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    10-23-2013, 07:32 AM

Teddy lunges nicely now. He fought with the system before it even was hooked up, a few minutes in walk got him settled in it again and that was it. We did about 10-15 minutes walk/trot with the system on, then 10 more minutes with it off and added canter.
He did fine. Makes me happy to see him with a white lipstick on!

This is my Full sized briddle on him. Looks small. And the browband is almost pinching him. I guess I know now why he works with Xfull briddles, I mean why his owner got those. But what in hell will I get grand? I don't think we have XXFULL
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    10-23-2013, 08:40 AM

Teddy's videos. Dropbox hated me
    10-23-2013, 02:15 PM
See, I end up posting a lot in the same day, because:
1) I did not do something the night before.
2) I stupidly decide to post about 1 horse first, but then something cool happens with the other one.
3) I just have too much free time and babble about every single detail.

SO ye. Yet another post. TODAY.

My friend was busy, so she did not have time to try riding Teddy today, so as I did not want him to get fed up with lunging, I took him for a ride. This time not in the forest, but at home. He was not entirely excited about it, as he really is lazy, but we got some things done.
I mounted from a stump. He used to hate standing next to things. We sorted this out in 2 attempts.
He did not walk off - this was fixed in 3 rides.
So when he was patiently waiting for me to make up my mind, I asked him to flex his neck, he does it quite reluctantly, but got him to give me slack in the reign, and let it go. He is stiffer on the right side, but today we worked a lot on correct head/neck position, together with an active behind, left circle he takes better, right hand circle in trot feels like riding a broom.. he does not bend, he rather takes slightly lateral steps to get through the circle, or cuts in, or runs out. So hard work. But today I was not to focused on that, as I wanted to just get him to move forwards.
When I ask for more forwards movement with connection on the bit, he offers me canter. Gosh, seriously? All the time, canter, canter.. wobble, canter, trot, canter, wobble canter, wobble.. But OK, we got some trot time there, figured a few things out, he did quite nice few rounds across ground poles - quite wide ones for him I must add, but he never hit them.
Then I prepared him for canter.. he was very very attentive, bends a little better in canter, but sometimes I need to work hard to have him on correct bend, correct leg, and not run out of the circle or fall in and lose canter. He is not ready yet for full nice circles in canter with a rider, and I am sure I am causing some problems too, but we are getting there. I could actually sit his trot for a while today, so my fitness level is increasing fast too :) I could sit his canter half the time with no problem, it was actually incredibly comfortable. Before the wobbles
So we cantered a bit on each hand, let him canter straight too. One moment he suddenly panicked about something, and would not react, so he learn some one reign stop too.
And of course, with slightly warmer weather, thicker coat, more stress and more work, he was quite wet today. Due to the wind I walked him more with the blanket on, but he was not completely dry when I let him go.. But he should be fine, it is not freezing tonight. Next times when it is colder I will spend more time getting him dry. I rubbed all the wet areas with the blanket, and he didn't look cold..
His neck was wet from underneath, his chest was a bit wet, the girth area, and a little bit higher than that, not under the saddle though, all saddle pad area was dry!, his flanks and the backside of his hind legs. So I guess he worked a little too not just stressed. And of course the most beloved part of anyone who rides a young horse - his bit was covered in drool

My legs hurt a little already, but something felt really good today. And Teddy did not want to give me the bit back

OH, and they are really jealous of each other. After I moved Grand I gave him his bucket, outside of the field. Teddy was marching around the gate looking all annoyed, that it is SO UNFAIR

In the evening Teddy got a few pieces of bread from my hand when I was unsaddling him and taking him to walk with a cooler, and Grand was all too excited that lil bro gets to eat something and he does not. He nickers after me and Teddy a lot
But then they both got their veggies ;D
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    10-27-2013, 04:45 PM
Yeey, a miracle. I had not written anything for a few days..
We are still alive and all is fine..

1) On Thursday we had a photo shoot. I had to try to be the circus master and keep Teddy where he is supposed to stand, and make sure he is calm and happy. (very easy when he really wanted to grass, and be grumpy). Apparently I will have a few shots too, even though I was not prepared but they were testing lights on me. And I rode Teddy bareback for about 10 minutes.. He has fat behind his shoulder blades, and I do not feel safe on his back without a saddle.. that make me feel not so good. Also, he is off any extra feed, just sometimes some vegetables.. free choice hay makes him fat too
2) I did not have the energy to do anything with him on Friday, yesterday I passed out after uni, and today my brothers GF told me not to ride, because my cough is scary
3) I did ask him to work a little on the lunge, yielding and stuff, it was actually more like basic ground work session than lunging. Worked on yielding all body parts, he is not very responsive on sidewalk, but I am not good in asking it. He did good with backing, turning etc.
4) Grand got a workout on Friday, and today - a short workout with backing, turning out of the lunge line which is wrapped around him, letting me go to his blind side easier, better direction changes etc. He has become slower again, and also reacts much better to slowing down too.
5) We have a kitty. It just showed up. On Friday after uni I went to check the water for the horses, and suddenly heard a "meow" and a white with ginger cat shows up and stars jumping around my legs. At first I expected it to run away, but then I did not want me to stop petting it. I am guessing my old neighbors left it behind. It is sweet and does not mind horses. I have seen it hunting in the pasture before, but it is quite slim. As my friend said today "Day 60, I've finally met a two-legged being who is willing to show me some affection."

It is cute, and I do not plan to chase it away.. but I will not take it inside.. We call ginger cats, the money cats.. and I am glad it has found my home.. I hope he stays, and I will treat him occasionally, but other than that, he can try and hunt down all the rats.

I still love how Grand nickers whenever I show up..
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    10-28-2013, 04:18 PM
Super Moderator
AWWW! A kitty! I lovelovelove cats. Haha
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    10-28-2013, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Wallaby    
AWWW! A kitty! I lovelovelove cats. Haha
I LOVE them too.. My brother is against it a little bit.. he mainly dislikes indoor cats that cannot use a litter box. This one stays as so called "stable cat". Might feed it every now and then, but it's duty is to live as it did before - HUNT! There are plenty of mice, rats, moles, all kinds of things for it to catch

But it LOVES me.. She is actually extremely friendy.. but looks like Grand scared her, she does not like being near horses anymore At first she did not mind them sniffing her, but then they chased her so ye..

Now we are feeling a bit of wind, so called storm hitting us.. Main thing is.. I don't think the boys care much.. plus the hay gets good ventilation
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    10-31-2013, 06:50 AM
So... Not much happens, as I have lots of uni work to do, and I am still coughing, so I do not want to kill my lungs completely.
Grand has this annoying thing on his leg..

IMG_9692 (640x427).jpg

I had thought it was gone, and just noticed again. It is so pink and open after I managed to put first dose of a brown, disinfectant liquid, and also some honey+aloe vera+antibiotics. However, he kicks. So its bloody hard to get anything on there, also, it is his blind hindleg.

IMG_9584 (427x640).jpg

Teddy is just his own clowny fat self Also you can see, that they eat under a roof :P So they can avoid getting wet and mostly do if they are hungry at rain times

IMG_9674 (640x427).jpg

Today I decided to make the "round pen" again which is basically 8 fence poles connected by one line of electric tape, with no electricity.

First was Grand (ofc they had explored it whilst in making first), he is extremely easy to catch, wants cuddles. He joined up with me very very fast, didn't have to work too hard.. but he wants to be with me anyway, so that's normal.

Teddy did not want to get caught, he does this when I take him straight after Grand.. need to switch it up a bit again. We went in the "pen" and he did not want to walk with me, so he got chased off. He was listening to me almost all the time, however he had no interest coming near. Took us maybe 15 minutes? To be honest I was not watching the clock, I hate taking it with me when I go to work with the horses.. Teddy had once come in, but he did not want to walk with me, and as he turned away once, he got chased off again... after a bit of direction changes, speed changes etc, I stopped, I let him slow down and make a choice.. He came in a little.. I invited him to come closer.. he came in chewing, got lots of hugs and we walked off, as he had started panting (he really was working his canter running from me).
We walked in circles, I made him turn around both over front and behind.. he followed me very keen. Also, I can back him up walking backwards with him.. he listens to me well and tries to copy my movement, we even got about 2 steps sideways.. took the halter off and he still came with me.. Made me happy..
Walked him out of the pen with no halter, he wanted to walk off at a moment, but I stopped him, hugged him and went away myself.

They will get more carrots, apples, pumpkin and that weird watermelon/pumkin something mixed fruit.. and more kisses.. this year, no costumes, no nothing. I wanted to try and do something, but as I still got about 8 pages for my essay to do (which is actually amazing, because the communication situation I am analysing is me lunging Grand ).

So ye, I need to be back at my essay, exam questions and other boring stuff.
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    10-31-2013, 05:45 PM

Teddy has his own opinions about having cats around.. How about him getting petted not the cat?

My brother made the best pumpkin carving I have seen at home

A second cat showed up.. they feel the need to come here.. I wonder why.. need to ask the new neighbours a useless question, if they are theirs.. as I have seen the ginger cat before, months ago..

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    11-02-2013, 12:15 PM
We have been working in the "round pen" and I have been trying to figure some things out, like why it took so long for Teddy to decide to join me for a walk, and I guess Grand was not in the mood as he did not want to follow me without a rope at all.. maybe he panicked because of the whip again.. really should get him used to it..

Looks like both cats are staying. Even my brother who first told me not to feed them asked if I can buy cat food today, as they have been begging all day in front of the door.. I guess even he gave in. If they were from the new neighbors they would not spend the day extremely hungry waiting on us to feed them. And they gobbled the feed down very fast.. So I have 2 more mouths to feed.. I hope at least cats I can still afford, but need to sterilize the female.. do not want a huge litter of kittens.

Grand looks like he is losing another tooth, maybe that was also another fact why he was so.. off yesterday.. one of his first molars seems to be moving.. I guess I need to make him his mash today with lots of alfalfa so he can get some easier calories than hay.. Then have to see how he goes when the tooth drops out.. probably a stupid question, but do they manage to spit them out or what? (With my first youngster I never knew to pay that much attention to their teeth)

Poor baby I guess he will also get his carrots after my juice, the peels and squashed stuff, easier for him to chew, and most of the sugars come to my juice, not his belly
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    11-03-2013, 02:31 PM
Today I finally climbed on Teddy's back again.. Felt awkward.
We walked a bit, got to a place on the trail where a horse eating monster has been placed. Tractor tyres on the side of the path. They sure were getting ready to pounce on Teddy and eat him up raw

Well, After 2 measly attempts to pass them whist on his back, I got off and walked him by hand. He was snorting, refusing to go, sidestepping towards them with his head turned away, but bum closer (I guess he was getting ready to spin around and run). Got as close as I could touch one with my dressage whip when holding the end of the reigns. He just stared. Then I asked him to come closer, and sat down on one. Kept hitting them with my hands, stick, everything.. He was just staring. 2 m further there were 2 separate ones, those needed to be checked out too. He barely sniffed one.. but we walked past.

Then we got to our friends yard and had a chat, he was actually perfect, just standing next to me, he did need reminding to get out of my space, or her space, but we did fine. Chatted for a while (she was again too lazy to ride him as hers has been in box rest for 3 weeks now) and then it was getting darker and darker.. Had to walk home, past those horse eating tyres. I thought maybe he will be fine, but he remembered where they were, saw them, jumped to the side and ran forward on the other path (thank god not the ditch). Got off, walked him past them, got back on and walked home.. I could barely see anything, he was walking very steady.. So to say my night riding test is done He does fine in late dusk..
However, as I knew we are leaving home late-ish I put our cool tack on him
DSC_0781 (449x640).jpg

DSC_0783 (640x360).jpg

Even though he really did not want to stay still for the photo.. Mainly because Grand got his bucket just then.. (I sometimes use the fact that Teddy is leaving to feed Grand, he also then stays calmer for longer when Teddy is gone). However I still heard my dog from my friends house (less than one mile away) who was barking like mad, my guess is Grand was not being calm again... I want to ride again feels good to even walk.. hopefully our friend can start walking soon again, so we might do our 30-60 minute walks again..
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