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  1. Sunny
    01-12-2012 11:29 PM - permalink
    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.
    Yeah, looks like it's been changed on Adam's. Too bad! They were really helpful.
  2. horsesaremylyfe
    12-23-2011 02:31 PM - permalink
    Wow that sounds really nice! but i just looked it up on Adam's Horse Supply's website and it said it only came with a free girth? does it come with other stuff and just not say it or what?
  3. Sunny
    12-23-2011 01:42 PM - permalink
    I haven't tried to change to gullet yet, so I'm sorry I can't give you an answer on that one. I have the flocked, not CAIR. I prefer flocked over CAIR because it can be adjusted to fit an individual horse and is easier to repair if something happens to the panels.
    Stirrups are really a preference. I prefer the safety irons that have a curve on the outside. If you're young or really lightweight, the peacock irons are just fine. I would just be afraid that they would start to warp and bend over time, especially if the rider jumped regularly, which is why I prefer the solid ones.

    Let me know if I can help you with any more questions!

    Oh, and also; I don't know which country you are in, but if you can order from Adam's Horse Supply, I would. That is where I got mine, and it came with a free girth, saddle cover, leathers, and irons, and the shipping was free. It was also packed very nicely.
  4. horsesaremylyfe
    12-22-2011 07:02 PM - permalink
    That sounds great! Ive been kind of leaning more toward the jump just because it looks soo much more comfortable. i just have a few other questions - did you get flocked or cair and which do you think is better? also does the changeable gullet work? and while im asking questions..haha..what stirrup irons do you recommend? the peacock ones or normal kind?
  5. Sunny
    12-21-2011 10:47 PM - permalink
    I ended up with the 500 Jump.
    -It's very pretty.
    -SUPER comfy seat.
    -Nice, wide gullet channel.
    -Everything is in its proper place; well-made.
    -Deep seat is great (althought I don't know if it would be impairing when getting into two-point, as I haven't actually jumped in it yet).

    -I had to take out the knee blocks because they were seriously screwing up my leg and ankle position (although this isn't too big of a deal since it was easy to fix by removing the blocks).
    -It runs just a tad large in the seat.
    -It is DEFINITELY geared towards jumping, with a forward flap. I had to do lots of adjusting with my leathers to get my leg in a suitable position for flat work.

    Overall, I really like it. I've had it for six months so far and it still looks brand new. It doesn't have any scratches, the panels still look nice and firm, and it's a saddle I could ride in all day. Very comfy.
  6. horsesaremylyfe
    12-20-2011 09:01 PM - permalink
    Hi, I saw what you posted about wintec 500 close contact vs wintec 500 jump and I'm debating between these same two saddles and can't decide which one to get! so which one did you end up getting and do you like it? why or why not?
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