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There is something about the outside of a horse..

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        07-16-2012, 07:18 PM
    I didn't do much today, I just clipped Wildfire's ears, whiskers, and bridlepath. I also went ahead and clipped Buckshot's bridlepath and the hair on his fetlocks on his front legs. (It gets all nasty in his sport boots) Wildfire is VERY touchy about her nose, so we really worked on her letting me clip her whiskers.
    Buckshot I have never clipped before. He was very scared of it, which surprised me, and was pulling a bit on the leadrope. He would normally relax then, and I'd move a bit closer with them, he'd tense, relax, I'd move a bit closer, and so on. He spooked on time very badly when one of the dogs nipped at his heels. Once I got him calmed down I scolded said dog very severly. Most of our dogs have some "cow sense" and have been used in the past to help herd the cows when we had them. My Baussie knows that she will get in trouble if she chases the horses unless told. (If they break out) Zip, my sister's dog, tries to "help" with the horses, which is what he tried to do in this situation.
    Anyway, we started our process over and I got him clipped. I didn't do his back legs because there was nowone to hold onto him and the cord on my clippers wasn't long enough. I'll have to get an extension cord out there next time.

    I was also not pleased with the clippers I bought. They cut fine, but they're very noisy, they vibrate a lot, and easily start to overheat. I also wish I would've just bought a cordless one too. Oh well, you live and learn :)
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        07-17-2012, 08:07 PM
    We went to the vet today to get Wildfire's teeth floated. We accidentally came a week early then we were supposed to. (Just a communication error) The vet said it was a simply mistake and after he was done with his current patient he would go ahead and do her teeth.
    As I've said before, Wildfire does not like anyone messing with her nose/mouth, so she was a bit of a pain. He ended up giving her extra sedative, and it cracked me up how much she was acting like a drunk person.
        07-18-2012, 11:32 PM
    Well.. I think floating Wildfire's teeth worked, she was acting like her old self. There is a reason I rarely ride this horse at home: She acts hyper, she won't walk, she'll trot, but she won't lope. She tries to bite my feet. She is soooooo stubborn. I hadn't experienced this in a while, kinda made me smile lol
    Just for fun, I took her bridle off and tried riding her in the roundpen. She neckreined with the bridle/reins around her neck, but she didn't understand "stop." (For anyone wondering, yes, other people were with me.) How she acted didn't necessarily surprise me.
    Later I hopped on Buckshot, we were going to practice a reining pattern, but the only bit I had was too loose on him, so I decided not to. My sister convinced me to try him bridless too. I just put my reins over the saddle horn instead of taking his entirely off, as I honestly didn't expect him to do anything. Instead, he would turn off my legs, wide circles, and small circles. It wasn't very professional looking, like I don't think we could've done serpertines. It wouldn't stop entirely off my seat. He'd kinda off drop a gait at a time everytime I said "woah".
    Either way, just a fun day :)
        07-19-2012, 11:38 PM
    I had meant to ride Gunsmoke today, but I reaaaally justed wanted to have a fun, unwinding day. I did some "lunging for respect" with Buckshot. He's starting to understand when I point it means "go", but he hasn't gotten that it matters which way I point lol
    After that I just rode him in a halter bareback. I'm going to start looking into some excercises to do with him that will build up his top line.

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