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    11-23-2012, 07:04 PM
Had my normal Friday lesson yesterday - was going to be riding the new mare, but rode another horse (from post #) as she was dead lame - because my normal riding horse is having a break and resting a paddock in the hills somewhere.
The lesson went really well, when I went to go get him I wasnt really looking forward to my lesson anymore because when I last rode him, first and last time - or so I thought, he was really unresponsive and generally really annoying (ignores cues, crop, and squeezing), but I am glad I rode him, as he went really well that lesson (we cantered, worked on his leg yeilding and diagonals), my instructor/boss kept grinning and saying "Im waiting for the real him to come back, he actually almost looks like a horse now!" to which mum and I couldnt agree more with, I was really impressed by his effort and concentration 90% of the time yesterday - even another rider who came for a lesson, couldnt believe how good he was, as last time he had been really unco with her, she really was shocked and couldnt believe the difference in him!
Hosed him down and sweat scraped him after the ride, before rugging him and taking him back to his paddock - whilst teaching a girl how to do all this, and then I went and got the horse she was booked in to ride.
Was offered to work both days on weekends from now on, as I had only been doing Sunday. Grabbed it!! Then went and quit from the racing stables, after telling them we would be interested (discussion with instructor/boss last week) in 15/16hh quiet TB's after they finish racing (they dog them ) - and they said they would keep it in mind... (going to drop the number and other contact details off to them in their letterbox, as a reminder even though I told her the name of the place.
Really glad I don't have to work at the Racing Stable anymore - I was going to work there until Dec 14th (I have worked Fridays AM and PM, all year, here) and am glad I don't have to put up with the horse care, or should I say a lack of, any more. Yesterday morning as I left, I heard them discussing how they had shot a mare in the head at the races in a stall, because she was stressed..... Charming right? Guess they figured she wasnt winning enough, and since they couldnt drug her (detection).... Im just glad she didnt go to the doggers in a way.... Had we known (instructor/boss and I) we probably would have just gone and got her... .
Will be starting the two sat/sun work next weekend - am just working my normal sunday this weekend - flat out tired. Really excited about this, as she said she has plans for me at the riding school, and wants to teach me to be an instructor there, then going for a training qualifications certificate! Gettign my work top next weekend hopefully!
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    11-26-2012, 11:51 PM
Worked today (Team Manager as usual now)- got my uniform (shirt and cap) and did a mad dash into teh tack room shed to swap my clothes .
Had alot of lessons today, constantly getting horses ready, giving drinks, tacking up/untacking, returning horses to paddocks, and putting horses in the holding yards.
I rode the new OTT gelding today, he went pretty well considering he has not had much training in the way of riding other than training as a racehorse. He has been fattened back up to normal size with a bit still to go (picked up from the meat man), so the fat is also making him feel pretty **** good. I enjoyed riding him! He is currently for sale, everyone kept telling me I should buy him considering how well he went for me today (also first time I have ridden him) because no one else can or is game enough to control him. He's a good boy - alot to learn, a total spook bug, but man oh man..that movement and his look at me presence... Wow. Can't buy and care for a horse atm, so I wont be buying him, but my instructor/boss has told me if he doesnt sell soon (a girl wants him but keeps making up excuses as to why she doesnt want to ride him, yet will ride others), then I may have him for myself to have as my Project Horse, and can ride him whenever I like - Win win!
Im really looking forward to this, as I really doubt the sale will go through with the girl, my instructor/boss has made it clear if she can't ride him, she wont be able to buy him from her.
The girls that were really getting up my hair, have now become all buddy buddy towards me guess that's what happens when you are firm that you are boss and things need to be done for a reason, but still have a laugh.
When the lessons were done for the day, me and 4 other girls took the horses that had just been used (walk trot really), untacked them, and rode them bareback (bridles still on) in the arena's, good way for us all to have some fun together, and the first time I had ridden bareback since I was about 12ish.
Had a few keen to help girls today, so that was good for me and for them! One of the girls had a bit of a ride on the new mare that I was going to ride on friday, who is now sound (was lame).
My friend (Laine) came today, she is alot younger than me but really mature for her years! She came to ride the mare (who I rode bareback later that day) but was petrified and litterally crying her eyes red... her mum screaming and swearing at her to get on the horse and get over her tantrum, didnt help. She is not a tantrum kind of girl... she is literally petrified (has come off a few times due to not realising the signs of a horse/balance... and also her fear) so we put her with my instructor/boss to help her out a bit, and she finally got on for her ride - yay! I was glad... because her mum had screamed if she didnt get on the horse, she was never coming back here again - Laine was mortified, considering she always has to beg her parents to let her come volunteer/ride here. Im so glad she got on, it wont be straight away that her confidence gets up, but the more she gets on and trys, the easier it will become.
Got told the little arab mare they have there, had been sold the day before, and will be picked up next weekend. She's a nice little mare, was abused but is still very trusting in the ways that she always trys to come up to you, and follow you along the fence line if you call her name.
Going to drop in a couple letters down at the racing stable I quit on friday, and the others near it, to help get us some more TB's for the riding school, instead of us having to travel and get them from the doggers, just get them straight from the track, and that way atleast they wont have lost too much condition, as we need more horses of that height right now. Really liking the TB's for riding, they are a bit more high strung (not just stereotyping here) but they are good fun!
Helped in a lesson today, my instructor/boss wanted me to come in with her to let me get an idea of the instructing she would be teaching me, I also helped with the horses leading whilst their riders got the gist of walk/rise trot (beginners). The lady did quite well for a first time on a horse, though she was a bit nervous. Since her boyfriend was doing VERY well (he was cantering by teh end of his lesson - not bad for his second lesson ever (said he had lessons as a kid but didnt remember enough to use it)... he had such a natural seat and flow, myself and my instructor/boss were in awe! As my instuctor/boss later said, he is a keeper for the lady! My Instructor/boss has already joked about them getting married and the wedding present being a horse for the both of them. .
    11-29-2012, 09:41 PM
Just had my normal friday lesson, did 40mins, and going toide another half hour on the weekend, to make up for not having my whole lesson, as Morgan (whom I was riding and is not lame) only gets ridden a bit here and there, due to her athritis, the vet has recommended, on top of medication, to keep her riding but for shorter lessons, as it will be better for her to keep being ridden than not. Lesson went really well, apart from Morgan constantly trying to canter, I our rise trot (dont even ask how many half halts I did during the lesson.. ). Got told when I cooled her out, to ride her with ony my legs, so off we went around the back of the reins , we cut through the middle and back to the tack up area, where I untacked her and gave her a hose down, before returning her back to her paddock, with her summer rug on. Got zapped majorly as I was trying to shut the gate-way, didnt help that with it pouring down with rain, the line was supercharged!! So, Morgan takes of galloping, in her yard thankfully, as I am yelling 'Whoa, whoa girl", finished shutting the gate, and good old trusty Morgan has stopped dead for me to get her halter and lead off of her - gave her a rub and a scratch before she bee-lined for the hay pile .

My Instructor/boss wants me there everyday, but with the petrol I just can't afford it, which I am glad she understands. She's a good person. She headed off to the vets as I was hosing Morgan off, to get Morgan more meds, which she, not her owner, is paying for... She really cares about horses, and it shows. Though she's no sure if she will keep Morgan (who her friend now owns and gave her to use/keep (by the sounds of it) whilst my normal mount, Pepe, is having a break) and has found a few homes for Morgan to go to as a paddock horse, so she can live out her days in comfort.

Silly me scrapped and banged my back under the wash bay tying pole - now got two big sores which according to mum look like 'ring worm marks'..nice just nice... .

Got told I can ride Dubb in my remaining part of the lesson, on the weekend, and we will be practising some jumping - which she tells me he is getting really good at!

Also going to ride Monty again, on the weekend - so im really looking forward to that!
    12-01-2012, 03:27 AM
Started my first full on weekend (sat&sun) today. We were very buisy! Silly me was so tired that for the first lesson, I tacked up one of the ponies, in another pony's tack (the ponies do look similar....however, you know there are names on the tack... good one Sammi ).
Didnt ride today, was to buisy getting everyone sorted - but going to ride Monty (project horse) tomorrow, and maybe take one of the other horses for a lesson in the jumps arena, to finish off the other part of the lesson I couldnt do on friday.
My friend showed up about an hour before I was leaving - she is staying the night and going to be there tomorrow.
Met another nice girl, 16, has three of her own horses, her sister/mum is an instructor here so she came along to hang around - and helped me, which I appreciated!

One of the girls took one of the horses and a pony into the jumps arena, which really annoyed me, because she had been stuffing around all day (running everywhere with this horse, without a leadrope on the halter, and trying to look like a hero, and knowledgable...when yet it was just annoying all of us), so when she wouldnt listen to me over..and over.. and over again, that the horses have been worked reallyhard already today, and need to rest (they also have lessons tomorrow), she left the horse in a stall (after running him in there with no leadrope yet again....she has no control over him yet likes to think so), and left the pony in the jumps arena.. she went inside the tack shed and was lying around on the couch...I went outside, finally got pony caught in huge jump arena, where she had been left, rugged her and put her away... Saw the other girl (no not the one who had caused the trouble, but the girl who owns three horses) on my way back from putting the pony away, she was also with another girl who had been hanging around Monty (project horse of mine), who was not able to ride him due to the pony and horse being chased around the jumps arena like idiots.... we were fed up.. I kind of looked at them and they looked at me, I said " Im sick of this... lets put him away, if she asks, she's overworked him and should have put him away properly anyway", they nodded and grinned, ran to get his summer rug, as I took him back to his paddock, where we rugged him and went back up to the shed (no sign of other girl).

Other than that, had a pretty uneventful day (same girl also making me mad by 'lunging' the horse and Monty (project horse) in the round yard... her idea of lunging being chasing them and walking with her arms above her head shaking them)...
So I was a bit grumpy .
When we had put the horse away, I was on my way back with the other tw girls, where I sarcasticly said 'Can I eat her alive now?' and a snotty kid (seriouslyshes bossy and snotty!!) says 'why would you eat a pony alive?' thinking I had meant the oe she was riding, 'I wouldnt eat a pony, let alone alive.' Man I hate eavesdroppers.... .
Same kid came up to me later when I was sitting down with one of the cats, after I had cleaned the place up myself, and proceeded to glare at me.. righto... Im freindly to all kids, but this kid had a death glare.. so I kind of ignored her and kept messing with the cat.

Back there tomorrow, sould be interesting, the girl who caused the trouble today is there and also my friend.
    12-02-2012, 05:59 AM
Busy day today, thankfully not as busy as yesterday was – I was so tired, so was getting through the day one step, at a time.
Rode Dubbin today, had a bit of a walk trot and canter, then took him around the back of the property, and handed him over to another girl (Veronica) to give her a ride in the jumps arena, after she had been riding Monty. I was meant to be riding Monty, had lunged and tacked him up, but then my boss/instructor chose to let Veronica and another girl ride him, whilst I rode Dubbin. Bit confusing when Monty and I were going well together.

The other girl, who rode him, apparently might be buying him now, she and her sister may ride him, but for now he is going to stay on the property, with paid agist-ment, so the girl can use him in her lessons and work on his and her weaknesses.
He did really well on the lunge – first time I had actually lunged a horse before so I enjoyed the experience. He kept trotting and cantering fast, but each time I corrected him as instructed, with the lunge rope, and he was going very nicely by the end.

The boss/instructor’s blood and adopted daughters went out to the movies, with the girl who had been messing around yesterday. They were gone most the day, which was good because it meant I didn’t have to deal with that girl – man she drove me nuts yesterday. She shoved up as I was getting ready to ride ‘her boy’ – whom is not hers… I was thinking she was going to follow us, but glad when she stopped and sat down to watch a lesson my instructor/boss was taking.
Had one of the nicer instructors working today, along with my instructor/boss, so I was glad – the other instructor yesterday wasn’t all that nice... not just my words but also the words and thoughts of all the other people around that day.

Dubbin and one of the ponies were a bit spooky today, but not because of the wind. Went through a bit of bailing twine with them!
I was glad that when I went to catch Dennis from his paddock he didn’t take forever, this time I was able to use the lunge whip and coax him to stand still, whilst I haltered him and walked him back up, and into a holding yard.
All the horses had a good workout today, which is good, and a few that worked up a sweat were hosed down, to cool them off.

My instructor/boss came laughing her head off to me, so I asked what was funny, and she grinned at me and said, the girl who was annoying me yesterday, apparently wants my job as Team Manager... to which I laughed and said ‘She doesn’t even do her own work..’, and she laughed and kind of said…’Yup’. You would think if a girl wanted to be the boss and make sure all the work is done on time, would think about pulling her weight and not acting like a fool in front of the people she would work with. Oh dreams… .

Going to go back there on Tuesday this week for a bit of a ride with my instructor, so am looking forward to that!
    12-02-2012, 06:40 AM
Got asked y the irl whom had been annoyign me yesrterday,if I would ride bareback also, o she wasnt the only one, however declined asafter having already ridden and been working hard the last two days, was worn out.

One anoying thing today was a girl wouldnt ride the horse she wasscheduled to ride, so had to tack up another horse, only this horse she also wouldnt ride, so had to untack him and put him away too... and then she rode one who had just finished a lesson. Then another girl came, and was bookd in on the horse the other girl finally rode, so we put her on the 2nd horse I had previously tacked up, only to have her cry and winge im not riding him because I have seen him buck before... -meanwhile said pony is falling to sleep-, So I talk to my boss and she and I decided to put her on the first pony I had tacked up for the other girl previously.
    12-06-2012, 10:27 PM
Just had my friday lesson, rode Morgan. Had a really good time - we worked mostly on skills, and I shared my hour lesson with a lady called Liz (Elizabeth), who rode Dubbin. Morgan and Dubbin were hillarious, Morgans ears were so far back that they were under her mane, forelock most of the time . After we practised some skills (and Liz and I rode with our feet behind our backs, on the horses rumps) we went to the jumping arena and jumped over some smaller cross bar jumps (3) to have a bit of fun and practise our two-point. I was going really well, which made me feel proud! Told we can't jump Morgan much higher due to her arthritis, but she has a really nice jump (and a canter to die for!!). I love riding her, she is such a good responsive horse! My fave to ride by far..
Dubbin was getting a bit spooked by the bark on the outside of the arena today, which made Liz feel a bit jittery because of Dubbin.

We cooled them out, by walking them around the back of the property, and my instructor/boss asked me to show her the new horse (yay! Didnt know we got one) so I asked her where he was and she said he was in with Tula, down the end.

He is a beautiful Standy! Brown gelding. We were oohing and ahhing at him, when he ran at Dubbin, causing him to spook and Liz jumped off, walked him a bit and tried to calm him down before getting back on him, and that repeated, and she got back on again, and we finally got back t unack our horses. Liz's hands were raw from Dubbin in the lesson, and very sore after our 'cool down'. (Morgan had hyped up after Dubbin spooked, so was rearen to go.)

We untacked our horses, and she hosed Dubbin down before rugging him and putting him back in his paddock (next to where Morgan usually is). Then I hosed Morgan down, scraped her dry and rugged her, and took her down to her paddock. Except I didnt know where her paddock was (rotated horses) so walked her back up and tied ehr up, then walked to my instructor/boss's house (alond the way helping another instructor there find another horse's tack for her lesson), she told me she goes in with the new horse (Milo) and Tula. So I took her back down there, (had taken her down there just before, and she had squirted everywere, with the gelding acting up) and had a bit of a stuggle to get her in the paddock (she was in heat and annoyed at the gelding, so trying to walk out the paddock as I was putting the gate part back up), but finally got her in (after many circles and re enters, to her disgust, I had whacked her with the lead rope on her rump due to her shoving me in her focus on the gelding).

I might be looking after the horses/dogs/cats/chickens for ym instructor/boss whilst she goes away on a holiday, which I am hapy doing since I have looked after a horse stud before when the owner's went for a holiday for a week (this was when I was bottle raising the rejected foal). Also going to be coming on tuesday next week, or a few more days and riding Pepe, when he gets back from his rest, to bring him back into work - so I am looking forward to that! Also got offered to ride Monty a bit, but only when she is around (she doesnt think anything will happen, but just likes to be there with him incase), so might ride him on the weekend.

Enjoyed my lsson today - Liz said she might come on Fridays when I do my lesson, and if I wanted to we could ride together - Which I would love! It was so much fun!

Next week, since this week we worked on skills as a pair, was are going to play horse chasey for a bit of fun, and control skills.
    12-06-2012, 10:28 PM
I didnt end up going there for a ride/lunging on tuesday this week, she forgot to get back to us - nevermind.
    12-08-2012, 06:01 PM
Had a really buisy day yesterday. The hours seemed to fly by too quick!
I had a ride on Tula, when her last rider was a no-show. Did a bit of walk trot in one of the smaller arena's, and a bit of canter. Also rode a patten which was set up there from another lesson- riding in a S shape from the corners of the arena, the way around. Really liked the other instructor on today, she was the one who also asked me if I wanted to ride the pattern left in there (after I asked her how to do it) - she was really nice, her name is Kim. Looking forawrd to working with her again!
Went inside my instructor/boss's house and she showed me how to take care of the chickens for when I look after the place and horses for her when she goes on a holiday. Her mum lives in the house, but I am going to be doing the work, and she will help by doing the dog's waters.
She also said she would make me up list's of what horse's have what feeds, how much, and which horses I am free to ride during the week she is away - great!
Met a nice mum, who breeds dogs (bred 2 litters in 8 years) and we were having a good talk about animal people vs non animal people. We both agreed that if you have animals for yourself, but not to love, only to win/ride, then that is not an animal person. She was nice, really enjoyed talking to her!
Dennis was a bit of a pain to catch, took me a good 5mins of working with him, with the lunge whip, to be able to catch him - even then he was blowing and hyped.

Going back there today (since I work sat/sun), and looking forawrd to it.
Always tiring, but very well worth it.
    12-10-2012, 08:24 PM
Sunday had a ride on Dub, took him in the jumps arena and had a trot/canter, and few small jumps -which was great, realy enjoying it. Only rode him for abou 30mins, before giving him to Veronica, because she was going to work with him, before she starts showinghim in some dressage shows.

Was a bit more of a relaxed day, didnt start till 9.30, and finished at 2.
Going to stay back a bit more this saturday, to sort out a few more things for when im house/horse sitting for them. Hopefully we can sort everything out on saturday, becase sunday is my birthday 18 at last!

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