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Conversation Between maura and Crazypurple
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  1. maura
    12-23-2011 05:47 AM - permalink
    I hadn't heard of her or the farm before, but then I haven't actively been invlolved in eventing for many years. I did find the website, and it looks to be a very solid place and she looks to have a good resume.

    You also might want to check out Morven Park - they have a resident dressage instructor, and two resident eventing instructors.
  2. Crazypurple
    12-22-2011 11:21 PM - permalink
    Hi Maura,
    Are you familiar with the Bascule Farm - Natalie Hollis? Thnk you for your thoughts.

  3. maura
    12-19-2011 06:49 AM - permalink
    Asburn is a *terrific* area, there are lots of great people around you. Two come immediately to mind: The O'Connors in The Plains, and Phyllis Dawson in Purcellville. There's also Jo Struby in Middleburg, whom I can recommend personally, and Jimmy Wofford in Upperville. If those names are a little intimidating, I would check out the list of Level I and II certified instructors on the USEA website: USEA - Directory of Certified Eventing Instructors by Level
  4. Crazypurple
    12-18-2011 10:31 PM - permalink
    Hi Maura,

    I am an BM eventer in Texas and are moving to the Ashburn Va area. I posted videos of my horse - several times in the eventing forum - Outrageous Adventure - Leopard App/Freisian cross. I am interested in any suggestions you have have of new training eventing barns. I am a full-time professional work person in search of a good community and safe & fun environment. Any suggestions you have have would be great.

    Thank you

    kathy Schneider
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