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Conversation Between DisneyCowgirl1901 and Thatgirlsacowboy
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  1. Thatgirlsacowboy
    07-14-2010 03:27 AM - permalink
    You have no idea how awesome it is to have Teddy at the barn. He's a CHARACTER!!! Cricket and I ride passed him almost every day. She's convinced that he's her boyfriend. She struts up to him and sticks her entire head in his corral, and he puffs himself all up and acts like a little studd. It's adorable.
  2. DisneyCowgirl1901
    05-16-2010 02:11 AM - permalink
    I will be moving there the first week in June! I am so excited to have them down there!
  3. Thatgirlsacowboy
    05-15-2010 03:42 PM - permalink
    Oh my gosh!!! You're moving to our barn??? SO AWESOME!!!! You'll have to let me know when y'all are moving out here!!! We'll have to go riding some time!!!! SO awesome!
  4. DisneyCowgirl1901
    01-01-2010 01:45 PM - permalink
    Hey I just realized you board your horse at the same barn as my friend! He has Walter the TB. I couldn't figure out the other day why your horse looked SO familiar lol now I know
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