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  1. tinyliny
    08-12-2011 03:02 AM - permalink
    how ya doin? Ok, no riots? How are horses? Check in sometime with a PM.
  2. tinyliny
    07-24-2011 11:45 PM - permalink

    I shall check out your post. Today is the first hot day we have had! Unlike the rest of the USA, our corner (NW) is very cool and wet this year. Today was lovely!
  3. brackabrack
    07-24-2011 09:35 PM - permalink
    Hey ! Long time since i been here, i been a busy bee ... i have a new post up with brackens training. it has 3 videos in the post so you can check out his progress :) also a few questions in there too hehe... :)
    Will have to catch you online again and have a gab about your weather VS english weather again haha ! xxxx
  4. tinyliny
    03-10-2011 05:51 PM - permalink
    Sounds like you have a really good plan with him and are riding him really aware of his mind and movement. Yes, the weather sucks, here too. Very windy today. There will be aton of trees down in the park tomorrow. I am NOT a jumper, so we just step over. I don't like jumping something immobile like a big tree. with heavy rains and high winds, a lot of trees uproot and fall over.
    The circle of life.

    Gotta go out now. talk another time.
  5. brackabrack
    03-10-2011 05:31 PM - permalink
    the more things i am rying to think off to make working more fun! i also notice he pays attention to the pole on the ground. the girls asked me if i wanted it removing or straightened out, but i said no, leave it as it is so he has to think about it.. and he seems to pay real attention!! i also notice you can see from his head when im asking for something, but i dont get it untill i asked a few times.. i know this is normal, but i need to train my own mind to think quicker so even he doesnt lose thought..
    Such a shame its began to rain out here.. its windy, cold and rainy.. which means the school that is deep enough already, will be muddy and flooded!! so his balance will be even worse arrgghh !!! lol.. silly British weather !!
  6. brackabrack
    03-10-2011 05:30 PM - permalink
    Yeah, his previous owner lost interest totally and wouldnt ride. shed barely be down long enough to do her jobs, feed him and go. you think his balance is terrible on this rein?? you should see him on the other!! thats awful!.. have you noticed hes running around on the same rein hes worked on in the videos? i just noticed that today looking through them all. i wonder if hes more confident in himself on that rein..

    I haven't rode him enough to work on either rein, i have basically improved is manners on the ground so if he does get spooked, he wont want to throw me off but get me away from the 'danger' too.. if you know what i mean. But now i am seeing him in a different way (as a toddler thats well behaved, but when challenged with something he doesnt understand he lashes out with frustration)..
  7. tinyliny
    03-10-2011 05:19 PM - permalink
    I wouldn't worry about diagonals. It really ins't a big deal. You could even sit the trot a few strides if you need to get more leg on him.
    He did trot out a bit better right at the end of the clip. YOu onlye went left, tho.
    It's been awhile since he was ridden? He falls in on his left shoulder, but the ground is thick and muddy and if it's been awhile that he hasn't been ridden, then his balance isn't strong.
    I do well staying over him as he drifts left right and slows suddenly. I know how hard that is, especially if it catches you when you are in the up part of the rising trot.
  8. brackabrack
    03-10-2011 05:09 PM - permalink
    Funny you mention that !! Thats what i told his previous owner to do! She use to do it, but she used to try turn im the opposite way he was pulling, i kept him going the way he was pulling so he makes himself dizzy. then stand him, and ask for a straight walk in the direction i was heading before he began to pull. im uploading another video as i speak, ill post when its done.. i realise now i was on the wrong lead with trotting, but to be honest i wasnt paying attention as i was trying to keep him forward, the moment i stop thinking about him going forward to check what lead im on, hell come to an abrupt stop sending my rise in the rising trot onto his withers.. not very comfortable i must say!!

  9. tinyliny
    03-10-2011 04:58 PM - permalink
    Oh, I beleive it. Our weather is much like yours; gray a lot.
    Really work on being nice and easy when he is away from the gate and work him harder near the gate.
    If you are going down the long side and he wants to turn to the inside so that he can cirlce back to the gate, one idea (might work) is to let him turn but keep him turning so that he actually circles fully and ends up back on the "rail" heading the same direction he was going when he insisted on turning around. The offer him the choice to forward again. Repeat and repeat,and if you can make him trot around, even better, and walk down long side (away from gate). If he gets away from you, stick to walk. The idea is that he will figure out that going straight is LESS work unlitmately.
  10. brackabrack
    03-10-2011 04:50 PM - permalink
    Its never grown anything buy moss in the menage.!! its just badly kept!
    Yeah he wants to head to the gate right away, the moment his sight come in line with it he will pull me there, even if i turn his head away from the gate, hell still wander over with a strong step!.. unfortunatly that also meane if i want to do a circle at the top end of the menage, he will still see the gate and still pull to it. gets frustrating, but hes getting better. he used to walk straight to it and pop his head over. then he resorted to knocking your knee on the posts.. and then after 3 days, hes getting a distance. on the other rein hell slow right down and almost stop and near refuse to go forward away from the gate.. really dragging his heels away... if i trot him past, hell take himself to a walk and near stop, no matter how much i will him forward using my energy, my seat (im teaching him to ride with seat) my leg and voice.. nothing

    Believe it or not.. that was daytime !

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