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        11-04-2012, 07:44 PM
    Thank you so much Hurricane Sandy for the butt load of snow!!!! Yes, hurricane sandy did a nice job, we had over 2 feet of snow in 3 days!! I was none too pleased. The horses did great, everyone had an unlimited supply of hay and water and some sort of shelter or wind break. It really wasn't bad, just due to the rain, we had 1/4 of an inch of ice over everything then the snow came. The power flickered a few times, but stayed on for the most part. We were lucky. The wind didn't pick up as much as they thought it would, granted we live on a very windy ridge and have wind mills for that purpose. *note: we have the highest wind velocity in the area.
    As for my herd, Shadow is loving this cold weather being that he is an Appy, finds this awesome. Stormy, joins in on Shadows enthusiasm, and rears, bucks and rips and tears about the field. He even reared on the round bale, though the round bale didn't play back They had a good time playing in the snow.
    As for Miss Lunar Eclipse, she doesn't care for the wet weather in any manner, and stayed in the barn. Which managed to turn into a slop hole thanks to the rain. She was quite content in there being a buddy to Darkie, whom gets awful lonesome. She managed to bump her eye and it was cloudy and goopy, and swollen yesterday, but today it had gone down considerably and cleared up a good bit. If it persists any longer I will contact my vet. Over all she was happy to be in the barn for the most part of the nasty weather.
    We even managed to get two new additions to the cow herd. Two little Holstein bulls, barely a week old. They have to be bottle fed every few hours, they are rather stubborn. I hope they band them or we're going to have our hands full.
    As for myself, doing well, trying to navigate through frozen tundra which is supposed to be my yard/pastures. Still looking for a job in the area, and hopefully getting another truck 4wd this time. We'll see.... I'm hoping to go back to work with my dad, I hope he has something for me to do at the garage, we could really use the money. I hope things turn out for us. So we'll see how things go....
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        11-09-2012, 11:49 AM
    Finally our snow melt is noticeable, we are down to about 1ft of snow left.
    Loony's eye has cleared up, so no need to consult the vet, as long as she doesn't do it again I think she will be fine. She is good and fat on hay, and is a barn hog. I have to help put the fence back up from being plowed over due to the massive amount of snow. I fixed most of the boy's pasture fence on the lower end. The cows have escaped and I need to fix the fence again, they have gotten into the round bales again. The fence has hardly any juice since a good portion of it is buried in a frozen mass which grounds it. We're just waiting on it to warm up some. There is no reason for our cows to be acting this way, they have bales out in their pastures....
    They boys are doing great, Storm thinks its hilarious when I get stuck in the snow, he follows me everywhere. The weather has been rough on him, but he's doing well. Shadow is doing great, haven't seen him limp in 2 weeks now. I think he likes having a boys only pasture, might bring back his memories of just him and his brothers at my paps farm.
    I'm supposed to start working for my dad on the weekends now, he said i'll work up until Christmas, and we'll see if he still has things for me to do after the holiday. At least i'll be helping get things caught up. Hubby has finally got a good week of work in, things are finally picking back up. I'm looking into a new saddle set, one to specifically fit my mare, and eventually one specifically for Stormy too. It will be nice to have a variety for them, and not everything is to be universal for all horses. (as my mother thinks ) I've been researching Small Mesh Hay Nets, and i'm considering getting a few, I know as a fact my horses are eating way to much, too fast. Plus I think it would be good entertainment for them, and teach them some patience when it comes to their food. I think that is all for to continue my ongoing journey of info on horse products...
        11-29-2012, 12:11 PM
    Thins are going really well for us now. Hubby has been working steady, and i've gone a few times and helped my dad finish a few things. Equines are doing very well, every morning I go out I see them racing each other across the fields. They are loving this cold weather.
    I'm super excited to say I found another trainer in my area who is closer. He's going to be a little pricey but hey, I like how he does things and how he works with the horses. Right now he's looking for a 2-3yo colt to start, but mine is just going to be 2 and has already had a saddle on him. Never been ridden, i'm not going to start riding until he's 3-3 1/2 almost 4. I don't want him started to early. He's got a good bit of groundwork done with him already. I"m proud of my colt. I'm debating on volunteering him for the video shoot. One teeny tiny issue yet (he isn't gelded), which is a big thing. He will be done i'm hoping in Dec. Or hubby is going to have one very upset wife. *~awesome little note about the trainer: He trained with Master Horseman Ray Hunt!!~* I might volunteer my SIL half wild filly, since she has almost no handling at all. The thing is how would I get her into the trailer to haul her down...... Idk, talking to my inlaws about anything to do with the horses is like talking to a wall.... Any whoo i'm waiting on a email back to see about his pricing. I checked out his website, looks promising. I think that is all for now.
        12-11-2012, 03:42 PM
    Hello my wonderful forum journal. I think I would enjoy the holidays more if hubby and I wouldn't fight so much, and be so depressed. Sometimes I really don't want to go and spend holiday celebrations with family, I just want to crawl into a hole and sleep until its over. But I force myself so they know i'm fine (whether or not I am really). We got almost all of our Christmas shopping done, and i'm in the process of wrapping gifts, washing dishes, and laundry, and waiting on the woman who made me a custom gift to answer me via email, so I can pay for it. I'm exhausted from everything. I really just want to crawl in bed and sleep until its all over. I really don't like being this way.....
    So far the horses are doing good, i've been feeding the girls hay 1-2 a day depending on the weather and if they have round bales. Ginger hogs the barn, so I have to feed the other 2 out side so they can eat too. Storm and Shadow are doing great, they have like 3 round bales left in their pasture yet. We finally got more snow, after a whole bunch of rain, which turns out to make a really nasty mess. I entered Loony in to see if the trainer I picked would use her in his colt starting video, even though she's 5. I thought maybe she would be of some help, she needs more work than anticipated. I'm just waiting on a reply back. She doesn't have a saddle that fits her well, she gets really cinchy, and doesn't take a bit either. Has issues with her front feet being handled, has a nasty tendency to rear, and bite and pulls back when tied. Though I have been on her bareback. IDK, maybe she'll get selected, then i'll just have to haul her down. I hope I don't have to pay anything for her stay, I can't afford it yet. It would be a great learning experience for her, and me too. We'll see in the next few days I guess...
    I hope I get out of my funk.....this is really starting to stink....
        01-16-2013, 05:21 PM
    Hi wonderful forum,
    My herd is doing great, Loony girl had a random abscess last week, I soaked her and buted her for 3 days. Now she's fine. I believe it was caused by a heel bruise, since her heels had some discoloring from bruising on frozen ground, I could stick almost two fingers in the hole in her heel, poor girl. Now she's moving about the field with ease. Shadow and Storm are doing great, waiting on another nice day to rasp their feet down some, Storms back are a little long in the toe. He's grown almost a hand since Oct. I can't believe how big he's getting, he's now as tall as Shadow. Everyone is doing well, and hopefully soon i'll be changing some diets around, especially Shadows, so that he can better manage his weight.
    On to the next scenario, Snowy managed to gouge a chunk out of her right eye. And ended up with an ulcer in it, its nasty, and I feel bad because it could possibly permanently render her eye partially blind. I don't know of too much more I can do to help her, I did everything the vet asked, and they have yet to come and check her eye again. But they are being ridiculous, the vet didn't have the bill figured out that day, and now they don't know if they want to come back and check her because it's a 'back balance'. Well if the money is more important than your patients then i'm going to find a new vet. Sorry if it's such an inconvenience. It's just making me so mad right now. Other than that interesting info, Darkie is doing much better, her WLD is clearing up, and hopefully in Spring she'll be able to join the girls out on pasture. Another new side note: If her owner doesn't step up her game and start working with them and taking care of them, they will be sold either at the next auction or to private buyers. I know of a few people who are interested in Darkie. Other than that that's all really. I personally will be happy to thin out the herd some. We don't need that many horses, especially if no one else is going to care for them. It gets annoying listening to the inlaws complain about how they don't have the money to keep doing this....blah blah blah knew that in the beginning so I don't want to hear it....
    Oh I almost for got, I MIGHT HAVE A JOB IN THE SPRING!!!! WHOO HOO!!! I can't wait!! And i'll be doing what I love, TAKING CARE OF HORSES!!! I'll be at Nicker's and Neigh's Therapeutic Riding Center, they'll be expanding and needing the help come springtime!! I can't wait!! I'm working on getting everything necessary so I can go back and forth to work! My truck will be on the road soon, i'll be getting my licence here directly.....i'm so excited!! Well that's all for now!!!
        02-05-2013, 01:29 PM
    What's new forum?
    Well with me, nothing much, besides the accumulation of snow, I swear we must have almost 3ft. Yeah the horses are enjoying this. I finally got a ration balancer to help out my herd, I found somewhere local that actually carries Triple Crown 30%!!! And so far the herd loves it!! Loony girl tried to run me over for it, the boys were a little more skeptical, but enjoyed it too. I hope this helps to clear up some skin and eye ailments. I was surprised to see how well they liked it. I knew they were lacking somewhere, being fed hay from 2 summers ago, had to be lacking in nutrients and minerals. So we'll see how well this turns out. All I can do is try.
    I've been hearing a lot about California Trace minerals, and i'm debating on giving it a try to better balance their diets. But it's so expensive. I'm not sure, i'll continue my research about it, and consider all of my options and which would better suite my situation better.
    I'm still super excited for spring to roll around, finally we're getting an early spring too!!! I really need to go and take my stupid permit test again....blah...i already got my physical, and all that jazz. Plus i'm going to have to start driving more, but the truck i'll be using, the transmission is coming out of it. Go figure. It never fails..... But hey, it'll work for now.
    We got 3 new bull calves yesterday, so once again the work begins all over again. They're cute, there's Thumper, Skunk, and Moose. They have yet to get banded, and then once weaned they go off to the little old farmer we've been helping. So it will make 8 calves total. That's going to be a lot of beef!!
    I'll be so excited once I start working, I can save up to buy a new tack set, and saddle set, and open a couple savings accounts (esp for the horses), and save up to send my mare into training. I just can't wait to get back to work!! I love to work!! I'll be so happy to have my own money to be able to do what I want, and afford what we need. It'll be a huge relief. Well I think that's all for now. Have a good one!!!
    Loony Girl
    And the boys
        08-07-2013, 04:15 PM
    Well forum, it has been a long time.
    Well so far things have been going well for husband and I until last week. And in the process, he has decided to give his 2wk notice, and off to hunt a newer and better job. Fine with me. So we have plans on either moving if things don't straighten up here on the family farm. The plans are after he's at his new job for a year or so, we're going to save up and either pay off the property, or straight out buy it out from under his grandfather, have is surveyed, and subdivided. Then we'll build our new house, and barn and his garage. If things don't straighten up with the family part of it, we're moving, simple as that. Not my decision either. I'v been looking up places for sale, and just property for sale in area's surrounding us. I found a few. Everything is still up for debate.
    As for the herd, i'v added a new member, a Mountain Pleasure Mare, named Morning Star Chloe, a smoky cream, with blue eyes, standing around 16hh or more. She's loads of fun to ride and work with. I hope to show her next year if everything works out for us. Loony is doing great, finally have an equine chiropractor out working on her back, and the new vet to monitor her progress. We're still stumped as to what has caused her issue, and what it may be. Though she still can't be ridden yet. We've been working on liberty work a good bit lately, and enjoying nice long walks up the dirt road. She seems to be roaning out, i'v noticed it on her dorsal patch and her flank patches. Storm has been doing fantastic, he loads and unloads in a trailer now, takes a bridle and saddle like a pro. I can even jump up and set on him now, not for long since he's only 2yrs 5mos old. He's come a long way. I'm so happy with him. I'm stumped as to what color he's going to be when he matures. He's got so much white flecking in his coat it's not funny, I think he's roaning out. His mane is orange, and his tail has grey, white, and chestnut in it. He's even getting white hairs in his mane, and his face has a lot of white now too. I can't wait to start taking him out and about during the show seasons. He's displayed some cow sense, and is more than willing to try for it. I can't wait until he's ready!!! Shadow is doing great, I finally found a remedy for his sweet itching, mineral oil.....rub it on his itchy spots and let it soak in, it also helps his hair grow back, and keep his skin from drying out. Whoo Hoo!! He's been doing really well, i'v been riding him around bareback, I haven't seen any signs of arthritis lately. He's got loads of speckles this year. This winter i'm considering separating the herd from the others and putting them behind my house. I'm not sure, hubby has the same idea, we'll see how it goes.
    It's already fall, and my potatoes didn't do so well, they sprouted, but that was about it. All that hard work for nothing...oh well there's next year. I"m on a mission to begin homesteading, and making everything at home. I have plans on expanding the yard another acre, and getting dairy goats, since i'm lactose intolerant. I already raise pigs, and i'm getting some chickens. I'm creating a few layouts for gardens and stuff. I have plans on using raised garden beds. And getting a couple cows to breed to raise a couple head of beef for ourselves. Slowly things are coming together. I soon hope to become totally self sufficient!!!
    Chloe, Loony.jpg
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        08-07-2013, 04:55 PM
    Green Broke
    No talking about fall yet!!!
        08-09-2013, 10:24 AM
    Originally Posted by BlueSpark    
    No talking about fall yet!!!
    Why, the leaves are already starting to change here in PA!!! Plus all the cool weather we've had my apple trees are breaking because of so much fruit, and the gardens are all about done, pasture growth has started to slow. Just saying I think its an early one!!
        08-13-2013, 12:13 AM
    Awesome looking horses

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