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    11-13-2013, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Saranda    
Sounds like Teddy has the same fate Snickers once had - an owner who disregards his talents and doesn't really care for him. I don't understand, how can one NOT want to visit and spend time with such an amazing boy like Teddy! At least I guess Teddy isn't unhappy in particular for being able just to be a horse.
I don't understand either.. I mean he loves his time here (the owner) but also I believe that because of his lack of interaction with the horse, he has lack of judgement on him - they have never done trails, they have never spent so much time together, he does not really know his horse... and when he rides, he won't listen to me, last time he listened to his GF, who cannot know the horse after 2-3 rides she had with him..

Teddy is extremely happy here, so many things have changed from his last home - he is willing to come with you, he wants to be caught, he wants to work, he wants to play, he has lots of energy, he has built some endurance, he seeks human company, today, he did not want to drop his bit at all.. maybe our ride was too short?
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    11-15-2013, 03:47 AM
Yesterday was awesome - we got a trail walk with our friend, Teddy was slow, but very calm, he did spook a little from the dogs, but mainly because his buddy decided the dog is awful scary.

We laughed that he could really make a western horse he is downhill built, comfy gaits and walks with his head low (hope nobody gets insulted)

I finally saw our buddy trot, he has some nice trot, I wanna see that canter too... but hopefully soon we can ride at her paddock, film each other, comment on each other and then go from there...

At the moment looks like I will have a permanent job that makes me very happy...
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    11-16-2013, 04:58 PM
All that has happened is yet another slow, but this time longer trail walk.. We enjoyed it. Again we can pass the dogs much better, this time with a little trot.
But Teddy has started seeing monsters near the path to home, near our buddy's house in concrete blocks that he was already used to, but not anymore.. the rest of the road was peaceful, even when we passed the other stable and there was a horse outside - that trotted to greet us and when we walked past, but our horses were just looking at it a little bit...

Teddy still hates the big muddy patch, but will walk through when his friend does He normally is first on the path, but then he just decides to give him a chance

No matter what I love the trail rides... when my friend gets to try her horse in trot and canter on the rest of the paths then we will try to trot together... at the moment we stick to walk.
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    11-18-2013, 11:47 AM
Latvia's 95th Birthday!

Well, first off - Congratulations to Latvia in it's 95th birthday!
IMG_0141 (640x482).jpg
So we prettied up for today's ride. As our flag is red/white/red, I fitted the tack to the colors as close as possible - did debate putting white bandages on, but on trails they would be epicly disgusting afterwards.. and did not want to use the completely new white numnah yet either...
IMG_0130 (640x427).jpg
IMG_0133 (640x427).jpg
The ride itself was awesome, do have another pic on my phone, but can't upload it right now..
IMG_0138 (640x427).jpg

Grand was his goofy self this morning...
IMG_0083 (640x427).jpg
The ground what white with frost, the water frozen, but their hay still had color - I guess they had rummaged through it again..
Still contemplating the thought of making slow feeders, but first need to get some extra cash..
IMG_0071 (640x427).jpg

More pics of kitties and other stories later - need to run feed carrots to the babies and go watch fireworks :)
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    11-21-2013, 02:01 PM
Well, that Monday was my last holiday Now I work.
I am a nanny to 2 kids +housekeeping. This week I had to arrive earlier, as the kid was staying home because of having a caugh, sit with him, play, teach him to speak better, make food for him and his brother, go outside for a walk.. clean up all the dishes and all other stuff they get laying about..
Next week when he starts going back to kindergarden I will have more house work to do.. However, I like it, and the pay is good. The mother even gave me road money today - for coming in this week and also in advance for a few rides next week. Makes me very happy. The boys are fine, the little one just turned 4 today, the older one will be 10 in a month. The little one can be stubborn, but we are working it out
This job does not break my bones, but it means that in the morning I feed the dogs and cats, glance at the horses and run off.. Come home, give more water to horses (they get around 140 l at a time until it's going to be freezing - then I bring buckets twice/3 times a day) , give them their buckets, some vegetables, carrots... make sure they still have hay... which I need to purchase soon again :/

But ye, no time to ride as I have had to leave home very early this week, and I come home and it is dark, I barely have time to cook some food for myself, hug all my pets and try to study.
    11-21-2013, 02:55 PM
Super Moderator
That sounds like my life!!
At least there are weekends, right?
    11-22-2013, 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by Wallaby    
That sounds like my life!!
At least there are weekends, right?
Sundays - saturdays I have Uni, and if the class runs to when its supposed to, I miss a train that brings me home when it's still light... so ye.. I can only ride on sundays

Well no, I can when I know my schedule better, when I have to leave home at 10:30 am I can still do stuff
    11-24-2013, 05:40 PM
Well, magic worked, and I got to ride yesterday after uni, as I got home a lot earlier. Least to say I was half dead when coming home, but getting dressed for riding and starting to clean that muddy piglet named Teddy gave me more energy and once I was walking in the forest I felt great!

First I was shocked at how muddy he was - I guess he thought saturdays are days off too and he does not have to look all fancy, so there was a load of mud under his mane even and in it of course, and all over him.. but most of it was dry so it was actually quite easy to clean. He was very patient at the saddling point, he stayed there waiting as I kept going back to the tack room to pick the things I want (as it has been raining on and off I did not want to take everything out at once before I got him)
He was very curious about the saddle pad and the saddle again, but was willing to be saddled (no sighing or trying to move away). He picked the bridle up perfect again, almost gobbled the bit down He was very brisk on the walk across the road to the forest, and again impatient to wait for me to get on, even though I have become quite fast at mounting. (I guess riding often and quite a big weight loss of about whopping 28 pounds over 5 months has done its part too)
SO when he moved off, I asked him to stop and stand there. And as he moved I corrected him and kept him standing. When he was still for 10 seconds I thanked him and asked to start moving. He was just too keen to see his buddy again.
However, yet again he was wary about this one part of small trees very close to our starting point, but this time it was more just looking and snorting a little. Then we heart a chainsaw, but could not yet figure out at which part of the forest it is. Turned out it was just at the side of the path we had to take, so I asked him to just keep going, slowly - he was a bit stressed and was almost tiptoeing, but the people saw us and stopped whilst we passed (I guess they don't see horses walking past too often either ). He did try to trot but was easy to set back into our walk.
Then he saw that there are new tyres added to the part where there were some old ones, and now they were on both sides of the road... And some of the new ones were a lot bigger, and he was in total panic about them. However I was calm and consistent that we need to go, every time he tried to turn, I turned the other way and made him face them. If he stood still I asked nothing for a few seconds and urged him forwards. With about 10 such small episodes we got past - he was slightly shaky, but pulled the reigns out of my hands as soon as we were past the tyres (he does this when he does not need my support anymore - it is like he seeks contact with me when we have something to overcome, but as soon as it is fine, he asks for long reign)
The he had some issue again with the concrete blocks near our friend's house, but this time he did not try to take me through the ditch on the side of the road.. he walked a bit different, but fine. And snorted really LOUD at the geese in our friend's yard But they came out very soon and we could get going for our 1 h walk.

We passed the dog with very little disturbance for us, but our buddy started cantering sideways again... in the ploughed field... on the way back they were both extra calm... weirdos

The rest was quite boring, as they just kept going and no problems, apart from when Teddy decided to turn on his Turbo diesel and started just walking forwards and faster and move off our buddy. Then he tried to walk very very close to him as we turned to this other road... We were both just laughing at his behaviour (a week off and he turns into a weirdo )
Walked home, he did try to walk with his buddy, but I told him that we need to face the tyres again and go home. He didnt even shake on the way back home, however a car came from behind, and we let it pass by stepping into the forest, climbing back out on a steeper bit, but he did fine. He was a bit nervous about the car stopping next to the people with the chainsaw, which were resting at this moment, but he passed fine. The folks just asked me if he is nervous, and I said a little, but with very light contact with the bit and strong urge to go forwards we walked past the cars with no problems. They also named him "handsome boy" :P

Oh, and we did very little trot on the way home, just to stretch our legs a little (even in +7C my toes freeze off after 1 h at walk, with warm socks, sole warmers and plain leather boots..). I need thermoboots (cannot wait for my salary)

Then as we closed to about 20 yards from the road, he decided he needs to take the right turn there, and explore a forest path, looked like animals use it, or maybe even people sometimes... he was very content and did a small round through the underbush.. I was just laughing my face off - he was taking on an adventure! Lets explore this part of the forest
When he was getting confused of how to get back out I used that second of slower stride and showed him and option, he gladly took it. He looked very proud with himself, and then took another right turn near the road and wanted to walk there. I let him, but as he refused to cross the ditch to get home from there, we walked back to our normal point, trotted over when there were no cars and walked home. He was very proud when we stopped.
I patted him a lot, told him that he is just amazing and was about to get off when he decided to check out my foot, and I did not want to accidentally kick him when getting off, so that took us a moment :P
Afterwards he got lots of hugs when I was undoing the girth, picking up the stirrups and getting ready to walk to our saddle spot.
He enjoyed me hugging his head and we did our usual face rub when I took the bridle off and he was playing with the bit against the wood pole for good half minute. Only then he decided its time to get it off So halter time, tied for a second whilst I bring everything inside (gave his back a rub after saddle too, I do it every time now when his fluffy coat flattens down after riding)
Brought him a few pieces of bread and back to the pasture it was.
This time he walked in fine after I had asked Grand to move off the gate so we have free entrance.

Grand got 10 minutes of love too (it was getting dark already and I still had to start the fire in the central heater) but I rubbed him down head to toe, made him untangle himself from the rope, patted him all over, lifted his front legs and just talked some. Checked that he still remembers his manners and told him that even when I do not have too much time to work with him, he still gets hugs and kisses for being so amazing. Even though he had looked miserable when I walked off with Teddy. He dislikes being alone, but has never done anything...

SO later they got their buckets and my brother helped me put a round bale in for them, got water for them and a few carrots.. they turned into very happy bunnies.

Oh, and in the forest Teddy had decided to stop in muddy puddles and drink, and yes, they had managed to drink most of their water at home, but got fresh water as soon as I got back from riding.

They are 2 amazing cutie pies, and I am sad that Teddy's owner has forgot about him for a month already.. But he gets all the love from me.. even though I do not need 2 horses, I am not going to send him away right now (Also personal reasons that Grand needs company and I want to ride at least once a week, but Grand is not ready to be backed yet)
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    11-26-2013, 02:47 AM
Yesterday we had our first snow, for about an hour
Today is still frozen from last night, but that is obvious, its still before 9 am

So yesterday after work in the dark I went to give them some warm water in their water containers - added about 5 l of as hot water as it comes from the tap and then the cold from the hose (the hose survives in the old stable atm).

Then I made them their buckets, and yes, Teddy gets stuff too - he is actually not fat just leaning on that side, but cold is coming in..

I am petrified how they have messed their shelter up, which means next weekend I need to clean it out, and also purchase straw to fill it with.
Need to get more hay anyway..
They loved their warm buckets of feed, so they also got some in the dark hugs..
Grand loves to try to nip again, but Teddy just enjoys a hug.

But I will see how they look like now, in the light!
    11-26-2013, 03:10 AM
Well, first off - Congratulations to Latvia in it's 95th birthday!

Sorry to be late, but congrats! In five years, you will have some kind of huge celebration, no?
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