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  1. ChingazMyBoy
    01-02-2012 06:43 AM - permalink
    So, pretty bored. Hows my favourite horsie ever - Hugo. Clearly.
  2. Kayty
    06-16-2011 09:35 AM - permalink
    Well fingers crossed for another win

    He's ok, I've just started bringing him veeeeery slowly back into work. He's lunging fairly sound but at the moment I'm only giving him 2 mins each way in trot straight to the bit so I guess as I build that up I'll see whether his hock is going to cause him grief again. Hoping that it won't as I'd really like to get him back into work.
  3. ChingazMyBoy
    06-15-2011 09:47 PM - permalink
    Thanks a tonne!! We won last time (: but I believe this comp will be a bit more of a step up.. How is Hugo??
  4. Kayty
    06-15-2011 09:38 PM - permalink
    Hi Maddie,

    I haven't done a hell of a lot of hacking so my advice for presentation isn't going to be brilliant haha! But I'm guessing it's for a pony club thing? If so, they're not so strict.

    Really there's no magical tips that I can give you, just the basic rules of a neatly presented horse. Make sure you wash him a day or two before the show, use conditioner as well as shampoo then rug him up to the eyeballs. You can use a conditioning spray like cowboy magic once he's dry which will keep the coat soft and shiny.

    Condition the tail thoroughly and brush through gently with a wide toothed comb, then rinse. Wait until dry and spray though with no knots and brush through again, then bag.

    As for plaiting, I usually plait down the night before the show then put a skinny hood on overnight to keep them in place. The morning of the show I'll roll them up and either stitch or band them in.

    Hope that helped a little bit.
  5. ChingazMyBoy
    06-15-2011 09:11 PM - permalink
    Hey Kayty. Just wondering if you had any presentation class tips (Chinga's a bay).
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