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WOW last week wasa huge differeane in the way oliver Carried himself! I was so happy! Didnt need spurs!! He was forward and relaxed!!! The two main things we have been working on for about 2 whole months now, I feel like with his age (5) and how green he is that is sucha great improvement! Couldnt be happier!

I have videos too!

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Oliver's first come back ride after a scary month of pneumonia

Well it's almost the new year I have been neglecting to post on oliver's journal here with everything going on.

So will put it all on here while I wait for the barn laundry to finish drying

So my last post was on the 21st of november. That was my last ride on Oliver before he gotbreally sick. He started coughing in the lesson, only once and at the end of the lesson then got a really gooky nose, caugh kept worsening and we waited to see if he could kick the cold, I had gotten him a warmer blanket with a insulated hood, and we kept an eye on him. Well he got better then suddenly took a turn for the worse and on the last day of my finals when I got out there he could barley walk without coughing his nose was so bad and he was so depressed. When he coughed he would have to splay his legs to hold himself up and would start shaking, I had already put a call into the vet that morning before my classes to get him out there again to see him. As soon as I saw his condition (as in walked into the barn to hear him hacking up a lung) I called the vet saying he needed to get out ASAP. I had to wait 3and half hours in the freezing cold till he got out there and as soon as he put his stethoscope to his ribcage he started coughing. He almost collapsed and he had to hold him up. He got diagnosed with pneumonia. He had fluid in his air ways and lungs. He got shot up with drugs like non other and then was put on close watch. I was feeling likema horriable mommy but was reassured by my vet that it was actually good we didn't shoot him up with drugs so his body could try it's best to fight it off. So after a very very long two weeks he is tons better. No coughing. No gross nose. He alert, happy, talkative again, running around like a fool with a attitude when turned out. His last day on his meds was christmas eve :) I got the clear to start working him when he was done with his meds. We didn't want to throw him straight back to riding...even though he would have loved to haha! So we started him back lunging him and the. Hand walking up and down the drive way, wow was he fresh!! Broke away a few times on the lunge line, wouldn't let me catch him in the pasture a couple times, would jog in place on our walks. He never once coughed or really got out of breath except when he got loose on the lunge line..grrr.

It was so stressful and emotional. All this on my first time of college finals, while he was sick he somehow bashed his face....and split his lip all the way through. It was like his front kegs gave out and his face caught his fall...or rather his front lip. Couldn't find anything he caught it on. It wasn't swollen or bloody, his teeth are just fine, vet said there wasn't really anything we or he could do but watch for infection. So at the time I had a sick horse with an3 inch straight hole all the way through in his lip

If I wasn't already getting enough little sleep I had a friend of mines husband committ sucide a 4 days before christmas. So really iv been trying to be cool and collected and I was..I was doing pretty great till tonight when I just lostbit and couldn't stop crying.

Today Err...yesterday now that's it's like 2am I had my first ride back on Oliver. My traier worked himmon Wensday and said he was great. So when I got on after lunging him he emmidaitly was bulging his shoulder out, graving the bit and his lower back was so tight it felt like a cement block. We did alot if walking warm up of getting him to realxe and relax his shoulders then hips but he wasn't at all listening to my leg, and not really fighting me....but idk. He was trying really hard and I just felt like my key wasnt working. I got so so frustrated but I knew I couldnt get mad at him cause he was really trying and for his first lesson back from so long off I couldn't expect him to be where he was before but omg I didn't think I would feel like I was such a crap of a rider and it just made everything come up and as soon as I got in the car I burst into tears.

I know it want him being bad, he's green, had alot if time off and it was the first lesson after all of the bad stuff happening.

He tried so hard and was really a good boy after our warm up and I got myself to stop and just realxe and stop over riding. I know alot of it has tons to do with my last horse and how she was so unpredictable and hurt me twice pretty darn bad in the two years of owning her. He's not at all unpredictable he was very lazy in this lesson haha not surprising with how he was before he was sick!

We did some good trot work when I started to relax and wow what a difference, really just made me more frustrated with myself and how my mind just goes into fear mode or something....not really fear but defensive mode incase he where to suddenly do something cause of all the time off and how he was going on the lung and then also in the pasture.

We did really good on our trot serpentines and eneded on a good note so I really shouldn't be beating myself up so freaking hard but I couldn't help it.

So here's to Oliver and instarting fresh and all new (and healthy!!!!) in 2012!!!! Thanks for reading my novel! And now we are all updated. I will have a couple pictures of our ride on here on Tuesday morning.
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Ah it has sure been a while since I have updated this little jurnal of mine

Well its the 1st of Febuary and we have started the month out great! Yesterday morning the last of the tack or supllies was moved to the new barn and then all the horses: George, Gator, Ashley, Achuna, Punchy, Lacey, Ollie, and the rest haha I am pretty sure she moved some of her other training horses in from her other barn too!

So relived to be out of that dump!!! Also looking forward to cleaning stalls again, its just so theriputic and relacing, only us horsey people really understand that!

So here is to the start of a healthy happy and strong start to the new year...FINALLY!

Feels like its been foever since I have ridden! (about 4 weeks) both me and Ollie sick, the a week of crazy snow then a week in Hawaii! So its about dang time my but sits in my saddle on my horse!

The new barn has all day turnout!!! BOUT DARN TIME!
So I iwll be taking pictures of the new barn and all its wonderfullness nad many pictures of my silly pony!

Theres the update haha
more after this weekend
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2/3/12 lesson....aka amazing!

So I had my first ride back after just getting back from Hawaii

It was so great!
The new barn is awesome, Oliver is so settled in and happy!
I'm on such a high off this one ride I don't think I could really even go into all we did so I will tell you parts!

Lounged in the out door round pen, that was exciting but he was so good!
When I got on....wow just felt at home and so happy!

We had a great warm up, he was nice and forward and very responsive!
We did leg yields, and shoulder in. We had just started on this before he had tons of time off (4 weeks) but had been lunged during this weeks.

When we did the shoulder in I really could feel how my relaxation and patience helped him, for the first time (out of like 3 times) I could feel the actual movement! It was so great!

We worked on our walk and that was great, he was with me the whole time. We would slow our walk down and I'd really ask for him to stretch down then make him push from his hind end end!

So then we did trot and canter poles and he was such a good guy!
We worked over a single small fence, he was so foward, not like him but made me happy and my ride less work but a bit tricky since it wasn't what I was used to riding!

We cooled out with our lesson buddy in the big field and hacked around the property.

So today was my day!
Back out there tomorrow!
I will have pictures after this weekend!
Thanks for reading!
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Sam, I am grinning from ear to ear with happiness for you! What a great day.
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Thank you! So am I!!!!
I came back relaxed and oh wow did that make a difference in how we worked together...today we were a team!
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Oliver sounds like a wonderful horse and he is absolutely GORGEOUS! You look like such a great rider, and I love your seat! It is so great to hear both of your progress!!
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Have not updated this in a while.
After a couple stressful weeks we found out little guy was starting to get ulcers, just a worry wort in every situation, got what he needed, doing 10x better now! I will post a few cute pictures. Hada great week of lessons this past week. SO HAPPY! Getting excited to show this summer!
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Here is my baby boy ;)
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Wow it has been a month since I have updated this thing! I just posted somemcute pictures!
So here is what has been going on, I got in a bad car accident two days before my week of spring break and totaled my car, came out of it with a major concussion, that was very scary! Three days after the car accident it was apparent something was very wrong with my back. I didn't break anything but twisted my back up and made alot if old injuries flare up, I am going to chiro and massage appointments 2-4 days out of the week and they seem to really help. The main thing they doctor is still concerned about is my right leg and arm it gets very tingly, like I am hold a hot wire fence and it slowly pluses all through my arm from my shoulder to my fingers ( makes it hard to write notes in class) and same thing with my leg, from my hip to my toes, sometimes it's like my foot has boiling water in the bottom of it...weirdest sensation iv ever had. This mainly happens if I sit for longer then 20 minutes, and when I have 2 1/2 hour classes from 10am to 830 pm it gets really numb on this days (today)

Good news is I had my first ri, after no riding for 4 weeks last weekend! It went great, kept it light. Oliver took good care of me! No spooking or getting strong on me. I love how horses know when your impaired and can't do all you think you can and they just take care of you. It made me feel so good to just sit in him and to just spend time with him. He is the best therapy I could ever have!

So because of the car accident and not having a car two weeks and being so messed up I lost my working student job at the barn I was boarding Oliver at, makes sense. My trainer didn't handle it the way she should have and that's a shame. I was working of some foe my board and lessons when I was there on the weekends so she had to get a new weekend worker. I moved Oliver out of her barn last weekend. It really was for the better he had been taken off his much needed immune defense supplement and had started loosing weight and stressing out again. I am in the works of moving him even closer to home only a short 15 minute ferry ride away (vashon island) I have a family friend who has known me and helped me with many of my horses in the past, it's cheaper board, 24/7 turnout with a run in shed for Oliver, outdoor arena, hot cold wash rack and many trails and all my old friends to ride with! I think both Oliver and u will truly grow nd benefit from all the island has to offer.

So right now he is temporarily at a barn he was at before and in the same stall with the same horses on either side that were there before (he is the type of horse who can't handle change well) so I felt great having him in q place he knew and felt good at before moving him to his new very perminate home. No More Moving him! Done! I feel like a crap owner for moving him so much but sometimes it just has to happen and if he had stayed at any of ther other barns I had him at it would have become dangerous and his health would be very much jeporidized and I can't have that, where I am taking him on the island on may 3rd I will have so much less stress and can really focus on classes!

More good news, I got a raise for my other job so I can pay for all of his expenses without help from mothership and with him being so close I can seem more more then twice the days I was seeing him before. There are also many clinics and fun easy going close schooling shows to get him into showing, and cheaper! I will also have my old much loved farrier back! Awh that's a huge relief by it's self!

So enjoy the pictures!
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