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  1. newhorsemom
    05-20-2012 07:56 PM - permalink
    Thanks, we got there plenty early and yes, they were open. Anna had a good show but the nerves got to her in the ring and they did not place well. Majority of the comments were related to stressed horse/stressed rider but they'll get it figured out in time. The good news is that Anna had fun and is already looking forward to the next show AND as soon as she finished her 2nd test she rode around in the warm-up arena (no longer stressed) and she and Lily looked so lovely! They were relaxed, forward and happy. So it's there, we just need to figure out how to not let it get buried at show time! She is looking forward to some trail riding and school will be out soon!
  2. newhorsemom
    05-19-2012 05:57 PM - permalink
    Any idea what time Bridle Trails opens? The web site says summer hours open at 6:30 a.m. and winter at 8:00 a.m. but I don't know where spring fits in! I've been trying to call the park - their recording for hours doesn't work, so I left a message w/the park ranger and never heard back. I also called the # from and left a message but didn't hear back from them either. Anna is showing in the morning and we'd like to get there early so she can have plenty of "decompress" time and maybe a 15 minute warm-up walk in the woods. As soon as Anna gets in the woods she really relaxes and gets happy. Stress is not good between horse and rider - especially this pair, lol!!
  3. tinyliny
    02-21-2012 02:47 AM - permalink
    It would be my pleasure.
  4. newhorsemom
    02-21-2012 12:56 AM - permalink
    Hey there! I practiced towing the horse trailer (empty) today and we drove to Bridle Trails. I must say that it really wasn't as tough as I expected and I am hoping to be confident enough to tow a trailer with a horse in it within the next few weeks. I would love it if you would take me on a trail ride! I can't ride nearly as well as Anna, so you'll have to bring your patience! There needs to be a couple more practice tows but then I'll be ready! What do you think?
  5. tinyliny
    01-21-2012 02:14 PM - permalink
    Mac was doing better last I saw him. They put another horse in the pasture with him so he's not the only one being picked on. I haven't seen them for days, due to the snow.
  6. newhorsemom
    01-21-2012 11:56 AM - permalink
    How's Mac? Is he feeling better? Have things calmed down at the barn?
  7. tinyliny
    01-10-2012 10:56 PM - permalink
    great lesson, Anna! She is a brave rider. I told her, on the trail, in five years time she will be a bang up rider. She may actually become seriously competetive, in which case you will need to get her a better horse. Anna has some natural talent, and if she had a dream to compete in dressage, it would be such a worthy goal to follow.
  8. newhorsemom
    01-10-2012 01:57 AM - permalink
    Hi Caroline! Just had to tell you about Anna's lesson today. She had a real lesson this afternoon and it started off great then Lily decided that the boogeyman was at one end of the arena, she tried so hard to jump and bolt about 3 times! Anna stayed on, no problem but most of all she didn't get the least bit flustered or frustrated! That is big progress for her. Fortunately we had Melissa there and she never gets stressed, always calm and pleasant. Lily was such a pill! She was so full of energy and she was tense and wanting to take off. Anna was totally up for the challenge to try and get Lily to soften and relax. They worked on leg yields (at least I think leg yield - coming off the rail a bit then getting back on) at a trot and a canter. They also worked on bending and different size circles and the difference between a leg yield(?) and bend. Anyway at the end they had one great pass and even I could see how lovely it was! Just had to share.
  9. tinyliny
    01-06-2012 11:36 PM - permalink
    Well, I'd be buffaloed , too. Just loading the horse in the trailer scares me!
  10. newhorsemom
    01-06-2012 11:14 PM - permalink
    My husband of course!!! I'm ready to learn how though. I want to drive with the trailer empty a bit so I can get a good feel for the size and what it's like to tow something. So far I've only driven around the neighborhood. As soon as I'm comfortable maybe we could meet during a weekday.

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