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        07-07-2009, 02:52 PM
    Hahaha we didnt purposely do red white and blue lmao.
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        07-12-2009, 06:39 PM
    Congratz! =d
        12-07-2009, 10:00 PM
    Dear journal
    Definitely time to start this up again. So much has changed. Rainy and I are still a team, just a lot has happened. For instance, we can't jump anymore, and we're not doing canter classes this summer. But we're still working on dressage and (OMG pirouettes look so fun! Even though we're ages away from even coming close to trying that) we're thinking about doing a trail class or two, maybe even getting back into the halter circuit.

    But for more present news:
    Tonight we had lessons, really fun, did this weird little drill team thing. Rainy was...way too fast. But it was still fun.
    Xanadu Farms Drill Team has pleasant ring to it, doncha think?
    We worked on cantering a bit- I still have no idea how to tell the difference between the wrong and right lead! It doesn't feel much different, and I can't tell from looking at her legs. :P Oh well, just more to work on. Anyway, I should go.

    You know it,
    We're back,
    Better and
    More bootlicious
    Than before,
        12-10-2009, 09:15 PM
    That drill team this was AWESOME!!!! And yeah she was flying as sonny took his sweet time lol.
        12-10-2009, 10:03 PM
    Dear journal,
    I was planning on riding tonight, but since it was -1 F with wind chill, we decided not to...
    Probably a good idea. :) The horses were inside all day, since their blankets are being washed, so they were hyper and going nuts. Which was annoying. I discovered another of Ginger and Teodora (the new Appy mares which will happily be moving along to a rescue home on Saturday)'s redeeming qualities- neither of them will stand in crossties! Yay! :P Not really. Sigh. So I pulled Poco, (another cutie Appy, this one's a permanent fixture of Xanadu, though) who is living in the indoor arena until the two mares leave, out and put him in crossties, since I knew he'd stay, and then switched the mares out. Since they all had been in, and Poco had been allowed plenty of chance to frolic and play (lol), I decided that putting out pasturemates while I cleaned stalls would work best. It did indeed. Wiseman (a sorrel TWH) and Push (a tobiano TWH) had a LOT of fun goofing off. It was hilarious! They kept cantering around, and playfighting each other, trying to play halter tag, and doing little mini-rears, which looked hysterical. :) Then Wiseman, feeling all tough and stallion-y, decided to 'challenge' Push to a game of halter tag, which led to Push picking up his front leg and striking at him, which made him look like an Andalusion.

    All in all, a great night. :)
    Shelby and Rainy <3
        12-11-2009, 03:29 PM
    It was a very goog night my dear!!
        12-12-2009, 01:44 PM
    Dear journal,
    Oh how I adore the winter season!
    Not really. It's freezing! And there's always the chance of lessons being canceled, which would drive me nuts since this coming lesson will be our last until after Christmas. :P All of the horses are being blanketed, and I can't wait to see Rainy in hers, she looks so funny! She's just not the type of horse who seems to need a blanket- she thickens up so quickly, and loses it really fast too- and if we lived somewhere just a smidgen warmer, she could probably go without a blanket. But we don't. We live in Michigan, where Hell freezes over.
    On the plus side, the show team Christmas party is this Friday, and I'm very excited for that. I have my presents for everyone (not telling, they come on here too!) and a present for Laura and Sarah. I'm so excited! Oh, and because I feel like all the people I mention is confusing, here is a list of everyone at the barn:
    -Laura: the show team instructor, sister of Sarah, owns Rhett, Ivy, Mocha, and Rheno
    -Sarah: instructor for the other lessons, sister of Laura, owns Dealer, Poco, and Sparky
    -Carrie: helps instruct other lessons, friend of Sarah
    -Cara: My BFF! On show team, shows Ivy, gaited
    -Juliyana: My other BFF! Lol. On show team, owns Sonny and ride non-gaited, is doing show jumping
    -Megan: Another BFF! On show team, owns Crimson Honor (!!!) and rides non-gaited, is doing dressage! (and will totally own!)
    -Mackenzie: On show team, owns a Clydsdale that does not live at Xanadu, might be showing it, but for now is in between horses
    -Emilie: On show team, rides Rhett, shows gaited
    -Morgan: On show team, owns Zephyr, shows gaited
    -Julianne: On show team, shares Poison with her sister, shows gaited
    -Abby: On show team, shares Poison with Julianne, shows gaited
    -Nicole: Non-show team, rides Rhett and Dealer in lessons, loves gaited
    -Lily: Sarah's youngest daughter, shows Sparky
    -Izzy: Sarah's oldest daughter, shows Poco
    -Jenna: owns Wiseman, away at college

    -Rainy: owned by moi, shows, is a lesson horse (sorta...)
    -Ivy: owned by Laura, shown by Cara and Laura, is a lessson horse
    -Ellie: owned by Xanadu, W/T/C lesson horse
    -Zephyr: owned by Morgan, shown by Morgan, is lesson horse
    -Poco: owned by Sarah, shown by Izzy, is retired lesson horse
    -Wiseman: owned by Jenna, shown occasionally by Laura
    -Pusher: owned by Xanadu, will be shown by Laura
    -Rhett: owned by Laura, shown by Emilie and Laura, lesson horse
    -Dealer: owned by Sarah, shown by Sarah, lesson horse
    -Poison: owned by Julianne and Abby, shown by J & A
    -Indian: owned by random boarders whose names I don't recall, lesson horse
    -Bubba: see above
    -Sonny: owned and shown by Juliyana, lesson horse
    -Crimson Honor: owned and shown by Megan, lesson horse

    Sorry for the overload of information! :)
    Shelby and Rainy
        12-12-2009, 10:26 PM
    Im glad you got Rainy! Its sad that you can't jump but It'll work out for the better in the long run. Trust me.
        12-13-2009, 01:10 PM
    Yaaay I get to be the first!!!! Woop woop! Haha sorry if im annoying you....
        12-13-2009, 01:26 PM
    Haha,'re fine.
    Thanks horse4life43. It's a tad annoying, but I'll definitely be okay.

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