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My war horse of Doom.

Hello everyone, I decided that I might wanna do a journal, so its easier with all the things I decide to share..
I have 2 horses on my property, and one of them is mine. A big baby.
The other one is a 5yr old gelding my friend has. Mine is just 3.
We have had our ups and downs, but overall things are going great.

Grand - 3yr old Latvian harness horse, with some weight issues. Up to now in 3 months he has learnt to lead, stand for farrier, vet, just got his teeth floated, so he has learnt that. He will lunge to both sides in all gaits, yield to pressure, back up, and finally today I managed to brush him all over. We had our meditating brushing time together, so in the end I could touch his hind legs without him tensing up or trying to shove me away with a slight kick. So impressed with everything. He doesn't care much for new things being put on him, he has had a lunging belt, a saddle pad, even a tyre on his back. he doesn't bat an eye for plastic bags, he accepts a standard halter, a rope halter, a caveson and a bridle. he lunges in all of those too.
Now due to a leg injury, cannot find the correct translation, but he has pulled his leg, the muscle that runs along the cannon bone, near the tendons... The vet cannot tell me for sure if its a micro tear, or something bigger, but for that I would need to call the other vet with and ultrasonogramm to tell me what is going on there.
That means that now he is not to be worked, we cannot stall him, so there is no point for crazy medicines etc, time is the best healer. The vet was a bit worried about him running like crazy in the pastures, but hopefully he doesn't injure himself too much. Confining him to a smaller paddock might just mean he will run more to try to get to his friend and injure himself again. However, we can still do walk groundwork, introduce a saddle, driving reigns, start ground driving him, walk him over poles to get him attentive to whats under his feet, and meditate together. practicing braiding, brushing, standing for farrier even better etc.
He was thinner before, we have managed to put a little weight on, however he rather grows than collects fat on his ribs, so that will change later. He does get enough, and his teeth were just floated to help him use his food better. He has grown at least over 1 inch this summer, and he now stands around 169 cm. muscles will follow when we can work with him.
IMG_6544 (800x533) (2).jpg

IMG_3781 (1024x683).jpg

IMG_3796 (1024x683).jpg
This is for comparison, how he looked a while ago.. all Meh, and thinner... unhappier.
IMG_2979 (640x450).jpg
IMG_1284 (640x427).jpg
That's all on him for now, and yes, he only has one eye. He lost the other one when a mare kicked him in the face. But he has found his forever home where he is loved and taken care off.
I am off to see if the anesthetic has worn off and I can feed him.
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I can also do a quick background on myself.
I started riding when I was 6. A few pony rides, a few rides on a big horse, and then breaks in between. But I was always begging my mom to take me to the stable (her cousin has one). The we bought a house and my relatives made a present to us - a young colt. 16 months old weird thing. So I went and took riding classes once a week, and also learnt more about being around horses, previously I had always helped in the stable, bring water, muck out, brush the floors, bring horses in from the fields etc. Mind you, I was 12 when I got my horse. My family was not too horse savvy, so it was interesting experience. Ofc my baby boy got gelded, for one, he was a chriptorh (only one of the testicles was down) and for 2, we didnt need a young stud. So ye.. I was learning with him, and he was learning from me. he was my first horse to start 2 years after I got him. Before then we had just amazing relationship, played a lot of games etc. then when he was 4 my mother moved to another country for work, I started skipping school, and apparently was offered a good deal for a young horse that loved to buck me off every now and then. As all grandmas and aunts were petrified that I will brake my neck one day, I gave in to the pressure with the idea that soon I can buy a dead broke horse and not have to risk my young head. Update on my baby I got 3 years later, we found him in Finland, I went to visit, he recognized me, we played fetch in his paddock, and ofc first time I rode, I landed on the ground He loved me
2 years ago on Christmas day I got a message that he has been put down due to heart issues (he had changed owners before that anyway, as the Finish girl I saw said he was way too big for her, she was about 150+cm and he was about 170+)
SO I have been horseless for many years, taking lessons here and there, a few trainers, a few stables, ridden in a few countries and so on.

I gotta run now, so I can continue later...
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Green Broke
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I think Grand is a very handsome horse - I really like the look of him.
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Originally Posted by Chevaux View Post
I think Grand is a very handsome horse - I really like the look of him.
Thank you, he struck my heart the moment I saw him, even in his miserable state. Now when he feels good and is starting to show his personality, I love him even more..

But even the vet's student today said that she likes the look of him, he is a handsome horse..
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Yesterday I forgot to ask a few things to the vet, so communicated with her today, It is so good that I can even ask a few questions to her on FB.
So, we decided as I cannot keep him in a box, and a small paddock is a risk that he will just run more when he doesn't see his pal, we keep him as he is, but I use MSM Power Liniment, to help heal his leg.
So today I bought it, put it on his leg - he was unsure if he should let me massage weird things in his legs, and then even a bandage? What do I dare to do... However with some talking to him, things got done.. The bandage will be on for a few hours, and then I take it off, and let him go..
However, I purchased a Gym Ball for them... and they were quite boring.. the Jolly ball also just sits around the pasture all day long

The epic ball, with a fantastic text on it.. "Body Sculpture since 1965"
IMG_6667 (800x533).jpg
They have no idea whats going to happen, so they happily graze and ignore me..
IMG_6673 (800x533).jpg
I got Grand to follow me, but today Teddy doesn't seem to think I have anything better on the other side of the pasture..
IMG_6688 (800x533).jpg
"What in the seven horse hells is this?"
IMG_6693 (800x547).jpg
"Something stinky"
IMG_6701 (800x533).jpg
"However, seems completely harmless... I just wonder why Momma thinks we need it here.. "
IMG_6704 (533x800).jpg
"Ok, if my cowardly goofball of a bro can say its ok, then I will accept it too.. "
IMG_6706 (505x800).jpg
And whats in it for me?
IMG_6708 (800x533).jpg
A wrapped up leg with MSM cream to help heal the muscle...
IMG_6712 (800x533).jpg
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Grand is gorgeous and he looks so much better now! He really is so beautiful-I love his little star!
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Originally Posted by Labrador View Post
Grand is gorgeous and he looks so much better now! He really is so beautiful-I love his little star!
Thanks, I like the start too. However, I am very happy that in 3 months his forelock has grown, because you can see in the last pic of the first post, where he is looking at me with a halter on, over his bum, how short it was.. I was horrified when I saw what the previous people have done... he looked like a hobo... long mane on the neck, short forelock, showing the star, skinny, unhappy.. now he looks like a horse :)

Oh yea, yesterday I was unsaddling Teddy, gave the saddle pad to grand to sniff, put the saddle on his back. when I went to his blind side to check the saddle, he did move, but otherwise, he didn't bat an eye for saddling etc.
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When I look at the pictures of the leg wrapped, I laugh at how miniscule that standard fleece wrap looks like on his leg. I already need XL legguards. Full bridle didn't fit. a full halter is on its last hole...

Yesterday he was a dumdum. I was working with a beginner rider and teddy in the "round pen" and Grand was just nearby. at one point he decided to canter on the outside to keep up with Teddy's trot.. I had to tell him off, but then I was standing and drooling, as he had picked up a perfectly smooth, clean and correct LEFT canter - he mainly canters right, and atm its his left fore that hurts.... so ye.. he is a weirdo.
But he had his msm cream twice yesterday, and also an addition to his feed, now he gets wheat purree with stud cubes and some alfalfa blend to put some fat on him for the winter.. Today I am not sure I have time for anything with him, but just feeding..

Teddy on the other hand was fantastic yesterday, pulling the girl's nose a little in walk and so on, but then I made them trot in the "round pen" without the reigns at all, as he cannot go anywhere.. she was learning to balance herself again (easy cuz she is a dancer, but hard cuz dancers balance differently) and to do rising trot on the correct leg and not disturb the horse..
And then I was standing with my mouth open... with a bouncy beginner teddy trots evenly forward, starts to stretch down for a few steps at a time, and even starting to bend inwards on his own... I could not believe my eyes.. so I guess I found his therapy
Normally he is stiff as a board and does not want to stretch down.. But i guess I will also go in the round pen and work with that myself.. it gives us a big circle to work him, I can recheck my balance, and he can train his muscles..
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Today I was slightly lazy after Uni, so I didn't ride, but lunged Teddy in the "round pen" free... did lots of trotting, direction changes, some ground poles, and some small jumps.. just to get him doing some gymnastics and getting on the way to build muscles.
He was making me happy by stretching down in trot, I think he is settling in the balance of a circle, so that sounds good to me. Of course, he would advance faster if I had time and energy to work more, which I will once I get rid of my cold.
He jumps average at the moment, being sloppy, not too keen again.. I guess its his lack of balance as well... but after 20-30 minutes of trot and about 10 jumps he was not even sweaty, just warm.. but I could not do it any more as it was getting boring for me too.. he only got extra interested when I kept him changing direction after every half circle or so. the circle is aproxx 20 m diameter.. so bigger than a lunge line normally is.

Grand got his extra feed today, Teddy is on diet, apart from grass and hay
and then I still had to wait for my friend so I went nuts, put a bridle on him.. totally NOT impressed..
DSC_0756 (450x800).jpg

THEN, I set him up with a lunging belt, and double long lines!!
DSC_0759 (800x450).jpg

Is it just me, or does his bridle look miniscule? well it's actually Teddy's bridle, but it is the only one with the widest noseband, and longest browband. Grand has a massive brow, and I think the biggest head I ever worked with. this is a full bridle, and looks tiny. the poll part needs to be longer, it makes me want wider straps, and even the standard bit rings look small. I was a nicer, also a longer bit for him. this one barely fits, and I want other type of rings on it. maybe just the very big ones, or maybe olive or smth else.
This one is not an option..
DSC_0760 (800x450).jpg

And off to work we went. Of course, it did not start this easy.. we worked for about 20 minutes on all this for the first time in his life. At first he was all weird, but I had him with the driving reigns and the lunge line.. and then he was actually half ok with me disappearing from his sight.. lots of work, but we are getting there.. he accepted it all Ok-ish, he is very playful with the bit - tosses his tongue over if it's too loose (or any looser than it was today) and he also tries to escape any pressure on it.. I need to work on his breaks better, so that he respects my commands better.
DSC_0761 (800x450).jpg

I am very proud of him, he got lots of hugs and kisses for being perfect little baby :)
So this is what we can work up to perfection until his leg heals.. as long as I can keep him off running.. he ran around Teddy again.. makes me a bit sad, he is torturing his own leg..
my hand feels better from the msm cream, dunno about his leg..
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Today was a big day. They, didn't have to do anything. Suddenly in the morning I am changing fences, making their pasture smaller, asking them to move away, and being all weird.
Then I disappear after giving them some hay to eat..

Then, I come home and they are nowhere to be seen. However, WE GOT HAY! whole lot of 20 round bales.. and rolled one in for them. just had to go and find them.
Their shelter got fixed too, just need to get isolators for the electric fence so I can connect the shelter back to the pasture.
DSC_0741 (640x401).jpg
They discovered the food, and attacked it..
And kept munching, no matter what we did (I had a guy with a trimmer working in the pasture.. ) and the rest are in the background atm..
DSC_0742 (640x360).jpg

After munching on hay for hours they also saw me go and give them more fresh water.. and they where cute.. just Teddy needs to have his special hairstyle all the time.. Grand just got his mane brushed as I had taken him out of the pasture to eat his bucket..
DSC_0749 (416x640).jpg
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