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  1. Fowl Play
    04-07-2012 06:37 PM - permalink
    Fowl Play
    She won't be riding the lease horse anymore after we buy the mare. That's okay though. She had a really good ride on him today at the club ride. It's a good way to end their career together. She'll probably have to hop on him a couple times this summer and help a little kid out, but she's pretty well done with him. She had a really good ride on the mare yesterday. I'm hoping to get her Thursday night because the vet check is Friday morning.
  2. newhorsemom
    04-07-2012 11:24 AM - permalink
    Wow, that's great your daughter gets to ride so much. Sounds like the horse is still going well for her. She'll have a good feel for that horse before show season and that will be helpful. I read in another post that she had a few "new horse jitters" and I bet those will be gone very soon. It's got to be tough after a few bad experiences with trial horses to let down your guard. Will she be riding her lease horse as well as this horse after you buy her?
  3. Fowl Play
    04-06-2012 10:40 AM - permalink
    Fowl Play
    Our trainer is on vacation so it's just a play ride. She just gets to ride and figure her out today. This has been a no schooling week for all horses. She's ridden twice this week and it's been total play. It's been good for her. We try to limit the rides on the lease horse because of his age, so when she gets this mare it'll be 2 lessons a week and 3-4 play rides a week. She should know her mare pretty good in a few weeks!
  4. newhorsemom
    04-06-2012 10:30 AM - permalink
    Enjoy the ride today! Is she having a lesson or just riding and getting to know her mare? Hopefully my daughter will be riding this afternoon as well. We don't have our spring break until next week but she gets out of school at noon today so if it's not raining too hard she'll be riding. You are so lucky to have a covered arena!
  5. Fowl Play
    04-06-2012 08:48 AM - permalink
    Fowl Play
    We're going to ride her today again. I'm pretty sure she'll get a good vet report and we'll have ourselves a pony next week!
  6. newhorsemom
    04-06-2012 12:01 AM - permalink
    Good for you!!! Sounds like a great match and a horse that your daughter won't out-ride for a number of years. She really is a great looking, solid mare.
  7. Fowl Play
    04-05-2012 09:22 PM - permalink
    Fowl Play
    She's been riding her leased horse, but she's riding the mare tomorrow. I'm in a texting convo with the owner right now about scheduling a vet check for next week. We're going for it!
  8. newhorsemom
    04-05-2012 09:03 PM - permalink
    How's everything going with the mare? Has your daughter had lots of riding time in this week? Hope all is well!
  9. newhorsemom
    03-29-2012 12:48 AM - permalink
    Well, best of luck! You certainly have paid your dues looking for the right horse. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the hunt is almost over for you! I hope you post some pictures soon.
  10. Fowl Play
    03-28-2012 08:57 PM - permalink
    Fowl Play
    Horse search is going. We have a QH mare that we're still considering. We tried her in one lesson and we'll try her again tomorrow. She's really nice. We'll see. It's spring break next week and we'll get to try her several times. I'm scheduling a vet check for the following week. This might be the one.
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