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  1. drafts4ever
    09-18-2009 03:03 AM - permalink
    Thank you! I do animal photography for fun and shoot candids and what not and these were some pics I took the first day her braids were in.
  2. BackInTheSaddleAgain
    09-18-2009 01:00 AM - permalink
    I LOVE your new avatar photo!
  3. BackInTheSaddleAgain
    09-10-2009 12:26 PM - permalink
    Ah! Thanks for letting me know how it's done. I can't wait to try it. I think she'll catch on pretty quick =)
  4. drafts4ever
    09-09-2009 05:49 PM - permalink
    Thanx for the comment! try putting a carrot between her front legs and having her follow it down and under her chest. It might take a little while but that's how I taught Caleigh to do it. Add a key word like "bow" and eventually wean her off the treats.

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