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Conversation Between HorsePride and Brighteyes
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  1. HorsePride
    01-05-2010 12:07 AM - permalink
    Haha, i wonder how long wou'll sourvive now! :P
  2. Brighteyes
    01-04-2010 12:30 AM - permalink
    Yeah. I've have had enough mule to pull through for a little while longer. :)
  3. HorsePride
    01-03-2010 07:41 PM - permalink
    Oh yeah... I hope you are able to get one soon though!! At least you got to plow with them, etc.
  4. Brighteyes
    01-01-2010 01:38 PM - permalink
    I'm working on it... Money's been tight lately, so I may have to wait till next winter.
    It's not really the price of buying the mule, but keeping it. Boarding is about 300 a month, plus all the other unexpected horse-related expenses that pop up. Ya know what I mean?
  5. HorsePride
    01-01-2010 02:52 AM - permalink
    Haha, sounds like you had great fun! :) Any closer to getting a mule yet? :/
  6. Brighteyes
    01-01-2010 01:20 AM - permalink
    Oh yeah! I wanted to steal them.
  7. HorsePride
    01-01-2010 12:04 AM - permalink
    Wow, were they pretty? lol
  8. Brighteyes
    12-31-2009 11:18 PM - permalink
    There were two. Two mollies out of a percheron mare and by a mammoth jack. Huge too! One of 17.1 and the other 16.3.
  9. HorsePride
    12-31-2009 01:18 AM - permalink
    Wow. Sounds hard! Oh well, what was the mule like with you used to do it with?
  10. Brighteyes
    12-30-2009 09:54 PM - permalink
    It was really, REALLY hard! I can't belive that people use to do that all day... Still, when I get my land in order, I think I'll get myself a mule and teach him to pull a plow. Therefore, I wouldn't have to deal with the hills and the mud with my tractor... Every time I plow a garden, I get that thing stuck five or six times!
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