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Conversation Between barnprincess and Rissa
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  1. barnprincess
    12-29-2009 05:31 PM - permalink
    lol you and her can shut your pie holes as well =] ta-ta
  2. Rissa
    12-29-2009 05:23 PM - permalink
    For real? It says on Keegan's little page he is owned by Emily. If those people fail at reading why should I have to constantly correct them? By the way Emily Jewell, Keegan's owner said "Shut your pie hole." :). Have a nice evening kid.
  3. barnprincess
    12-29-2009 02:43 PM - permalink
    im talking about on the comments on his page in "your barn" just in general.
  4. Rissa
    12-29-2009 01:13 PM - permalink
    Oh really? In just about every post I ever make involving Keegan I always mention Emily. Half the time she or his trainer are in the photos. Making sure my original posts cover my butt is all that matters to me. If someone fails to read the post it is not my problem, I did my part. Emily is a member of every forum I post at so although she doesn't post often she sees everything. I correct people as often as I can. If people want to say I am lucky. So be it, I am lucky.
  5. barnprincess
    12-29-2009 01:04 PM - permalink
    no you just dont tell people who say "your so lucky to have a friesian" or " your friesian is so pretty" that he isn't yours. but what ever.
  6. Rissa
    12-29-2009 12:49 PM - permalink
    Smooth move, very typical coming from you. I have
    never claimed to own Keegan anywhere. Ever.
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