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Conversation Between gypsygirl and XivoShowjumper
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  1. XivoShowjumper
    11-01-2009 09:10 PM - permalink
    HAHA thats awesome- wish my horses did that-- yeah i was looking at a paint wb actually

    Horse Deals - Horses For Sale, Transport For Sale, Property For Sale, Stallions At Stud - Magazine DVD Website

    toward the bottom of the page :)
  2. gypsygirl
    11-01-2009 08:51 PM - permalink
    awesome ! you should get a hanoverian/tb !! haha thx, shes been such a good pony lately ! im teaching her to bow & she already with do it down on one knee, now all she needs to learn is how to do it on command !
  3. XivoShowjumper
    11-01-2009 08:46 PM - permalink
    yeah, Pi might! but rusty probs won't.. i wanna buy a young wb when i sell tangles and see where that goes for me... thanks... ditto for gyps!
  4. gypsygirl
    11-01-2009 08:41 PM - permalink
    yeah it happens thats too bad though !
    i hope your young ones grow up to be what you want !
  5. XivoShowjumper
    11-01-2009 08:38 PM - permalink
    coz he's not gonna take me where i wanna go....... basically i need something better and more reliable
  6. gypsygirl
    11-01-2009 08:31 PM - permalink
    glad they r doin good ! haha you never seem to get all that studyin done haha

    y ru gonna sell him ?!
  7. XivoShowjumper
    11-01-2009 08:30 PM - permalink
    hahaha- well i think i'm gonna sell tangles- as a dressage horse and yeah my other ones are all good! i'm ok should be studying but u know me lol
  8. gypsygirl
    11-01-2009 08:14 PM - permalink
    i am def becoming more nutty then ever ! haha but scout has been REALLY bad. ive been trail riding with my friend & our horses get really competitive & they bolt back to the barn hahaha. oh well i think they do it bc they know we dont care & have fun ! my friends horse is nearly 18hh & scout can easily outrun him !

    how ru & ur ponies ?!?!
  9. XivoShowjumper
    11-01-2009 08:10 PM - permalink
    haha lol--- well i bet ur stir crazy by now- not too long and u can put ur ponies back in work :)
  10. gypsygirl
    10-29-2009 09:09 AM - permalink
    THX ! either way im gonna start riding my gypsy soon...its been 7 WEEKS ! ughhh
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