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Green Broke
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Oh yes...we where not so adorably happy after this ride....we don't leap in the air in protest to working.....simply just NO....I was honestly not expecting that much or sudden of a tantrum from him as I was trying to correct myself and slowly show him there was no inside rein to hold onto....about 5 minutes after that we decided simple trot leg yields off that left leg where do-able...huh...funny how that works haha....He groaned all the way back to the barn telling me just what he thought about THAT....haha I had to brush new knowledge bumps off his rear....hehe
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Talking What, I rode in the arena!?

WOW its a amazing! I rode in our arena, no rain, no frozen ground, warmer cloud cover and a very quiet day at the barn!!

Felt so good! I love the trails but after awhile after going on the same one over and over in the freezing cold it gets a little old!!

I am pretty sure Oliver was just as happy to get back into the arena cause he leg yielded and bent, went straight, shoulder was coming around with his haunches and he wanted to TROT! WORKING TROT!

It's as if he new I found out the dates of our first few shows together this last week and with more motivation to really work hard he was like:

"mom we have things to do and places to go, get on board or Ill be the only one in the arena working and can watch!"

This little horse amazes me all the time, when I least expect it.
I cant wait to get back out tomorrow morning after morning chores at the barn down the road!! Then Sunday I am taking the Irish baby and the Friesan mare that are both my trainer's and we are going to our out of town trainer and doing lessons! I cant wait to watch and get pictures!!

More tomorrow afternoon!
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Talking Beware: ADORABLENESS!

Snapped these yesterday after our ride!!
More tomorrow?!
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Green Broke
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Life has not been so kind to me, After O tossing me about two weeks ago now I got the cold hat was going around at work from the little kids and on top of that having girl issues body wise....feeling rather gross...UGH
So needless to say I hired a friend to help get Ollie going after my fall so he wouldn't just SIT in a pasture....after all we have training level and first level to show this year!!!

So with my hectic work schedule we are going have him ridden a total of 5-6 days a week from now until shows start!!

Good news is I have now gotten my lesson dates for Beth!! So excited, 19th and 20th of FEBRUARY!! Whoo Need to get my booty in gear this week!!!

I also need to get the chiro out for Ollie, I think with the time off, the freezing temperatures he has some places outa wack, poor dude!

Off to go set up my rotations at work, later!
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New video, Great Canter work done!

Video speaks for its self! PROUD MAMA
Not me riding but a friend who is helping with him
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Exclamation So somthing is wrong...starting to problem solve

So Oliver has been acting up, as in in pain, sore or somthing is not right with him acting up....we thought at first it was him coming back to work after i gave him a break....nope.

He is holding his tail differently when ridden, much more sensitive/touchy. He simply cannot be cantered under saddle currently for the fact that mentally he cant control himself, something mentally and or physically is going on.

Both my trainer and the gal who has been helping with him all notice it, all see it and are brain storming. My trainer is the sweetest gal ever and knows I am tight on money with two clinic lessons coming up I cant afford a whole lot so she gifted me her gift certificate of a hour long massage for him... This gal we both know well she does amazing work in helping pin point what is sore, what is tight, how it makes him feel when moving and helps give us homework to keep massaging him.

We also just scheduled for a great chiropractor to come out on the 10th, so Oliver will be getting evaluated and worked on and more problem solving until then.

For now we feel he can be continued to be worked so we can see how he moves and evaluate his body for any changes before and after being worked.

Riding is kept simple. transitions at walk/halt and trot/walk, must be correct and forward coming from the hind leg meaning I don't fiddle with my hands but relax my hands. Today we had an amazing trot once I got my body to relax.....first ride since coming off...took a good 15 minutes....Poor guy.

We are lunging him after our rides to work on the canter. So him that when he goes into canter his face wont get pulled on, as I got in that bad habit thus the working on simple transitions up and down to relax my arms and hands forward without giving away ANY brain is going nuts with this concept..

We have a ways to go but he is slowly getting there, I figure after a couple weeks and with massage and chiro work we will have sorted this out and moving forward.

Next few weeks will be hard and slow but worth it in order to be correct and ride safely so that we can go to a clinic so that we can show so that we can be happy.

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Smile Post Massge, not what we thought we might find...

So yesterday was a rush of a day, I was able to sleep in, get all my barn chores done and do a super job grooming up Ollie. He is already shedding like crazy!!!

So the massage theripist did an amazing job!!

She commented more then once that he was different then a lot of the horses she works on. He settled right into her hands, relaxed and excepted the body work as if to say yes mom, this is exactly what I needed, thank you for listening!

She also mentioned more then once how she was surprised by him pushing back into her with equal pressure on his really tight spots after moving around a little I get her just where he needed her hands! Truly amazing to watch the communication of the two go back and forth with no words just body language and listening to him.

He not only liked her but loved her and didn't hesitate to tell her he needed more work on his right shoulder done. She had gone to move on to his forearm then to his neck and he turns his head, rested his head against her shoulder then positioned himself where his shoulder was in front of her hands again then looked at her again and nudged her into his shoulder...

Our horses have an amazing and beautiful way of communications with us should we remain open and listening wit not just our ears but our eyes and touch and gut feeling.

I felt so at peace seeing that reaction to the massage. I did my job in listening to my horse and in return he told me thank you by being so good and litter ally helping the massage go along.

It was very intresting to play apart in as Oliver has never been the kind of horse to be mouthy...but two times when the massage theripist reached a spot that was sore when she applied pressure he slowly stuck his nose in my face and not to bite me but sure did sure show me his teeth and open and closed them very slightly against my face/neck. As soon as I said no, I know it hurts we are going to help it feel better just breath bubba...he'd lower his head and take a big deep breath out and start licking and chewing.

I told this to the gal working on him and asked was that a very right spot and she just replied with yes and the communication below teen you and this horse is in believable. She noted that many of her first time clients would have over reacted and swated their horses face away but I remained calm and talked to him and he listened and relaxed again...

Doing good by your horse, listening, problem solving and seeing the result of good work is truly amazing no matter how many ones you see it done. That good feeling inside of you because you made someone you care about and love feel better when thy do not speak our language is the best feeling in the world.

So your probably wondering what it is that we found throughout this massage!
We had a suspicion that he would be found to be tight and sore in his back and hind end from the harder work we are asking, making him do more of the work then me...

Nope, not the case! She found him to yes be the normal amount of tight and got him loosened up and relaxed but not anything that would lead to him acting up the way he has been.

She checked him for actuated sure points that would indicate his ulcers flaring up and found no hints and we where all a little shocked at that. She checked his back for saddle soreness and said she loved the way his back felt and my saddle must fit very well and he must like it a lot!

What she did find was his shoulders where very very tight, painfully tight. That his forelegs where rock solid....she put a hand on it and told me to feel and when I realized what I was feeling was stone hard muscle I was shocked and felt so bad. She spent a lot of time working in the places on both sides of him and got them to release tension and and get we blood flow in there to help.

This is also where she was applying so mush pressure that she was surprised when he pushed into her to add more and helped her get the right places.

These findings explain why he was stepping the way he was, not able to fully reach, stretch. It hurt, it was to tight!!

We also found on the left side that the hind leg, inside of it in the upper region above the hock was very tight... Like rock hard too. She was able to get good blood flow and relaxe that muscle a bit. This would explain his hard canter direction to the left.... When we listen and do things like this we find the answers to or problems when we are comes full circle and makes sense.

So that last part that we found was very wet tight, and will be tight more often with the work we ask of him is his neck, the crest of his neck was very tight and we where able to loosen this up as well.

I have my homework, to work on his legs and shoulders and neck before and after each workout...

I might invest in some lavender oil to help him relaxe more at the beginning of the workout since in sure metallurgy he's going to think this going to hurt all over again and I can't do this... But we'll wait and see on that.

Anyways that was yesterday's findings.
We will still go through with having the chiropractor out to see what else we an do to help him. Luckily that's not till next monday so not all at once with all the body work.

I'll be going out tomorrow and working him an getting pictures of I can.
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Video is looking great!

Glad to hear that the massage was such a success ;D Keep us updated!
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Talking Things are really looking up, happy girl

I am happy to announce I am not as stressed out as I previously was....even just from last night!

I got my new spring coaching schedule and it allows me to ride 6 days a week should I need to work him that much! At the same time I am working later evenings so I get more hours in turn! SO its a big win win for everyone! I also will have the flexibility to work more birthday parties so that I can get more money on the side easier for out of town clinics and summer clinics with our California trainer who visits 2-3 times in the summer!

I was informed I was not needed at the barn I was working at anymore....that it would be temporary....but literally left me with no notice so I couldn't find more hours.....big bummer!!

So i took back the janitor job I had before last month hen I decided I needed to take a break and try more hours at the gym... so now I will be working 32 hours at the gym a week with added on birthday parties at 8 extra hours-16 extra hours a week.... so things are going to be looking up here shortly!

Now this stupid cold needs to exit my body...the cold snap can go away and the sun can start warming things up please.

Oliver is shedding like none other and is making me a absolute mess when I groom him haha The days are slowly getting longer/lighter out.....

Today is the first day in a long time that I have been truly overall excited about spring and riding and our current summer time goals!

Pictures tomorrow, if I don't know forget lol
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Talking Post Chirpractor visit (monday 10th)

Ollie got seen by our chiropractor yesterday afternoon, to rule out anything that maybe causing him any pain or restriction while we work him and ask for more work.....

Last week we did a massage to see if we could find anything there...Shoulders very tight, fore arms very tight and neck a bit tighter then expected. We checked for ulcer indicators and his back for and sore spots from my saddle. His hind end was tight but not more then expected and worked on that.... overall not to bad.... concluded to his weight transfer being a front engine horse and his previous training taking a toll on his body... (we are working on changing him from front to hind engine driven horse)

So then we also had scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor the next week, being yesterday afternoon. He mentioned he was tight in some odd places...kept feeling and working on him and then found that his hips where rotated forward and down in a extended position.... so he could not sit and transfer weight like he should to correctly activate his hind end for cantering....
The sound of everything popping back into place was well LOUD....
In fact this smiley face is the same look Oliver gave when his hips and hind end popped into place !

My trainer from outside the stall heard it!!!

No wonder hi was tail swishing more, and couldn't canter without spazzing out! Poor guy!!

I knew, both my trainer and I knew something was up!

So he said he should be just fine now, let him have that day off, expect him to think it will still hurt to canter and work on getting him to relax and let go and trust me slowly again when it comes to really using his hind end for trot and canter..... He said I should feel a big difference in his movement once he figures out his hips wont hurt him anymore!!

Now all I need to do is get his teeth floated and no excuses for naughty behavior other then a annoying evasion!

So happy I took the time and had more then one person work on him over time! Well worth the money and time off spent! Now we can get back to work!

I posted a imagine if what is in the circled area was STUCK down and forward in a extended position....this image really helped me see things clear!
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