prepare a dressage. First dressage. We finished 66% this was pretty good! I was really happy, thinking that I did the best for him!

But then... I broke my hand in sport at school, and I couldn't ride during two months, december/january, bad surprise in january, once in saddle, he bucked me off very hard, I had to stay in bed during a week, I couldn't move.... This was horrible, I was afraid, and I didn't understand what I did bad...
My sister rode him, and in the end of february, I accepted to ride him five minutes, scared on his back but on his back again!

So it was time to continued. My teacher didn't want to teach me anymore because I didn't want to jump or to go to eventing with her (just for paying her competition!)...
So my sister was my teacher... She put me back in saddle and teach me.
For me it was better, I wasn't scared of my horse, and I was ok to go to dressage again...
It was like a rebirth!

I was so happy to get back again on him, but for short time... Now under saddle he was nervous, very nervous... And he tried again to buck me off when I was riding the country side on a road, he bucked my sister off and a friend of mine too... But we rode him again and again, so it passed... But I was stressed... and again my teacher didn't want to help us.

I was really sressed... If something was frightening me, I was frightening my horse, and jump off not to be bucked! What a stupid situation!

And for my birthday, I rode him very soft, very cool, I was happy because it was a beautiful day, I was with a friend of mine, and she wanted to try him (she is better than me as a rider) and he bucked her off:

it was the 4th august 2007...
For my studies I had to move and I decided to take my pony with me...

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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New life - September 2007

And so we moved... It was a nice pony-club with fields...

and to me, it was time to get back on the saddle...
So I did and it was great!

I was with my pony again! Really best thing ever! Even in jumping!

What could I wished? This was great! But one day my mother went with my sister to see the pony and I, and I was stressed because my parents are always saying: "you are not as good as your sister!", "you are bad!", and I wanted to show I wasn't, and I don't know why, but Lucifer was afraid by something and I fell down.
The director of the barn saw me and he tell my motehr something, so I had to put my pony into his lessons with his riders! this was as if he was again a pony for a club, and I had no choice! My parents convinced me that it was the best I could do! I trusted them, again
and that guy just wanted my pony because my pony looks like a good jumper! he wanted me to allow him to take him to competition! No way!

And when my pony was very ill, I stayed with him, taking care of him, but he was always saying that it was too much for just a pony!

And one day, he changes my pony and when I was working, my pony tried to escape, to go again to his last field, I fall down in the sand... And run after him I was so afraid... he could go to the road! After this incident, all seemed to be ok...

I was riding again... and a lot because I had a love pain... And to forgot the boy, I make choice to ride and to take care of Lucifer again and again because he will never let me like this boy...

Of course, I fell again down, because I tried to jump and I was (and I am ^^) a bad jumper! but I wasn't afraid, I had really work on and with him, so all was ok.

I worked hard during summer, to arrive to this result:

And then I had to go back to Univ, seing him once a week... But it was ok, it was as if we were connected again!

But he is a horse, and he stays one, sometimes, he is remebering that his father was arabian...

But I could ride him without saddle when I wanted... In my mind it was definitly all right!

Beautiful days were coming and I decided to put my pony with my sister's horses...

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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With my Sister's horses - spring 2009

First pf all, my sister has now six horses, my parents give her whatever she wants and pays her all, I have to pay for my horse.
There you will only see 3 or 4 of her horses...

Lucifer met his new friends, he already known Neige but not Tryszka and Rivale.
He was happy in the field... But I was at University most part of the time because of exams, and I just come back for the week end, I spend my whole time with him... But one day he jumped out of the field, I had to run quickly because of the cars and bus! I was so afraid, my heart was beating too much!
I was asking myself: "Was it a good decision to leave the club?"...
But I rode him and it was ok...

It was such beautiful days, I could ride him and it was really great! Once again I was really happy to ride him even if my sister was looking at me...

My pony was there, I could see him all the day, it was really best time ever!

but my parents decided to put him in another field, 600km away during the summer because it was in project that I had to do to another country the year after... but it didn't happened due to big troubles at university...

So I rode him a last time before he far away from me...

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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September 2009

In september, he movec again to be next to me. I thought this was the best thing to do!
I had a friend to see him when I can't and bus to go to see him (because I don't have car).

For me this was a great deal! My pony will work just with a very good friend!
So I started to ride him again after 3 months without a rider.
All was ok, he was listening to me and very nice!

So i put my friend in the saddle, and teach her the way to do with him. All was ok, at the beginning... but after three weeks, she phoned me: "he bucked me off, I can't move, I can't ride again for a moment!"...
I thought she was making than bigger so I wanted to see my pony and I rode him without any problems...

and more! I put my boyfriend on him because he was really nice! and my boyfriend, who isn't a rider was pretty good on him!

But I was looking for someone to ride and take care of him when I couldn't...
This way I found someone who looked like a very good rider... So I said ok...
And I continued to come to ride him and once I was just sat in my saddle, he started to buck me I fall down on the road and he run away! I jumped on my leg and run after him and I found him but I was scared and very hurt in my back...
I was all to do again
I was scared, I just come to take care of him, but even if I wanted to ride, it was always rainning...

My boyfriend was always coming with me taking carre of the pony too because if I love the pony, he has to love him too =)

the other girl continued to ride him but she was worst and worst never listening to me, and thinking he was her horse...
She asked me to continued to pay the price in the farm but to give her the pony! So one week ago I said "STOP, you go away!"...
And this is a new begin problem: she stole me a lot of things for my horse...
Last wednesday, my pony was seen by a "osthéopathe" for his back, no problem,

so now, I am waiting for sunday because he will change of home for anotehr one, better and closer, because now, it's time to start again but only him and me...

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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Wonderful story. Good luck with your pony!

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just explaining why I'm right.

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

It's not always what you say but what they hear.
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Thanks! I hope everything will be ok and I will do all to make it ok!

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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Yesterday I bought the straw and hay for the pony, he arrives on Sunday! I am impatient to see him in his new stable but the owner of the stable must give me the code of the padlock of the field of my pony.

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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Today it was the day-D, Lucifer left his pension for a new home. I have been very afraid. This morning at 7.00, the transport called me for asked if it was always good. A friend brought me to the club and Lucifer was on the other side of the highway! It was necessary to make it cross between cars to put it into the stable. It has no other horse so he was nervous. I loaded my saddle andd brushes into the car and I waited for the transport. When it arrived, it was necessary to carry my pony in. Then we left towards new pension. The pony disembarked well. We put him some minutes in the new lock-up stable before putting him in the field. It will take back job slowly on Wednesday.

he looks so happy

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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Today it was time to work together, and I think the Parelli's seven games are a good beginning.
First of all, Lucifer is a little bit stress by his new home, I can understand, there is a lot of wind and I had to keep him cool and calm in his head. I was stressed, because I need to keep cool too, to be sure of him and of myself...
So I try to do two of this games in an open area:

I now for Lucifer it's hard to trust me again, I was so far of him last months because of university... But after some minutes he was ok...

Then I made him stand back, after a few minutes he did it alone without any pression! I was really proud of him!

then I wanted him to move his back:

after a few minutes, he understood!

I was so proud of him

working again

Then I made him turning around then stand back

Good boy

"Ce n'est pas une liaison, c'est ma raison de vivre"
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