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Oh my, day full of adventures.
for one, already yesterday I read an article in our horse news portal, that yet another horse died of colic because even though we have 1 clinic in the country, it does not have an acting surgeon. Only surgeries that have happened there have been scheduled. The clinic was advising to drive to Finland with the horse.. crazy stuff..
Sadly this is the second horse in that stable in 1 year that has passed with a colic. And both came from my neighbour's stable and were good broodmares. Her foal was 3 months old when he lost he mother and is being hand fed but also the herd looks after him. It's a sad situation, especially after the mare had been finally the heart horse for the new owner (she had been looking for one forever) but the foal lives.

On the other hand, Teddy had double round in the forest today - he was ridden by his owners GF earlier through the day, they walked and trotted a little, exploring and doing weird things, and then I rode in the evening. We spent about hour and a half walking around, only stressed when a horse passed us near a stable, otherwise he was a perfect little trail monster. calming his friend, oh, and he spooked of a post box suddenly, one that we pass every time we are there.
We tackle all kinds of roads - nice sandy ones but also jungle like ones. There we actually wonder from side to side, because I do not like getting branches in my face and he gets to respond off my legs.
DSC_0742 (360x640).jpg

We trotted a little too, first time he was just being forward, and excited about going to see his friend, and the second time when going home from our friends house he was collecting, keeping contact and actually felt like extending a little. I was very happy..

On the positive note, about my dear war horse - the masseuse says his leg looks fine, will try to make him trot tomoro again, and he greats me like there is no tomorrow. I came home, from the further field he screams for me, while I change he is already on closer side, again sees me and neighs, we come home with teddy from the forest, he is again neighing for us, I went to feed the buckets and I get some nickering He loves me dearly.
Teddy's owner said -It is very simple. You feed him. He is a man after all.
So ye, my dog and my horse love me to bits as I feed them

AND I got a job interview! Maybe I will become a project assistant in a big time company that deals with communications, marketing and whatnot. (I have a BA in marketing and sociology, and currently 1st year student in Communications and media studies)
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I am horrified that I have not written anything for a few days, but I hope my inspiration will come back tonight.
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Originally Posted by Cherrij View Post
Dreaming horse - YouTube

Grand took a nap
That is awesome!

"Don't just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read, teach them to question everything" - George Carlin
My Journal: Montana horse adventures
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So, I have abandoned this place, but a lot was going on, mind stressed by school and home stuff.
Anyway, a few days ago I rode for 2 and a half hours. No worries, I did not try to kill myself and the horse, we trotted and walked alone for about 45 minutes, then walked a bit more while I was on the phone, he was being a perfect trail buddy and just carrying me calm on the road. easy to steer when needed and didn't play a jerk and be scared of everything. then we did our long walk with our friends. I was quite sore afterwards, for one when I jump off a horse when I have been sitting forever and getting cold, I usually do not manage to slide off slow enough and the impact on my ankles is quite bad. But we survive
He didn't even sweat through all that ride as it is chilly outside and we never worked too hard.
This picture is from that trail ride - there used to be a crop field, but when it was cut we could go through. now it's been plowed and I don't feel like riding over it, in case the owners don't like it.. Even though there used to be a road there ages ago.. over 25 years there was a road and then somebody just dug it up.
DSC_0749 (640x340).jpg

Thursday/Friday both boys had a day off, I just made sure they get their food and water and a few cuddles.
Saturday straight after Uni I went to ride for about 1.5 hours, just simple walk with a little trot in the beginning and after, It was just fantastic, the therapy I need. Teddy really improves every day. Yesterday we spent 45 minutes exploring the jungle of the forest (lots of bushy areas) and trotting along, getting braver, checking new alternate paths etc. There is one tree fallen that lies about 2 ft above the ground. Teddy being a small horse just walked over it. He stretches his head, raises his legs and off he is. Though I prefer walking over it with some legguards on, as he does scrape his legs on it occasionally. Last time we went his friend went first and jumped it from the spot
Then we went to wait for our friend in their yard, they were being slightly late. Oh, before that I let Teddy choose our paths, and he took me in on a "human" path, small narrow path that starts after a steep 3 ft drop from the road we were on, and later curves around trees. Ofc, then we chose other parts of the forest to walk through, but he enjoyed just exploring and looking under his feet. He had to work hard there with his mind to see where to put his feet safely, avoid fallen branches etc.
Whilst we waited for our friend, 2 more horses showed up near her house and started shouting. Turns out she knew one of them, and I knew the other one.. which kinda used to hate me for some random reason. but yesterday she was actually even talking to me. I was just weirded out. But we walked for an hour together 4 horses It was fun, we kept swapping places, moving about, not letting the horses too close together..
I was again laughing inside, as I was using the stick a lot more than they were, but that is only because Teddy is not allowed to get away with things, he occasionally ignores leg, so gets a reminder, and also to remind him that I am communicating with him. I do not smack him with it, just tap or poke to remind him what we are doing. As he sometimes seems to go in a daydream, and just keeps moving on without thinking Some might see me as a lazy or mean rider, but we have our system that works. When he gets responsive off the leg, I will just take the stick with me for security, if he starts ignoring me
we live in our little bubble and share our thoughts and happenings with those we want. She did ask me if it was my horse, I said no - it's a renter, a loan for rides But no further. I do not want to tell her I have a youngster at home. She does not need to know.
My youngster though loved me a lot yesterday, he was calling for me in the field and LOVED his grooming session with his bucket He got some extras yesterday whist I rubbed all his old hair off him and brushed his mane again.
DSC_0744 (640x360).jpg
It is not as thick as Teddy's, but its easier for him then. It is longer though. however also seems a little less healthy than teddys. It is actually interesting - Grand has better hooves, but worse mane and shorter tail, Teddy has fantastic mane and tail, but his hooves are not as good, i mean they are good, but not fantastic.
I tried to make Teddy look pretty for a sunday ride. Oh my it was hard. My arms and hands hurt, he was not too keen on standing still, and last time I managed a tighter, straighter braid, but ah well.. Please ignore the huge oversized halter. I could not bother to find his, so when I put Grand back in the field I just took Teddy out with the same It is not my fault we have an XFULL head and a Small Full head
DSC_0751 (640x360).jpg
We found his face too - here we had enough problems as I did a french braid in the front too, and he did not want to stand where I can reach it easy but we succeeded.
DSC_0753 (305x640).jpg
Last minute nap But at least you can see he has a face and a neck
DSC_0756 (640x360).jpg
Off we go
DSC_0763 (360x640).jpg
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They're looking very nice! I enjoyed reading this whole thread. :)
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R.I.P Duke <3
No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.~Winston Churchill
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Wow.. things happen, there are loads of photos.. but slow to add them..
Yesterday after Uni I saddled Teddy and we went for a solo trail ride, took loads of pics (there is a thread in the picture section). He was amazing for a solo ride, just doing his job, moving forwards, yielding to any pressure, could stand still sometimes. Trotted a lot, cantered a little just to stretch out and hopefully cough, but he never did.. so I don't know when we canter next. But I LOVED that trail ride..
Today we never went because the owner came to work with him, but as he had forgotten all his riding stuff, he just lunged the horse. but ye, teddy worked in the lunge a bit
Grand had to lunge today too - he is not lame, he is a bit short strided due to mud at the moment, but he did fine - he needs his 10-15 minute sessions every now and then now to start building stamina and muscles. and to get used to the job again. But he is a marvelous baby :) He got lots of hugs and kisses from me today!
He is funny when he is scratching himself.

This picture makes me say "Horse Power"

Teddy got decorated for the autumn photoshoot..

He had his opinion on the matter though.. or maybe it was about me moving away all the time, and he was too lazy to follow and tried to convince me to just stay next to him, hug and scratch

He is too cute to be mine!!! Tbh, recently I realised the short version of my recipe of happiness.. "I own Grand." That is basically it. I don't even have to be near him to be happy - I just know he is mine forever and I can get to him at any time.. and it makes me happy no matter what is thrown at me.

I am very proud with both of them :)
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Not much happened today. Had to give them the next round bale, as the previous one had disappeared... They sure eat a lot. Soon thinking about organizing some manure collection workout - need to clean up the pastures a bit.
Might use some to fertilize my raspberry field, they loved them, and might see some survivors next year, flourishing under the biological fertilizer
They got some apples today, when I sorted some in the cellar that do not want to survive for long.. then I went and got more food for them. I bought 350 kg of carrots for winter. and you will never believe how much it cost
And my friend brought over some pumpkins and pumpkin like things (apparently a hybrid to watermelons) to put in the cellar and feed to horses in winter. Might even get more. The plan is to plant pumpkins and some other stuff that likes lots of fertilizer and little care to grow extra snacks for their winter food.
I also had the awful thought to use a friend of mine to help me with.. the most evil ideas of them all. To put Teddy in a plow. Cannot use Grand, as he never done it yet, and I don't have a horse collar big enough for Grand to use... dang he is big. Our friend (whom we ride with) came for a visit finally, so she also saw how big he is
So ye, Teddy would be hitched to a plow, work through my old garden, then use harrows (???) to flatten it all out and drag the weeds off and also put some manure in there so that next year I can plant some stuff.. Feels like going back to middle ages, but I cannot dig up the garden myself. Why not use horsepower?
I have plowed with a horse before, we used my first horse to help us with potatoes and so on..

But ye, babies got hugs in the morning with apples, there was still frost outside, but none of my pictures satisfy me, so nothing to show.
In the evening they got about 6 l of veggies split between them, a few carrots each, half of a small "pumpkinmelon", and some other stuff. They LOVED them. Btw, they eat ginger with their feed easily too, same with garlic. When Teddy had a cough the vet told me to get a syrup. which I did. but I will not again, because all that cough can be cleaned up with teas. Every day both of them get about 300 ml of strong herb tea with their feed. the tea is diluted with more water to soak the feed better. And The Vet had asked me, how do I plan to make them consume the tea.. well, pish easy - they eat anything mixed with their grain. (includes bits of ginger, lemon, garlic, teas, wormer, and whatever else I can think of)

And ofc they had their famous buckets with their tea and grain. Teddy theoretically does not need anything. But sometimes I really cannot be bothered to just take Grand out to feed. Same as I cannot be bothered to lunge teddy properly to get rid of callories.

But ye. Mah babies are gonna have lots of food Just need to think about more hay in a few months.
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I am basically flying above the clouds. really.
I saddled Grand today. He didn't budge. In my eyes the universal/jumping saddle pad is too tiny for him. The saddle looks tiny too. It is a universal Stubben. And it does not seem to fit at the moment, need to check though, but it works as a lunging saddle for now. He did try to buck a few times, but not sure if it was because Teddy was near the lunge circle, or because of the saddle, or actually he feels so darn good that he lets the energy out.

There are a few videos, but they will take time to upload on youtube and I have to work through the day so will see.
But ye, he is an angel. We lunge with a thin rope halter at the moment, because sometimes he pulls, sometimes he just switches direction from the blind side to me, so that he can see me. And with his normal padded halter, I cannot get him to go how I want. He comes in from the circle when allowed, I ask to stop, ask him to come in, he gets huge hugs, and he really enjoys them :) Then with no issues I send him back out and we work some more ;)
After lunging I did some carrot stretches with him - he is very food motivated and did all the stretches almost perfect. One between his legs went quite fast, and I would not be suprised if I can teach him to bow pretty easy
Then he got some grass and his bucket, tied him to an apple tree and tried on some blankets. He really doesn't care what you do with him xD

I cannot decide which colors suit him better. I think the brownish one will stay for Teddy, it is smaller and the color seems a bit off. I want to get a black one, and maybe some cool deep blue one. Saddle blankets I have all kinds of colors

I am still in heaven
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Grand's first trot with a saddle :)
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