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Conversation Between LoveStory10 and HowClever
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  1. HowClever
    05-02-2010 11:03 AM - permalink
    haha nope, nothing that exciting. Just Trojan getting up from his roll!
  2. LoveStory10
    05-02-2010 11:01 AM - permalink
    Seriously? It looks like a sliding stop lol
  3. HowClever
    05-02-2010 10:57 AM - permalink
    haha, gotta love it when you whip out the camera at precisely the right moment to catch something as ridiculously funny looking as a horse getting up from a roll!
  4. LoveStory10
    04-21-2010 11:35 AM - permalink
    Of course its a tradition! He's our ponehneh hahaha
  5. HowClever
    04-21-2010 11:27 AM - permalink
    hahaha, who knew that a random tired conversation could turn in to such a tradition!
  6. LoveStory10
    04-21-2010 11:06 AM - permalink
    Hey!!! Lol just wanna ask how our stretched and painted gelding is doing =]
  7. HowClever
    04-19-2010 02:01 PM - permalink
    gosh we're entertaining! and of course he's our gelding!!! haha

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