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    06-12-2012, 10:07 PM
Had the farrier come out today to trim both Gunsmoke and Buckshot's feet, aswell as put shoes on Buckshot's back feet.
Because I have yet to explain Buckshot's many hoof problems, I'm going to now. When my sister first go him his hooves were at completly straight angles, as time progressed with some trims and rasping one of the hooves grew out normally, while the other never did. The farrier today basicly told me he has a club foot on that side and probably always will. Then his back feet are very flat footed, which is why I had him shoed in the back.
Then the other two has close to perfect feet. (yay!)

After the farrier left I rode Gunsmoke for awhile, first time out of the roundpen on my property :) I could tell by the time we untacked that he was a bit softer than when we had started.
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    06-15-2012, 11:38 AM
I was able to go to one of the arena's around here to ride with some friends yesterday. We got home around 11:00P.M. So that's why I'm only posting now.

I rode Wildfire english again, worked on my posting a bit more, and cantered a few times. She wasn't generally behaving all that much :P She would walk this perfect trail walk, but I had to reaaaaaallly work on getting her to collect her trot more.
Later I rode Gunsmoke and .. I felt like a proud parent by the end of the night!
He was doing circles and some serpentines for me with less pressure on the reins than I think he ever has. He also would go into a trot without me using a crop. The only thing he did "wrong" was that he kept spooking when people would gallop past us. Which, as my sister said, if you *really* think about how many times I've actually ridden him (4 or so outside the roundpen, *maybe* 15 in a roundpen) he's doing great :)

Playday tonight I'm taking Buckshot to, so I'll be updating again soon, another Sunday, and then starting on the 20th me and a friend will be going to Rodeo Bible Camp ^^
    06-16-2012, 06:14 PM
Playday lastnight which I took Buckshot to.

Poles- 48 seconds (Knocked down a pole. It's our worst event to begin with, and doing it first out of the night never helps)
Flags- 18 seconds (Placed 3rd!)
Down & Back- 12 seconds
Barrels- 24 seconds

Suuuper tired, but still can't wait for Sunday! I may bring Gunsmoke aswell, not quite sure.
    06-18-2012, 03:12 PM
The funshow sunday went well :) I walked poles, flags, barrels, and keyhole on Gunsmoke. I thought poles/barrels would be good practice for him on turning, and flags/keyhole good events to help desensitize him. We started with flags, which he was very spooky during, but after that he didn't spook once. He was a bit slower to go into a trot than normal, but other than that he did fine.
I also had Buckshot, who did great as normal. :)

Flags- 30 sec. (It's a bigger pattern than we normally do, and he was hesitant to go up to the first barrel.)
Poles- 31 sec. (Muuuuch better! Placed 2nd)
Barrels- 22 sec. (Again, better, but I wish it had been faster)
Catalog- ? This is the one I didn't have written down ^^;
Keyhole- 12 sec.

Afterwards I tacked up Wildfire and headed down to the river to ride with some friends. It was really fun and enjoyable, a little cold by the time we finished, but still fun ^^
    06-24-2012, 04:00 PM
Buckshot and I got back from Rodeo Bible Camp yesterday! It was amazingly fun and inspirational. I learned a lot about barrels and poles too, so maybe I'll make that goal of mine.

Wednesday- First day, no riding. Just got to meet members of my team, etc.
Thursday- Rained ALL night, the arena was over ankle deap soupy mud. Trotter/walked the track on barrels as we thought we should, and later were showed how we were actually supposed to.
Friday- Set up cones to trot/walk like poles, later we loped/trotted the barrel pattern.
Saturday- Loped/trotted both poles and barrels.

The instructor thought I had a really good handle on the subject and would make a "crazy barrel racer!" She was also really impressed with Buckshot, which made me happy ^^ I have her e-mail so I may send her videos in the future to critque.
    06-26-2012, 08:35 PM
Worked with Gunsmoke some tonight. I had planned to do some groundwork and then ride him for awhile, but my sister had used my saddle without my permission, and it was at her house
So, as planned I did some groundwork with him, and then sat on him bareback, which is the first time I had ever done so :) He didn't move whatsoever when I got on him, he just looked at me like, "Wait.. isn't there something missing..?"

Should be riding tomorrow aswell, hopefully it will be cooler than in the 100's!
    06-30-2012, 08:56 PM
I'm horrible at updating this on time, so I'm going to write out a post for two different days.

One of my friends, my sister, and I went riding. I rode Gunsmoke, my sister rode Sugar, and my friend rode my sister's OTTB Regal.
It was 110F degrees out, and needless to say, all of the horses were being a little cranky and irritable. Gunsmoke was being very stubborn to go into a trot, to turn, or to do anything other than stand in the shade. The good thing is he didn't try to buck me off, the bad thing is he starting trying to bite my foot whenever I asked him to do anything :/ I guess he decided that he wasn't going to be able to buck me off, so this was a better idea. I really worked on getting him to stop this, as I've seen older horses with this exact bad habit.
We had planned on doing some groundwork after riding, but it was simply too hot out.

Another Playday with Buckshot. I was going to take Gunsmoke to it to walk the patterns with him, but I couldn't find my crop and we had already been running late, so I only brought one horse. It was probably for the better, as it was around 110F degrees out again!

Poles- 30 something? I didn't hear all of the time after my run.
He did decent, he was being stiffer than normal all night, which made his weaving sloppy. Still, compared to when I was first running him he has improved tons.

Flags- 19 sec.
He turned himself around at the barrel we drop the flag into, otherwise our time would of probably been a couple seconds faster. Placed 2nd. (winning time was 17 sec.)

Down & Back- 11 sec.
Not much to say on this one, just a second slower than the top 3 times.

Barrels- 23 sec.
On our first run the timer glitched. We would of had a better time, but I got my hands tangled in his mane (don't need to tell everyone how many times I do this...) going to the second barrel. Placed 3rd.

Also got to use my new SMB3 boots that I got off craigslist! I got them for $30 bucks, only used twice as the lady I bought them from said they had been too small for her horse. I was pretty happy :)
    07-07-2012, 07:28 PM
Once again.. I can never update on time ^^: I apologize for that.

Wednesday (July 4th)-

I rode Wildfire in our town's 4th of July parade. She started out okay, but before we came to the square I was ready to turn around and walk her back. She was really flipping her head around and generally just misbehaving. Personally, I hate being in the parade with a horse that doesn't behave. With so many little kids and other people around.. well, pretty self-explanatory there.

This made me come to two desicisions:

1. I am going to get her teeth floated. Honestly, they haven't been in a long time and I think it's about time I just went ahead and got them done.

2. I am going to move her into a seperate pasture by herself and Buckshot. This is because she gets incrediably buddy sour with all horses except him (Which I suspect is because he doesn't really tend to care if he's alone or not), she was previously with about 5 geldings total (which was why I think she was in heat so much), and finally she had also been in with Sugar, who is really hyper. (She gets hyper around other hyper horses).


Set up a new water tank and moved Wildfire & Buckshot to their seperate pasture.


My sister came over and we worked on posting and jumping. I can post going to the right, but not going to the left lol
We also set up some hay bales and jumped over them for the first time in an english saddle. My sister gave me some tips and corrected my position as best as she could.
I used her jumping saddle, which I like TONS better than the other saddle I had been using which had been an all purpose dressage saddle.

Alsso... I'm most likely going to get professional hunt seat lessons!!! It's a bit of a roundabout story, but basically my sister is trading a horse she really wants to get rid of for lessons for me and maybe even some for herself.


Called the vet, have yet to be called back, to make an appointment to get Wildfire's teeth floated.

Horse show today!

I did flat hunt seat and one jumping class for practice and fun, this show is pretty "famous" in a sense for being good about giving advice and tips. I also did western pleasure events, and was planning on doing speed, except Wildfire managed to twist her ankle.

Hunter Under Saddle - Last (I didn't expect any better!)
Hunt Seat Equatation - Last (See above)
Hunter Over Fences - Disqual. (3 Refusals) I think this is the class that Wildfire twisted her ankle in. Because we had been warming up over these crossrails, she did the first two fine, the second two she was hesitant about, and then the third she would not do whatsoever.

Showmanship - 1st!!! (
Horsemanship - 2nd

During horsemanship she felt completely fine, no hitches in her gait, nothing, but when I came out the arena my sister and mom told me she seemed to be limping/stiff. I had one of them trot her for me so I could see, and I noticed the same thing. I considered going ahead and doing western pleasure, but I decided not to. I just would rather not risk it.
We rubbed her legs down with liminent and wrapped the one up. I also gave her some MSM when we got home and also gave her a scoop of Buckshot's joint supplement which I'll probably keep her on intill state fair or later.

For anyone going "OMG you need to take your horse to the vet, she could be horribly injured!!!!!" I honestly don't think so. For one, she willingly loped and trotted for me in the arena, for two she also trotted up to me when I went to check on her after we got home, and three her gait didn't feel off when I had been riding her.
I'll probably end up double posting (if I remember..) because I'm going to go out and ride Buckshot :)
    07-09-2012, 11:55 AM
Sorry, forgot to post and couldn't post yesterday!

Later Saturday-

Did a bit of groundwork with Buckshot and we rode for a little while. Probably around 15 minutes, just sorta a fun ride to unwind with.


My sister had a family come out to look at horses. Only after they came did they tell her they were looking for a kid broke horse, and all she has forsale currently are green broke, stated clearly in the ad.. *sigh*

And, of course, during all this Sugar broke into Buckshot & Wildfire's pasture. I probably would've of just left her there if it wasn't for Wildfire's leg, as I really don't want her running around. So, in the midst of trying to catch her she ran through two more fences.. *sigh..*

One good thing out of that, Wildfire's leg looks better. No noticable swelling, no limping, she just looks stiff at this point. I considered giving her bute (I didn't have any the day of, but got some now), but she doesn't appear in pain, so I'm just going to continue giving her MSM and a joint supplement.

I'll be helping with our church's VBS all week intill friday/saturday so, unless we have any sort of freak accident, I probably won't update intill then.
    07-14-2012, 06:58 PM
By the time we unloaded yesterday it was 1:00A.M., so that's why I'm writing for Friday today too!


Took Buckshot to a playday and.. Gunsmoke! I plan on making him a show horse, but I really wanted him to have the experience, and I also take any chance I have to ride him in an arena.
He bucked on me once while warming up (when I asked him to canter), but I have a feeling he wasn't trying to be bad, but he was just having "fun". He spooked at some mud puddles in the arena, a little boy in a red shirt, and a girl with an extremely gate sour horse that flipped out behind him. (I didn't blame him for that last one) He let me wave my crop infront of his eyes (flag practice), he was turning good, and also picking up his trot very well. He also has the perfect "western pleasure" headset lol. When we walk his poll is even with his withers, and when we trot/gait he lifts it up a bit higher. (and so far I've never messed with his headset, he just does it by himself!)
We trotted up to the poles, walked through, trotted back, and trotted through most of the flag pattern. He did really good, and was nice and patient to just stand tied during the last two events.

Buckshot was the complete opposite of Gunsmoke. Normally, I barely have to cue him to turn, and we can walk/trot on a loose rein, (I keep my reins a bit tighter canter, but not tugging on his mouth either) but today he was completly wired. It did storm that night, so I have a feeling that may of had something to do with it.

Poles- 32 sec.
Flags- 69 sec. As I said before, he was very hyper and jumpy today and he wouldn't stop/slow down for me. We also revisted how he was when I first got him: "Barrel? WHAT? I canNOT touch that thing, or going within in five feet of it!"
Anyway, I made him trot on the way back, and afterwards we did a lot of walking circles and just generally unwinding.
Down & Back- 11 sec. In our own defense, the horses that beat us are 1 -2 hands taller!
Barrels- 25 sec. It was very muddy by the second barrel, so we took it slow. I would rather have a slow time than an injured horse.


Wildfire's leg had been looking good, so I took her and Gunsmoke to the arena with some friends to prepare for State Fair. (July 26th - 29th) I mostly worked with Wildfire on staying in the gait I wanted her and collecting her trot more. (Gosh, that's bouncy!)
With Gunsmoke we did some circles, trotting, flexing, backing up, etc. Basically the regular routine. He actually likes to do Serpentines more than circles or figure 8s. I also got him to canter without bucking! I got him to do it twice, and both times we just went a few strides and stopped. I love his canter! (: I rode him trail riding once and got him to canter quite a bit, and its so naturally collected! I'm telling you, he wants to be a show horse.

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