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Conversation Between Kayty and toadflax
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  1. Kayty
    03-28-2010 02:44 AM - permalink
    Haha yep I posted initially in the critique thread, then in the dressage thread once I brought him on Monday ;)

    He's an 8yr old ottb gelding, finished racing October 09 and has done nothing since. I went to see him just over a week ago after basically giving up on finding a new horse before uni got into full swing, but within minutes I just 'knew' I guess.
    And so far have no regretted a thing. He is just so quiet, immensely trainable and the most beautiful horse to ride. You certainly wouldn't pick him as off the track!

    I'm very stoked with my new 'toy'
  2. toadflax
    03-27-2010 09:02 AM - permalink
    trying to find out about your new horse, you must have posted somewhere but I'm hopelessly out of touch. A dressage prospect no doubt?
  3. toadflax
    11-29-2009 09:27 PM - permalink
    Wow, you're a kid!! Now why didn't I expect that?
    Oh I know, probably because of your sophisticated artwork and accomplished horsemanship.
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