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  1. Klassic Superstar
    02-24-2012 04:09 AM - permalink
    Klassic Superstar
    Well hey I wanna go on a trail ride after I get my mare and move closer!! Wouldn't that just be crazy fun! All three of us, you me and Caroline even yur daughter need to actually meet each other at a show this summer!
  2. newhorsemom
    02-22-2012 12:29 AM - permalink
    Well, we're probably going to stick to the english/western and dressage shows, but my daughter wants to try one "jumping" show this year. If we make it to one it should be very interesting as we know nothing about it! We haven't even watched one before! Will you be showing at any dressage shows this year?
  3. Klassic Superstar
    02-21-2012 01:15 AM - permalink
    Klassic Superstar
    We have settled in wonderfully!! Do you know were pilchuck vet is? We are litteraly not even 5 minutes from them! It's called Dutch hill farms and I'm working in making a Facebook page for them!! We will be starting outings for the horses this next month to see how they do and what not but we will be doing the jumper shows and the classic!!! Hope to see you there!
  4. newhorsemom
    02-21-2012 12:06 AM - permalink
    Did you get your horse moved and settled in? What barn did you end up at? There is a schooling show at Bridle Trails next month, are you going? My daughter wants to but we really are not ready so I don't know what we're doing.
  5. Klassic Superstar
    12-21-2011 01:39 AM - permalink
    Klassic Superstar
    Thank you! Yes I'm so so ready for Hawaii! And yes it is at least it's a recovery! They got a ton of new footing in!! It's very nice now! I will miss the big arena for sure!
  6. newhorsemom
    12-21-2011 12:20 AM - permalink
    Wow, that's a tough slow recovery. As slow as it is, however, at least it's a recovery and not the alternative! Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job getting Oliver back to good health. Your going to need Hawaii after all of this!! Thanks for the update!

    So, where are you moving to? It's too bad that the other place didn't work out - they have a nice big arena! Not sure how the footing is but it was a good size if I remember correctly. Hopefully, you'll find a convenient barn that you can stay at for a long time.
  7. Klassic Superstar
    12-21-2011 12:04 AM - permalink
    Klassic Superstar
    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! He has four more days of his antibitoics, he is breathing much better. He is over the worst if it bpso now it the rehabbing procces. He can only work for 10 minutes before he finds it hard to catch his breath. My poor little guy, I can tell he wants to work so bad and be a good boy but his body is just to weak! Hopefully this Christmas break will be enough time for him to really heal up and then I'll be in Hawaii for the last week in January with my boyfriend to celebrate our two years :) then as soon as we get back we will be helping my trainer move all the horses to our new barn as skykomish just is not working out for what we need in a boarding facility :( how are you?
  8. newhorsemom
    12-17-2011 11:12 AM - permalink
    Hey there - How's Oliver? Still sending lots of healthy thoughts!

    I'm not sure how old you are - are you under 21? I've been learning about a really interesting dressage program for young riders. It's called the Emerging Dressage Athlete Program. Thought you might be interested!
  9. newhorsemom
    11-18-2011 10:34 AM - permalink
    I have been to your barn before and it is really nice - great arena! We live in Edmonds and rent a stall in Woodway so it would be hard to give up the convenience! As luck would have it we came across a retired dressage trainer who happens to live about 1/2 mile away so she has been working with my daughter and it's been great. You are fortunate that you found a good trainer A trainer that you like and work well with is golden, huh?!
  10. newhorsemom
    11-18-2011 10:34 AM - permalink
    I know how it goes - we cancelled our Oct. show because we just weren't ready. There is a clinic in January that we are planning to audit in Kirkland. It is at KGF Stables with Guenter ----- (i forgot his last name). Do you have any clinics planned? Have you ridden in any clinics? We've never even been to one so it should be interesting to see what they are all about.

    We are also going to go to a few schooling shows over the winter so that we are ready for a few real shows this summer. Our budget prevents going to a lot of shows but we'll do what we can. My daughter is also in 4-H so we will be at some of those shows as well.
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