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  1. ridergirl23
    11-09-2009 12:03 AM - permalink
    sounds fun! we have a feild out back where we can gallop, but its not very big. haha i tryed the 'join up' with my new mare...she looked at me like i was an idiot! lol but i tryed it a second time and it worked alot better
  2. ridergirl23
    11-08-2009 12:28 AM - permalink
    ooo i think going fast has gotta be one of my favourite parts of riding. haha my new mare really loves to run too. lol but i wish i had a mile long open area to gallop in...i guess i shouldnt complain :P i could trailer to the mountains......
    where do you ride?
  3. ridergirl23
    11-07-2009 11:57 PM - permalink
    it would be soo much fun! lol. the bridless training is going well... haha but my horse an be very stubborn sometimes, haha.
  4. PechosGoldenChance
    11-07-2009 10:54 PM - permalink
    I wish we lived by eachother we would have a blast!! You seem to me like a longlost friend for some reason lol. I'm also training my girl to bridleless ride and we have mastered the rope around the neck so its going great!!!! hows yours going?

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