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Conversation Between PaintsPwn and Rissa
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  1. PaintsPwn
    01-13-2010 12:10 AM - permalink
    Haha, yeah I met Tiffany! Helped her feed last Saturday! I was considering showing the dressage portion for laughs, but Cowboy's not been ridden since September! He's a reliable mount, so I could probably get away with it for giggles. Doc is so pretty, and I'm not really a warm blood person. He's just got all that chrome!!! I'm a sucker for chrome! Shame you can't come, I'm going to go to at least just watch. You should try to find someone to fill your spot ;D
  2. Rissa
    01-13-2010 12:03 AM - permalink
    Trinity Equestrian Center? Tiffaney Rounds is trying to get me to come up there and help with the jump crew for the show the 23rd. I work that night, and there is no way I can get there, help out and get back in time for work. :( Agnes will be there judging Dressage. Keegan and Doc used to live side by side. Agnes thinks Keegan misses Doc. Poor Keegan!
  3. PaintsPwn
    01-12-2010 11:49 PM - permalink
    Yep! I sure do! Worked with her at The Dancing Horses, and now I work at the barn her horse Murdoch is at. Small world!
  4. Rissa
    01-12-2010 11:28 PM - permalink
    You know Agnes? It was just her birthday! They had a party for her at the last Nutcracker on Saturday. It was so much fun.
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