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  1. lildonkey8
  2. lildonkey8
    02-23-2011 12:48 AM - permalink
    meet me in chat in 2 minutes
  3. lildonkey8
    02-20-2011 03:16 PM - permalink
    oh it's alright no one else came in anyway
  4. tinyliny
    02-20-2011 03:02 PM - permalink
    lildonkey, I am sorry I can't today. I am really busy
  5. lildonkey8
    02-20-2011 02:49 PM - permalink
    meet me in chat
  6. lildonkey8
    02-11-2011 08:55 PM - permalink
    meet me in chat?
  7. lildonkey8
    01-29-2011 08:01 PM - permalink
    had 2 share:
    i had to share this:
    You don't want to pay $4.69 for gas, no problem, I have the perfect vehicle for you. Needs no gas, no oil, or even a battery, just a little grass and water will do these animals fine.

    1. Trail Horse - Your average run around town animal. Has the energy to get where you are going, the brain to find the best way to go, big enough to carry the normal sized American.

    2. The Arabian - perfect for those who travel long distances in a day and try to multi task while driving. Although the Arabian may not go to your home or office with out specific instruction, it WILL go somewhere.

    all models are available in base colors. Special order colors are available and for an additional fee, custom paint jobs are also available.
  8. tinyliny
    01-29-2011 12:21 AM - permalink
    hey donkey, hows it gowin?
  9. lildonkey8
    01-28-2011 11:11 PM - permalink
    tiny meet me in chat
  10. lildonkey8
    01-28-2011 10:56 PM - permalink
    i am on it

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