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Conversation Between kmdstar and TB4life
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  1. kmdstar
    03-21-2010 11:51 PM - permalink
    Hm, dunno!
  2. TB4life
    03-21-2010 11:46 PM - permalink
    Maybe they don't have it? I can't find it anywhere either, lol!
  3. kmdstar
    03-21-2010 11:43 PM - permalink
    Ahhh I know! Where do you find rep? I read they have it on here too but I haven't quite been able to find it...
  4. TB4life
    03-21-2010 11:39 PM - permalink
    Haha, it's a bit more complicated then HGS...and I keep expecting everyone to know who I am, then I see my post & rep count and am like "man! I'm just another newbie!"
  5. kmdstar
    03-21-2010 11:38 PM - permalink
    Having fun yet? Hahah I'm STILL trying to get used to it!
  6. TB4life
    03-21-2010 11:33 PM - permalink
    Yes, I am, lol!
  7. kmdstar
    03-21-2010 11:30 PM - permalink
    Hahaha YAYYYY! You're here
  8. TB4life
    03-21-2010 11:29 PM - permalink
    Hi, twinny! Bahaha, I promise I'm not a stalker!
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