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        11-07-2013, 07:06 AM
    Originally Posted by Saranda    
    I really have never seen a horse who hasn't done well bitless. Apart maybe from horses with facial traumas, but I haven't met those. Besides, there are so many bitless options that everyone can find what suits him best!
    True, but have to see how it will work, and what we do in the future, what he is capable of and what the future shows.
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        11-07-2013, 07:19 AM
    Super Moderator
    Sure thing. Besides, I believe - the more a horse know and accepts, the better.
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        11-07-2013, 07:54 AM
    Originally Posted by Saranda    
    Sure thing. Besides, I believe - the more a horse know and accepts, the better.
    That is true.

    All Grand had to accept today, was to stand tied while I try to get him as clean as possible (which is very very hard), lift all 4 legs a few times, clean the hooves to check them over (the bars are too big after the last trim.. grrrrrr) So I still want the other farrier to come over and check his feet..

    Then he got his food, but this time out of a 90 l rectangular tub. Just so he can move the food around and eat a little slower.

    I tried riding Teddy without a bridle, with the rope halter on. He responds to stopping well with the halter, but his body ques have gone very.. numb? He basically tries to ignore half the stuff, and without helping with my hands, he either turns too fast, or not enough, or keeps walking like a plank. I can sit his canter stirrupless no problem, sometimes even his trot... but I felt really bad that I could not post in the trot.. However, the ground is so soggy that his trot was out of rythm all the time, so it was pointless.

    We did about 20 minutes of riding around, I got really Angry with Grand who tried to chase us down, and come galloping and bucking straight at us..

    I really need an arena, but that costs a lot of money. Which I do not have.

    So, how to I keep Teddy fit, when I don't always feel inspired enough to go on trails for a workout (plus the same route gets boring and more boring), cannot lunge as he hates the ground here, cannot ride here, cannot do anything..
    I should probably ask at the other stable if I can use their arena a few times a week in the morning/lunchtime. Then maybe we can work, but I am running low on inspiration or motivation to do anything.

    Grand hates the soggy ground too, plus with his recent 2 leg injuries I do not want to force him to trot in deep mud and strain his legs again...

    Grand could do nothing for a few more months.. just eat (but sometimes it is a bother to fetch him and feed him separate - so I guess I am having a sort of a depression).

    Maybe I have to start buying lottery tickets?
        11-09-2013, 10:05 AM
    So guess what? My muscle pain is leaving me, and horses only get pets and hugs and a few nice words. Ofc, they have their food and water, and will go feed them smth tasty tonight, but ye.. uni days mean I don't do much with them... if I find a job it will be even worse
    I got bored listening to people doing their presentations today, so I doodled... That would be Teddy

    And my mother's merc after a wash
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        11-09-2013, 01:54 PM
    Well, I decided I do need my "horsey fix" so went and fed Grand his grain bucket + veggies, and Teddy just got some carrots and apples with a few pieces of bread However, even though Grand's bucket was heavier and stickier, he managed to eat it at the same time as Teddy was enjoying his veggies. I guess Teddy had to spend more time chewing and enjoying his food, when I was keeping my watchful eye over him.. (He had a jesus meeting moment one time, when he rudely ignored his bucket and stole Grand's, when I was nearby) Yes, I might be interfering with herd dynamics and causing Grand a bit more trouble overall if he picks up some confidence when I am there, and tries to ignore Teddy when I am not there, so he loses some fur in some spots. Well, he has to learn something... He is shy, obedient, but at the same time curious and like that annoying kid we all have met at some point who keeps poking around, trying to provoke others.. I bet if he was in a proper herd, not just the 2 of them, he would try to provoke arguments between the others

    Anyway, Grand is sweet, and so is Teddy ofc, after eating I stood with them for a bit, and "desensitised" Grand again, was petting his blind side of the face, and the neck.. at first he arches his neck a bit sideways, but after a while he realises there is nothing to worry about and just enjoys the moment..

    Their hay was almost finished, but I did not have the strength to put a new bale in, so I just opened one and dragged (hopefully) enough for the night in.. though the rest is not just getting a bit wet.. ah well, rinsed off

    Sadly it is dark and wet and after a very early morning and hours of uni I do not feel like spending too much extra time with them.. I know, my bad. But I will see them tomorrow morning, and then I can feed them more, hug them, just hang out.. maybe fill the haynets again and put them inside the shelter, so they have more encouragement to stay there

    Sometimes I worry about winter, but mainly about the work load - carrying water buckets and feeding with the hay and stuff..
    I am considering buying small bales for hay next time, not too much, but as many as I can load in the other shelter, max 2 tonnes. Which should last about another 2 months theoretically.. they probably would be easier to fit in haynets too, as well as make a different feeder for them.. even though Grand could still munch on a lot of completely uncontrolled amounts good quality hay

    And of course while I was with the horses, cats came to talk to me too.. I squatted to pet the male, and he climbed on my leg, and then on my back. Then the female came and climbed on my leg... however, I cannot keep squatting forever, my legs hurt from that position, so I had to ask them nicely to leave../ but brought them even more food in the shed where at least one of them sleeps (Oh, I made a little house for them - I had an old little cupboard, I cut a little hole in the door, nailed some old clothes on the inside of the cupboard, but not on the floor bit, and added loose cloths to the buttom bit.. So the kitties have a warmer place to sleep. AND yesterday I saw the male cat run out from it.. Made me so happy :) )

    Also thinking about calling him Indy.. Don't know why though.. No ideas what to call the female.. at the moment she is either "monies" or "ņauka" - which is kinda like a meowing B*t*h.... I know, I am not nice..

    My cats are Cat and B****, Dogs are "Dumb and dumber" (That has a whole story of getting injured) and horses are Teddy and Brother or rather Junior (from Junior and Karlson - a Swedish (??) kids tale), Actually it came more like that Grand is Teddy's small brother, but sounds like "junior" and is confusing.. And Teddy is a teddy, because I went to see him last winter, and he was so fluffy and cute as a Teddy bear!!!!
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        11-10-2013, 03:43 AM
    Nothing tells me more about trust between a horse and his partner, than the partner being able to walk up to the horse when it is taking a nap...

    Nothing will mean more to me, than sitting next to my horse sleeping, even just for a minute... (well maybe taking a nap together might mean more :P)

    Anyway, these pictures have been late already (a few days old) They lay in the hay, but they do clean it up afterwards, as under the roof everything is still dry... but last night they were both under the roof actually..

    IMG_0007 (640x410).jpg

    LOOK at that fat BUM!
    IMG_0011 (640x427).jpg

    IMG_0012 (640x427).jpg

    And see? He is very shiny... :P
    IMG_0016 (640x427).jpg

    When I took the pictures, I did not bother them, as I knew I already intruded their moment... But last night, close to 10pm, I walked out to them again, and decided it is time to be next to Grand... It is so precious to sit next to your sleeping horse, in the dark.. and he turned his head to hug me.. and put our heads together again...

    Now I do feel like a romantic lunatic, but gee, that horse means a lot to me, and I am sure that I am something for him - otherwise he would not keep sleeping when I come, or even nicker for me in the field, or come to me when I call..
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        11-11-2013, 12:11 PM
    Yesterday I had no time or strength to write anything, but in the morning I was putting hay out for them, when my friend texts me to ask if we can ride around 12, I had forgotten that I had to go to my goddaughters birthday, so I asked if we can go then instead - so it was a very fast getting ready, an about 1 hour on the trails at walk. Everything was going fine, apart from when we approached a bunch of tractor tyres again, he would not go.. so ok, because I was not feeling like making him walk past with me on him, I got off and hand walked, there were no problems, he just stared at them a little..

    Then we were walking fine, and when we got to the neighbours house, one of the dogs jumped at the fence and the bush, so the horses spooked and cantered off into a ploughed field... well, we stayed on (both with dressage saddles) that was no problem, just the fact that Teddy follows his buddy in spooking of things, and the fact that we were in someone's field...
    And our friend dropped her riding stick.. but ok, we walked on, did the short round, came back, I got off, found the stick, walked past the dog in hand, she rode past it, but her horse was a bit scared (he had not been there for about a month.. )

    But got home safe, she walked with us to get past the tyres, and they did fine together... so I ran home and changed to run to the bday!

    In the evening luckily the hose had not frozen yet, so managed to get the water for the horses easily, put a load of hay for them and went to bed..

    This morning went to put more hay in for them, filled both haynets, contemplated about the fact that I want square bales and lots of haynets - fill them early and then just put them in the shelter..

    Also put all the bad hay - the wet stuff in the muddy patches near water and the shelter, so its a bit nicer to walk on and might even it out before the ground freezes completely, and the dry, but unedible stuff in the shelter, to provide more "bed" material, however they seem to go there to **** occasionally, Grand nibbles on the haynets, whilst Teddy lives under the feeding shelter and gobbles all the hay down there.. They also have their salt block in the shelter, and tonight I also moved my old feeding bowl from the old box, washed it, and put it in the shelter, on the wall, and put lime in it... so they can get that whenever they want.. just checked - somebody loved it

    Also took Grand out to feed him his extras, he did try to get to his food straight away, so did a little groundwork with him, backing up, staying out of my space, not barging past me, a few hindquarter yields etc.. walked him back to his food and he was a lot more polite. Teddy got some veggies in the same time, so he does not stand there being very pissed off and jealous to me and Grand..

    The cats kept bothering me all the time... one of them has hurt it's leg so I need to organise transport to take him to the vet... Oh I wish I had a car.

    Grand loved some head hugs, rubbed his head too, he enjoyed it. Teddy's winter blanket is waaaay too small for him, and I think now for Teddy too...
    Not that we need it...

    Teddy wanted to have a chat with me a lot today - he was sniffing me everywhere, muzzling my jacket, my face, my hair - just checking me out again.. managed to make him do some back stretches - he does them very well, also whilst I was at his side, he bent his neck to keep poking me Spent some time with him just trying to encourage him to engage with me, but then I got cold and could not stay there longer... they keep following me today....

    Day 18 since the owner saw him last...
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        11-13-2013, 04:33 AM
    Yesterday I had some plans, but when started doing things, they failed..
    Decided to take Teddy first.. worked a little on yielding the forehand - mainly through weird sidepasses... he moves his front away best when wrapped in the rope and has to untangle himself.. however, he is so good with moving his bum away, that I had a problem of walking around him with the rope, he starts moving away, and I am not sure how to correct that...

    Tbh, I need lessons on groundwork I can lunge horses fine and get them to respect me on the ground, but not do all the fancy stuff that I read folks do
    However, after a bit of moving in all kinds of directions and extreme fast hindquarter yielding, I got Teddy to stand still, got a small wood stump (needed a bigger one but none were nearby) and with a few failed attempts hopped on bareback.. with just the rope halter on him... walking is fine, even though with his wobbly fat bits behind the shoulder I feel confused of where I should be
    I layed flat on his back, walked around, trotted a few steps.. then I looped the "reigns" around his neck first, so that if I slide or try to grab on, the rope pulls against his neck, not the face through the halter.. His canter is a lot easier to sit, than his trot, however with the mud and the fact he hates keeping at the side of the circle because of the mud, it was wonky, but I did not slip sideways, even once! So I am proud of my balanced sitting.. I did slide forwards on his withers and decided next time I need to put a saddle pad on, maybe even with the "pillow", that could be nicer for the both of us..
    But all this makes me realise how much more balanced I have become, how much fitter and agile... On sunday my friends saw my arms and were like "holy mother" because if in May, I was chunky and with wobbly bits, then now my arms and legs are pure muscle, and wobbly bits only stay on the problem zone - the waist Which are slowly leaving me too Thanks to horses..
    Actually I am doing extra stuff now, as I am filling haynets every day, feeding the round bales in parts (the only problem will be friday night/saturday) but this week I don't have school on saturday, so that's a bonus.. But all that is extra exercise.. and I find myself walking more, taking longer paths when not needed, running here and there etc..

    Grand only did a bit of turns etc, but somehow he got very panicky again, so worked on keeping him calm when working with the rope and the stick.. I don't know why he is like this, and not sure what to do... I wish someone would like to come and see how he does.. but now when my friend gets off work, it's dark, I don't have any lights for the fields, and maybe only on the weekend...
    I wanted to lunge him with the bridle on, but might do that today :) So he gets used to it a bit more..

    But they both are very lovely.. :) and greeted me this morning with interested faces, both came to say hi, and were very happy for the new batch of hay for today...
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        11-13-2013, 02:49 PM
    1) Teddy is extremely easy to catch when he is in the mood.
    2) He walks slowly behind me..
    3) Grand tries to slam into his back or side when we are leading. Grand got chased off by me. I hate it when he does that..
    4) Teddy picked up the bit perfectly today. We missed our turn to walk with our friend, as I had left my phone somewhere else, and didnt see the text..
    5) We went to the forest as it was sunny. And I needed a good ride.
    6) Walked peacefully everywhere, he was being very responsive, active, interested in everything. The tyres did not seem to want to eat us anymore.
    7) He chooses to avoid puddles. And mud, but mud he can handle when there is only mud to walk in.
    8) He can show some pretty cool trot in the forest.. but not on a straight line.. he keeps wobbling from one part of the path to the other.. (we trot loose reign, independant seat)
    9) He really wanted to GO!
    10) He was not scared of the dogs on the first go.
    11) He can do some soft canter, but at points it is hard to sit..
    12) AND THE BEST: I Love letting the horse canter.. and then ask for some more, and some more.. and just hear the wind block your ears, hear his hooves hit the ground... fantastic..
    His owner claimed this horse has no speed, nothing, he is slow and not too active etc.. well.. I think I just proved him wrong, Again. This horse LOVES to go with appropriate motivation, he loves trails, he LOVES going in canter, he actually tried to raise canter a few times in trot, and he definitely loved it.. It was no problem to stop him, as he showed that he had enough, and slowed down.. so I did not push him, but brought him back to a trot and trotted some to calm his breathing before we get a longer walk session..
    13) He is really cute.
    14) He got to graze with me on his back... bad pony, or rather bad me
    15) He got in the same paddock as his buddy, where the buddy lives..
    16) They squealed some, especially when his buddy was biting his sides, but they never moved faster than walk. Exceptionally boring. Maybe because they were both ridden today..
    17) His buddy is a cribber, Teddy walked with his buddy to the fence, where he was biting down, and was very confused of why is that wood so interesting.
    18) He was easy to catch there too..

    Saddled, walked home, the tyres never ate us, did get slightly nervous next to the road, but did fine.. Did not want to walk in the pasture.. I don't know if it is because of Grand hanging out there, or because he was expecting something more (but I had to rush in first to start the fire again, and then come feed them smth tasty, plus I do not like giving anything straight after riding.. ) usually.. I make exceptions.

    They got carrots, apples, lotsa hay and a bunch of pets.. and they both wanted to muzzle the kitty..

    The kitty wants inside after sleeping 2 nights with me - he had his foot bitten, so the vet shaved it and wrapped it and I wanted to keep him warm when he was ill.. but now he is better and can find hay or his wee house or something else where to sleep. When it gets very cold, we will find a solution.
    DSC_0747 (360x640).jpg
    DSC_0752 (640x360).jpg
    DSC_0757 (640x360).jpg

    P.S. I really want to try and ride in that paddock, might help us with some straightness issues..
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        11-13-2013, 03:07 PM
    Super Moderator
    Sounds like Teddy has the same fate Snickers once had - an owner who disregards his talents and doesn't really care for him. I don't understand, how can one NOT want to visit and spend time with such an amazing boy like Teddy! At least I guess Teddy isn't unhappy in particular for being able just to be a horse.

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